My Garden has many surprises. God is using the plants, the butterflies and the birds to talk to me. This lockdown, with its quietness, has only helped me to better hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. When we moved to this house, my husband and I planted a beautiful garden in the backyard. Everything in it, including the plants and the decorations, are ‘made in Nigeria’. As you can see, I love my garden. My husband designed some hanging baskets. They were welded on the ‘street lights’. We decided to fill the baskets with artificial plants. This is because I was not sure that I will be able ‘to climb’ every day to water them. It has been like that for the past four years. This evening I observed that on top of our artificial (dead) plants, a fresh living plant is growing!!! Nobody has planted it there. Nobody has watered it there. There is no soil there… God really surprised me today! All my fears of not being able to care for the living plants have disappeared in a minute. Is this not wonderful?

This is a lesson for all: Don’t limit God! In the midst of dry tears, unspoken fears, lost hopes, timid limitations and even death itself, the power of resurrection pushes thru, reminding us all that God is in charge! That morning dawn when Jesus rose from the grace, death itself feared! (In Warri we say: ‘Death shocked in’).

This is my prayer for you: May the God of miracles visit you in your lockdown! May the barren women become pregnant! May the singles get married! May the sick be healed! May the oppressed be free! I don’t know how and I don’t know when! But I believe God can do it! In the name of Jesus! The cloud of darkness, poverty, loneliness and pain is moving away. Soon, we shall gather again, and worship our God! Jesus is Lord!

“I am the LORD, the God of all the peoples of the world. Is anything too hard for Me? (Jer 32:27)

My surprise plant

5 comments on “MY SURPRISE PLANT

  1. Eva Green says:

    Amen!! Love this message!! God only speaks and life comes forth! LOVE HIM!!

  2. Mary Ann says:

    A gift from God who is true and living!

  3. […] seeded and be brought forth. Even in “impossible” situations, life cannot be kept away. Also check out a great encouragement from blogger Silvia.. I love that God is always working and has always been there. Even if it seems that there has been […]

    • Silvia Lia Leigh, MD says:

      So many times I limited God, like He was my ‘baby’. I tried to protect God from bad human influence. That was wrong. By limiting God I limited only myself. Immediately I got the courage to trust in Jesus with all that is within me, I found myself walking on the water, not on ice water, but on the waves of a sea not used to be trampled upon! Praise the Lord!

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