The prayer meeting was good. What we covet the most is the presence of the Holy Spirit, moving un-hindered in our midst. Nothing else compares with Him. The anointing tonight was enough to heal even an elephant. Like the woman with the issue of blood, we pressed thru the crowd. We closed the gap between us and Jesus. The distance between us and the world, with its burdensome passions and past sins, was getting bigger. Spiritual progress was made tonight. The cloud moves so we must move. We prayed against the evil spirit of spiritual laziness, stubbornness, religion and doubt. Go away! In Jesus name, amen!

This is how I feel… I am tired of praying, tired of staying focused, but I must continue to pray. The road of pain may be long but I trust God that suddenly, things will change, even for me! My name is in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Therefore I shall be healed!

I want to sleep, but I must go on… I can’t rest until the Holy Spirit gives me rest. I can’t settle by myself. God has to settle me. Lord Jesus, make me a sign and a wonder! Use me for Your glory! My prayer must be sustained until something happens! I must pray a ‘touching’ prayer, until I touch the heart of Jesus! Break my stony heart, Lord! This hardness of sin, break it, Lord!

Lord, please help me! I need you! Holy Spirit, help me to enjoy today, this very moment! Prayer is sweet. Help me to enjoy prayer… I loose and let go of all my grudges! I trust You Father to help me fulfill my destiny!

I cannot come to You Jesus! Come down to me! That is why You died on Calvary! Forgiveness is so expensive! The price is the Blood. There is no atonement except for Your Blood that was shed on the Cross! Fill me, mold me, design me, heal me, change me…all for Your pleasure and glory!

“Kiss the Son lest He be angry…” (Ps 2:12).  I kiss the Son of God…and I am now safe! Only the true worshippers are safe! Welcome Holy Spirit! I now have peace! Jesus, truly, truly, You are beautiful!

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