“I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished…” (Phil 1:6)
One of our daughters in Christ sent me this note. Long ago, she decided to learn how to make a rug. She started it and then, she abandoned the work. Before now, she was too busy to finish her project. But now, with this lockdown, she went back to it and finished the rug today (see it in the picture). She is very happy!!! Me too, I am happy with her.
“Dear Malia, I just completed the rug I started some months back. I actually left it for sometime but I had to go back to it during this lock down. Thank God for helping me press on even when it looked like it wasn’t going to finish. grace to finish projects. I am happy and grateful. Thank you Malia for always encouraging me to move on! Your daughter… ”
This is a reminder to us all that God does not have ‘unfinished projects’. On the Cross, Jesus said: “It is finished!” When God starts something, He always finishes it, to His glory and for our own encouragement! As children of God, we must do the same.
What is the lesson? You have now enough time to go back and finish abandoned projects: that prayer, that work, that song. No more excuses! You cannot stay indoors just for the fear of C-virus. The evil spirit of fear is worse than any virus! It weakens the body and the mind and damages your faith in God. We reject that! In the name of Jesus! You must keep busy by reading the Bible, praying, exercising your body and working with your hands. God is still in the business of blessing the work of your hands!!! This lockdown does not stop God in blessing you! The angels are still around you to protect you! The Holy Spirit’ realm has not changed. There is still ‘peace’ in the air! God will give you creative ideas on how to use your hands during this unconventional season. Send me more testimonies! I say to you: be strong! Be happy! Be healthy! God will surprise you with fresh blessing from heaven! Peace to you all!

Viada's rug

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