The prophetic prayer meeting was good. We all praised God and bowed at His feet singing: “Oh, come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord! For Him alone is worthy, Christ the Lord!” Then the Word came. The Holy Spirit said that we have been faithful and obedient during this long season of spiritual warfare. The enemies have been pushed behind and the damage done to them is so great that it will take a long time for them to recover. Until then, there shall be a season of peace when we shall buy land and build houses. God will bless us with supernatural extraordinary blessings, spiritual and material. Divine healing, fruitfulness and financial prosperity shall be our portion. Nigeria is a country in recession. It is a form of Biblical famine. We believe the promises of God that during this famine He will bless, protect, increase, heal and deliver us abundantly. We declared that in Christ, even during national trouble and famine, we shall not be ashamed of our testimony, we shall not become spiritually dry and we shall not be disappointed in our God! Many people may suffer hunger and frustration in life. But we shall ride on with God and shall have abundance of provision and supernatural blessings (Ps 37:18, 19). Amen!


Read Genesis 26. Isaac planted seeds during the time of famine. God blessed him and gave him a hundredfold harvest. His wealth was not stagnant but continued to increase. He was a man of peace. He enjoyed the blessings of peace. He was not a famous man, a warrior like his father Abraham. He was not a good business man like his son Jacob. Isaac was a man known for only one thing: he was a digger of wells. The wells represent deep hidden blessings, the water of life. He knew where to find life even in a hopeless dead place. He believed in God of miracles.  He obeyed God’s Word. He was greatly tempted to go ‘abroad’ and find ‘greener pastures’. But God told him to stay and dwell in Gerar, in the country of the Philistines. The word Gerar means ‘Rough land’.  This is his testimony: in the midst of his enemies, during drought and famine, Isaac became extremely wealthy because he obeyed God. We identify with his testimony!


What was in Isaac’s mind to be able to trust God, that He will prosper him during famine? Who is the God he served? Who is our God? God is a God of miracles! God is able to make the blind to see; the deaf and dumb to hear and speak; the cripple to walk and dance. God created all things and His hand is not short during trying times. God said that He will make rivers to flow in the desert, in the deep valleys of troubles and on the barren heights of difficult situations. God says that we should forget the past troubles and the former lack of good things. We should see this ‘new thing’ God is doing, right now, in our midst. Jehovah Jireh promises to provide impossible things. Rivers shall flow in the wilderness and many shall come to see the wonder of our supernatural prosperity (Is 41:17-20); 43:18-21). These blessings are spiritual and natural. This miracle is done by God so that His worship will continue for the praise of His glorious name. Nothing and nobody can stop it. God has decided to bestow His favor on us. It is the amazing grace of God. This is big! Thank You Lord Jesus! We chose to believe the Word of the Lord!

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