The Wind whispered: ‘Follow Me and you shall see the King…’

Happy me! For a long time I wanted to enter thru the gates, inside the crystal palace, on top of the hill. Now surely, my wish will come true…

We went across the city… I saw the palace with flags on the pointed roof…but the flags looked sad, the wind passed them by…

Suddenly we took another direction and I panicked: ‘Are …we not going inside to see the King?’

‘No – said the Mighty Rushing Wind. They that live inside have fine clothes made of chains. We are not expected inside. We move on, pass by the fancy houses built with hands of men…

We shall go into the desert to rest and wait. The King will meet us there…’

Going to the desert? This has never been part of any dream of mine… The most humble of all my imaginations had no place for a stop in the desert…I struggle, I weep…This story cannot be my story….Surely God has done a mistake…

There is another One who moves me to go to a place I have never been. I don’t want to go there…Why this…My confusion, this search for identity in the wilderness is the design of Another, not mine.

Finally we arrived and landed on the hot sand. I searched for flowers, for rivers, for the sound of birds. Nothing was there. What type of postcard can I send from here to my friends in the city? Just grey, hot sand… Can I ever rest here? What is there to see? My eyes are frustrated with the same unchanging picture. My skin is now darker and dry…My companions so far away…Will I ever see them again…

I did not know that the Wind leads His friends to the end of the earth…Tired, tired, tired…I fall asleep by the altar… visited by the scape goat who licks my tears…I see the Cross and now, I know…I see…The Prince of peace is mine!

‘Who is she coming up from the desert, like a column of smoke, perfumed with myrrh and incense…?’ (SS 3:6)

2 comments on “THE WIND LED ME

  1. Jemine Leigh says:

    So poetic, so beautiful! Love always inspires great words!

  2. fatherscall says:

    ‘Love never fails’ (1Cor 13:8) to inspire, strengthen and purify the heart.

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