There was a humble family who unconditionally opened their home and hearts to Jesus: Martha, Mary and their younger brother, Lazarus. Jesus loved the three of them and called them friends. He often visited them with His disciples. Each time it was a celebration of sorts. Maratha was the oldest for she is ‘in charge’. She is a practical woman. She goes straight to the kitchen and prepares the dinner for everybody. Mary helps her but soon, she leaves her alone. She goes to sit at the feet of Jesus to listen at His words. Martha becomes worried and upset. She criticizes Mary for abandoning her ‘female’ duties. Mary does not defend herself. She keeps quiet and Jesus defends her.  The Lord declares that what Martha is doing is good but what Mary has chosen is the best. That position Mary has found, at the feet of Jesus and listening to His words, is the best place in the universe. Nobody will be able to take it away from her. The place at the feet of Jesus is a place of worship, peace and spiritual service. The greatest gift you give to a teacher is to sit down and listen to his words. Mary sees the Lord as her Lover, her Master and her Teacher. Martha sees Jesus as ‘a baby’ who needs to be fed. For her, Christmas is forever.  She was more concerned with the natural needs of Jesus than His spiritual needs.


Martha was serving Jesus by cooking for Him and His disciples. Jesus said that in the process of serving Him she became ‘cumbered’ (KJ). The word means to be distracted with care, drag things all around or to hinder the movement by clutter. Martha is anxious to perform well so that Jesus and the others appreciation her.  Anxiety is a work of the flesh; a painful, abnormal uneasiness of mind, over an anticipated problem. An anxious person doubts the miraculous power of God. Martha becomes easily upset because when she is not appreciated for his labor. This is the story of Martha. But Mary choses the best! She knows that there is food to cook and dishes to wash. But she appreciates the Word of God so much that she will abandon the kitchen work for a moment at the feet of Jesus. Both sisters love Jesus. Both serve Him well. But Mary’s choice is the best and it will not be taken away from her.


From this story I have learned great revelations that I apply in my walk with God. The most important ‘work’ for me is to find the feet of Jesus!!!! It is only at the feet of Jesus that miracles happen. It is only there that I can hear the Word of God directly from the mouth of God! It is only there that I can truly worship in Spirit and in Truth! Do you remember the woman who wept (Lk 7:36-50)? She poured out her tears and her love at the feet of Jesus. No other feet on earth are the same! Can you imagine if Ruth made a mistake and went to lie down at the feet of another man instead of Boaz? She could have been raped and killed trying to get married…


From this story I also learned that I don’t need to be ‘a great man of God’ to be able to worship my Lord. I am a woman like Mary; no problem with that. I should not desire a complicated religious life ‘cumbered’ with robes, caps, titles and ceremonies! I desire the simplicity of Christ! Free in Him! When I enter a house or a church, I spiritually ‘scan’ the atmosphere searching for my Lord.  I do not look for men, no matter how rich or famous they are. My soul is attracted only by my Lord. Most of the time, I find Him in humble places and among humble people. I find the place where my soul can rest and listen to His Word. Gossip makes me tired. The Word of God makes me happy. I go to the place where I am happy. I do not pretend to just please people. If Jesus is not in that ‘inn’ I go out. The presence of God the Holy Spirit is like spiritual oxygen for me. In its absence I gasp for air like a fish outside water. I have learned that if I sit down at the feet of Jesus ‘big religious people’ will look down on me. They will criticize and intimidate me. I have learned to keep quiet. How can I argue with a blind man? My Lover will defend my choice and my Lord will fight my battles. It has happened again and again. I have learned that my choice to locate the feet of Jesus is blessed by Him. I become like a landlady of that little ‘holy ground’. Once I locate my place of worship I lose the fear a tenant has. It is the spot under which my treasure lies forever. I cannot be fired, sacked, divorced or rejected out of my destiny! I learned to be confident of my calling. I know that no tenant can evict the landlady and no maid can replace the mistress who is faithful to God and to her husband. I have discovered the power of humility, the freedom of worship and the grace of His glory revealed in me. The effort and the pain necessary to find that holy safe and happy place cannot be compared with the joy of resting in His embrace. This is my Lover, this is my Friend! My Lord and my Savior Jesus Christ! Oh, come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord!




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