Far Above Rubies Friends

‘He that refreshes others will himself (herself) be refreshed’ (PV 11:25)

One of the most wonderful gifts from God are godly, faithful, stable, secure, loving, Spirit filled friends. It is so wonderful to know that I can be free with my friends…that there are people who will never judge or slander me. They are free to correct me when I need correction, and that is a blessing. But true friends never harm with their words or actions. God has blessed me with friends, sisters in Christ, whose value is above rubies…

These are generous and kind, hardworking and patient, overlooking mistakes for the gain of peace, correcting with wisdom and gentleness, and most of all, reminding me of Jesus Christ, our elder Brother!

God bless them all!

2 comments on “Far Above Rubies Friends

  1. Jemine Leigh says:

    So thankful for the friends God has blessed me with.

  2. Buky says:

    Father God, I am thankful for the chosen people you have blessed me with. As they have blessed me, let me in return be a blessing to them also

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