This is a wonderful testimony from a daughter in Christ! She is married with two children. She comes from a wealthy family. After marriage, she had problems on how to adjust to a more humble life. She has tried many types of businesses but she could not achieve her heart’s desire. She is a committed Christian, wonderful wife and mother. I am a witness that over the years, she never gave up trying to improve her life! This morning, she sent me this joyful testimony! It is to the glory of God, to the shame of the devil and for the encouragement of others! Praise the Lord!
“Good afternoon Malia!
How are you Malia! I pray good by the grace of God.
I testify to God’s goodness and favor, in this period of Lockdown, I know and hear of complaints about this period, but for me I want to give glory and thanks to Papa God. This this period people have placed orders for nosemask, from 2, 5, 7, 10,24, to over 60, I felt joyful like a little child whose Father just gave the best gift a child could want. Malia this is my first time doing business, I am just happy, excited and grateful, yes I did feel a bit overwhelmed by the orders increased as they increased, but all I see is the grace of God upon me, cause I don’t have a shop or the manpower for it, or major skills, but God’s grace is more than sufficient for me.
Ma even I did a video on how to make a nosemask. To God alone be the glory I uploaded on youtube. The Lord truly has brought me a long way, by myself I wouldn’t have attempted it ( would have made some excuses as to why it’s not such a good idea), but thank God for grace to be bold and courageous ( Joshua 1:9).
I am still in the learning process and I know that I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me . I hope you like it, all comments and corrections are most welcome Ma.
Thank you Jesus. In all things I give thanks to Papa God for he is good and his mercies endures forever.
Have a lovely day Ma. Your daughter…”

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