This poem was send to me by a young sister, a teenager. She is about the same age with Mary when she became pregnant with Jesus. This girl had deep inferiority complex for many years. She hid it from her parents. But she told me in confidence that her class mates and other young men say that she is ‘ugly’. She also said that when she placed her picture on Facebook, even boys that she does not know commented that she is ugly.

I encouraged her to pray; to look unto Jesus; to be sure that she is truly born again and filled with the Holy Spirit. I told her that Jesus is Beautiful and as she worships Him, she will become beautiful too! I also told her that holiness is beautiful and growing in grace will become her unique, deep and lasting beauty! I also encouraged her to start writing a journal and the way she feels. That will help her bring out her confusing and oppressive emotions so that she can confront them. That was at the beginning of this year. She truly surprised me by sending me wonderful letters and poems. I never knew that such a treasure of loveliness was buried inside. I can see the worm becoming a butterfly. I admire the love, the gentles and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ in dealing with this girl.

In the past, she was attending our church with her parents and siblings. She now lives with relatives in Lagos waiting to enter the university. She will read your comments. On behalf of herself, I say thank you to all who chose to pray, encourage and lift up ‘a broken flower’ planted in the garden of our Lord. God bless you all!


Lost in a world of my own

A place where I’m hunted by my own shadow

Where darkness is the order of the day

With everyone skilled in the art of SIN

Blindfolded with evil

And with ears blocked by lies

With heart made of stone

And every mail I get is a blackmail

Going down the same road

A lonely and scary path

I notice a light

A spectacular glow

Getting to the end

I am arrested for trespassing

“How dare you come before

The Great and wonderful King

With such filth in you?

It is time to pay the price with your head and blood”

Being lead to be beheaded

A strange but gentle Man

Among the Guards leading me

Whispers into my ears

And says” if you have FAITH

In Me you will gain SALVATION”

“Who are You?

Why do you choose to save me?”

For I deserve to die

But if you are willing to save me

Though I do not know You

I’ll have FAITH in You!”

As soon as I made that choice

There was a loud cry saying: ‘FATHER! She believes!’

With trumpets blown really loud

I was set free

From fear and depression

Given a new name…

I was now called ‘BELOVED’

I could see light

I could hear truth

My heart became so soft

And every day I now get a mail

Reminding me that I am loved ..

Though I am still in that same world

But I am no longer hunted by my shadow

I was lost but now I am found!

And on that note

I am nominated and rewarded with the crown of FAVOUR

For I have found FAVOUR before GOD and Man

Halleluiah to my Savior!

2 comments on “LOST AND FOUND

  1. bridget okafor says:

    Oh little angel Why self-pity Don’t you know..you are wonderfully made The lord has given you Beauty for ashes Rejoice and be glad You’re beautiful.

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