Above The Storms

“Those who wait upon the Lord shall mount up with wings as a mighty eagle” (Isaiah 40:31)

Above The Storm

I read that the Palestinian Eagle is the only bird in the world that is not afraid of thunderstorm. He goes thru the wind and finds rest in the eye of the storm. Then again passes thru the winds and goes above the storm, higher than ever before. From that height the eagle can see the earth, people and other birds running away from the storm, afraid of it. But for the eagle, that height is free from fear. No other bird goes thru the storm to that height. Strong currents that help the eagle go up, are the very ones that bring the other birds down.

I also read that the baby eagle is the most difficult bird to train to fly. The eagle mother is very patient and wise to stir the nest and teach her baby to fly. One reason is that the eagle nest is very high. A young sparrow, for example, can fall from her nest and not die because it is not too high. But for the eagle, any mistake in leaving the nest and trying to fly, it means death. In other words, for the eagle, he either flies or dies. Spiritually speaking, it is either heaven or hell.
If you ‘wait’ or trust God patiently and faithfully, if you refuse to compromise your testimony, you shall receive the sudden power of the Holy Spirit; ‘the push’ to excel, the desire to go to places others do not dare to go; to do things other run from, to be a leader, to be like Jesus…
Often it looks like God is ‘busy’ solving other people’s problems. It looks like He ignores you as you wait on Him. The storm is designed by God to separate the eagles from other birds.
In other words, the waiting period is a trial of faith; it will prove at last who are the true believers and who are not. You shall lose religious friends in the process of waiting for your miracle. They are not believers and they only deceive and weaken your faith.
The trials of life will make you stronger and the unbelievers weaker. Only believers are truly patient and they shall never be dissapointed by God.
If you read this message and you become angry, then you are not a true believer. If you read this and become encouraged by the Holy Spirit, then you are a true believer and your miracle is sure!

4 comments on “Above The Storms

  1. Jemine Leigh says:

    I love this… people often want to be great, but they are not willing to pay the price. An olympian is one who trains for a long time before it’s time to compete. Off course it would be nice to be recognized on a world stage and get a medal, but not all can be that disciplined. I think the life of faith is a daily push, a daily flight. Some days are easier and some days are incredibly challenging. But the point is to keep trusting and not giving up. Never give up hope…

    • fatherscall says:

      All children dream to be special, to be great one day. It is God’s gift to them. Never betray your childhood dreams…Pay the price, redeem your lost vision…be God’s friend!

  2. The reality is that the eagle does not soar to great heights because she is powerful or because her wings are strong. She soars because she spreads her wings and lets the updrafts lift her.

    The same applies to us if God’s purposes are to be accomplished through us. Its is not by our strength but in the strength of the Lord.

    Thank you Malia for this encouraging post!

    • fatherscall says:

      The same currents of air that help lift the eagle are the same that bring other birds down. If you are not sure about somebody who claims is a believer, wait to see what happens during and after the pain of trial (PV 10:25)

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