We May Lose A Battle, But God Has Won The War

Jemine Leigh says this:

“I was a really good student in high school. But somehow or the other I struggled in the University classes and I failed two courses my first year. I didn’t even know what it was like to have a C yet alone an F!

The Battle Is Not Yours

I thought my parents will go mad but my dad told me… “you won’t know how sweet success is till you fail”. He reminded me that a strong man (or woman) is not one who walks and never falls but a man who falls 7 times and rises 7 times.

Later, I graduated with Honors, but I will never forget the need to constantly pray for God to guide me, to help me. As much as I studied, I always felt the need to feel God’s presence for every exam and every project.

I feel that someone needs to remember that God loves you even though you have fallen 7 times, or 7 times 7 times… His love is strong enough to pick you up. 

My encouragement to you is… don’t look at your failures, don’t compare yourself to another who you think has no faults, that’s the enemy. Instead take one step at a time, don’t look at your own self, that will surely fail, look into the eyes of Jesus, love Him so hard that it consumes you.

Jesus came for the sinner, the lost… we are all sinners saved by grace so focus on Love, focus on Jesus… every step closer to Him is one less step away from failure, from sin.

Remember… the victory is sure!!! We may lose a battle, but God has won the war!!! We win!!!”

Well said Jemine! It makes me soo proud to be your mother!
‘Our daugthers will be like pillars carved to adorn a palace (of King Jesus!) (Ps 144:12).
Blessings today on the parents who pray for their children!

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