Something strange happened today, which is the second day, during the Nativity drama. The brethren from our church acting the crowd are about 200. They have done weekly rehearsals since September. But today, the number of the ‘actors’ playing the crowd in the Nativity drama suddenly increased to about 250. We did not what was the ‘problem’. We had some challenges accommodating the overflow. It was at the end of the performance we were told that some young people who came to watch it yesterday decided to go and sew Jewish costumes for themselves and quietly joined the cast today. By the time Pastor was informed that some of the ‘actors’ are not members of our church, it was too late. The drama has started. Even so, all went on very well and nobody observed anything wrong.

To me this is not just strange, but wonderful. Young people in Warri and Effururn are known for bad things. But this time it was different. Something attracted them to join the ‘actors’. They did not come to steal, beg or mock. They came to act the birth of our Lord. We could have been very angry but we remembered that the Holy Spirit has His own way moving people to come closer to God. Who knows what happened in these young people’s hearts yesterday? It seems that they could not resist the pull to worship God in this way. They came ‘to collect their reward’ from God. The Holy Spirit was totally in control, even allowing these young people to act ‘without human permission’.

Our Lord said: “And I, when I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to Myself.” (Jn 12:32). It is possible that today we have experienced a prophetic ‘drawing’ after the Savior! Nigerians are blessed! The people here are not ‘shy’ when it comes to God! They may break some rules but they love Jesus. We give thanks to God for the success of this evening event! We did not charge fees or any offering. It was done for the glory of God and for the encouragement of the people. We believe it has achieved that! To God be all the glory! Merry Christmas!



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