“He thwarts the plans of the crafty so that their hands achieve no success” (Job 5:20)

A sister who attends our church sent me this letter:
“Good Morning Malia! Compliments of the season! How are you and Taleigh doing? Indeed our God is ever faithful. Malia, I have been in prayer mood for about a week before the last women’s meeting and your message from the book of Esther was exactly what I had been praying on. (For my marriage, husband, children, home, etc) It’s like the Holy Spirit kept prodding me to pray in that line & read about Esther’s ordeal and what she did. I honestly feel I’m just managing my marriage and the sweet wine is not as sweet as in the past. But I’m grateful to God and glorify Him for what he is doing in my home. After the last women’s meeting, I was fully charged and continued with the prayer points you gave us. Then something strange happened. I dreamt about the young lady who helps me, my ‘house-maid’. She is 28 years old. In the dream I saw her breastfeeding my son and immediately asked her why? In the dream, she said she wanted to take my place because she had nothing and I have everything. I was shocked. I immediately rejected her words in the name of Jesus. (I am happy that in the dream I was a woman of God). I then saw her crying and walking away. I woke up and was shocked. I prayed and asked God to please reveal the true situation of things because physically speaking, she has been good to me and I have also been good to her. This dream is a shock to me. I did not suspect her and was not praying in her direction at all.

Few days later, my 5 year old son told me at night that he wanted her. (He specifically mentioned her name). I was surprised and explained to him not to want her again as she was not family. Last night, about 3am he woke up and told me he was hungry. While making food for him, he told me again that he wants her (he doesn’t say it causally; you would know he really means what he’s saying). I immediately started praying for him, breaking any soul tie, conscious or unconscious and evil influence she has over him or my home. I pleaded the Blood of Jesus, prayed in tongues etc… Later, I explained to him why he should not want her. We went back to bed after he ate around 4am. I know I did not sleep deep because I had to wake up b4 5am. I had another dream about her where I decreed the word of God Job 5:12 to her cos she threatened me. I woke up praying that verse of scripture. For now, I have decided to let her go and I told her nicely to take the day off. I will keep praying over my kids, hubby, marriage, etc. This whole thing is a mystery to me Malia. Please advise me Malia, it is well…”

This is my answer to her:
“Dear… I am very happy for you! I thank God for your life! You are not just a wife and mother. You are a woman of God! Praise the Lord! This is a good example how faith in the Word of God combined with prayer achieves results. The devil and his agents are successful only in the darkness. In the natural these people seem innocent. They may be hard working, humble and faithful to their employers. Not all show signs of demonic wickedness. Not all serve juju openly, are seducing, rude or lazy. This deception is a weapon to blind them who pay their salaries. As the devil, their plan is to ‘kill steal and destroy’, physically and spiritually. But according to the Word of God you just quoted, no witch can be successful in the home of a child of God. The spell is broken when the child of God prays in faith trusting God for deliverance. Once truth is revealed, it sets the captives free. About your situation right now…This matter is too sensitive to ignore. We are talking about the spiritual safety of your little children. You cannot ignore these two dreams. This particular woman must go away. Do not be emotional. You have to choose between her tears and your children’ tears. I know that you are a good woman and very generous. There are others who look for jobs. Some are good and some are bad. Pray for discernment when you interview the next one. God will help you make the right choice. This lesson you must apply in other situations for we do not walk by sight but by faith! Thank God for everything! I have placed your letter in my wall on fb. Some people will comment. Learn from others who have more experience in matters like these. We must help and pray for one another. I wish you well! God bless you and your family! In Jesus name, amen!”

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