I had a wonderful childhood. This picture is about 60 years old. It was taken at the end of the school year. I just finished primary one and I took first in my class. The teachers gave me a certificate of honor. My parents gave me a big bouquet of flowers, you see that I carry in my arms! My father was the principal of the school and my mother was my teacher. This picture was taken in the old train station of Orsova, Romania. The old city is now under the water (The Government built a big dam on the River Danube. The waters rose and covered the whole town. We all moved to another town also called Orsova). My father, Prof. Albai Ion, is now in heaven. All I have left are priceless memories. I still remember how safe and strong I felt by his side. He was holding my hair because the wind was blowing and wanted to cover my face. I still remember how proud he was of my sister and I. He openly praised us and told us that we can achieve anything we want in this world if we work hard and stay focused. Before he died he gave his life to Christ. He prayed to ‘Jesus, the God of his daughter Lia in Nigeria’. When I told him that I want to marry Richmond, a Nigerian, he was very concerned. Initially he refused my request. But with time, he accepted my husband with so much love, like his son he never had. What joy it is for me to remember my father this morning…

Albai Ion

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