The Virtuous Woman Watches

‘She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness’ (PV 31:27)
The word ‘watches’ in Hebrew means to lean forward and peer into the distance, making all effort to see if there is an enemy coming in disguise. This is a military term, to be a watchman, a sentinel upon the wall.
This woman is used to standing still, patient and focused on her task. She watches over the affairs of her household looking for breaches in the fence, to see if there is any enemy coming from outside. As a wife, she prays for her husband to resist the temptation of seducing spirits. As a mother, she prays for her children, the type of friends they have. She is careful to limit the time her children stay in front of the TV set or the computer. She is in charge of their daily Bible study and prayer time and follows their spiritual progress.
The word ‘idleness’ in Hebrew it also means to lean, but not forward as we have seen in the description of the watchman. This is backward leaning, a lazy posture of tiredness, passivity and defeat. Immediately the question arises: what is the direction that you lean to? This is not a natural description and appearances may deceive. It is a spiritual positioning that has no neutral ground.
Do you know that your husband and children, as they are going out, they represent your ministry? If you see children that are rude and lazy, one thing is for sure, their mother is not a virtuous woman. This is not my opinion. This is the Word of God. I tremble as a write it, for none is exempted.

2 comments on “The Virtuous Woman Watches

  1. Jemine Leigh says:

    I pray for my soon to be husband, that God will be with him always… I also pray for my unborn children, that they will know God and yearn for Him from a young age and grow into men and women of God. I’m so thankful to serve with a mother that is a virtuous woman. She is a great example and point of contact for me on what it is like to be a God-fearing woman.

    • fatherscall says:

      The prayer to be a virtuous woman is the greatest investment you can make. Suddenly your value increases above ‘rubies’. Many people wonder how much their ruby is worth. Did you know that most rubies are worth more than diamonds of the same size?
      Ruby is one of the valuable gemstone of the corundum family. Its value depends on its size, color, clarity and and origin. It can be valued for as low as $100 up to the maximum of $15,000 for each stone.
      Calculate it based on your weight and see how much you are worth!

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