“The people you live among will see how awesome is the work that I, the Lord, will do for you!” (Ex 34:10)
This evening I received a wonderful testimony from a Christian sister I respect so much. Read and be encouraged! Please, encourage her too! (She will read your comments!)

“Dear Malia, I have always desired a higher walk of faith in my Christian journey for some years now. Though l believed God’s word to be true, it appeared l was not really dependent on it. I trusted God for prayers on certain challenges but I did not follow through, definitely l allowed fear and doubt… But last year l made up my mind and prayed that God will help me take His word for what it says. I began to confess that l need His Power from on high to quicken my mind and for His word to renew my mind. I took the promises of God for myself and ask God go teach me to rely on His word. Whatever happened, l deliberately chose to dwell and received God’s promises. As long as it is His word, l believed it, not minding what l feel, see or hear. God’s word settles it. When I got challenges with my health and finances, God taught me how to trust Him. He has made my faith strong by allowing me to pass through difficulties. He always shows up at my wit’s end. He specializes in impossibilities with men. He always makes a way when l trust Him to the end. I have enjoyed this experience during this season. Nothing is impossible with God. His word is full of Power and fulfilment. I only need to trust Him!

l now realize that the Lord has brought me into a new season of Supernatural experiences. I believe that from now on l need not live a life of struggles anymore, but bask in Supernatural pleasant surprises . Ex 34:10, Hab 1:5, Is a 41: 8-20, Mk 11 23-24, Mk 9: 23. Jn. 11: 34-40. These and some other Scriptures God has imprinted on my heart in this season. And so l am full of Hope and divine aspirations in this my new age. Rm 15: 13. I am overflowing with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit!

Dear Malia! I have to thank you and Tali so much for always challenging us to let our faith rise. I can not fail depending on God. When l shall take a leap of faith, l can either fall into His hand, the most secure place, or He will give me wings to fly! Thanks again mum for your love!”

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