The evil spirit of gambling

To be quickly rich without any labor, this is the dream of all sinners. That is the foundation of gambling.
Gambling – definition: To play a game for money or property; to bet, to take a chance, to risk on an uncertain outcome; to expose yourself to danger and to proceed in the face of it.
The attraction of gambling is entertainment and the love of money. Both are very addictive strongholds of satan. The victims are people who are lazy, covetous, foolish and ambitious in the same time. That combination is deadly. Gambling is a scheme to escape labor, but in reality, gambling is an evil spirit that kills and destroys.
In the U S gambling is an industry of billions of dollars. The lottery is the favorite legal gambling. Gambling is the fastest growing addiction in the world. 1/7 teenagers and 1/10 adults that gamble will end up as addicted to it. Gambling wrecks homes and marriages. The business is wicked and it attracts all type of men but especially the poor who believe in the get rich quick schemes. The poor neighborhoods have the highest number of location for gambling and lottery. These are sold in poor grocery stores to attract the people who buy food. Many times a poor man has gone home to his family without food and just with a lottery slip and the promise of millions. ‘The American Dream’ is intimately connected with the evil spirit of gambling.
The casinos machines are built in such a way that 80-90% of the winning numbers go to the patron. The chance to win there is minimal but the attraction to make money without work is very high. Even the few that win, statistics say that they will lose all their money in maximum two years and they are back to gamble again, ready to sell even their soul to satan.
If you study the Word of God and His ways you can deduce that gambling is a sin and it is to be rejected as a practice to make money. Gambling violates God’s law because of the following:
1-The foundation and the attraction of it is the love of money, which is evil.
‘Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income’ (Ecc 5:10)
2-Gambilng encourages laziness and covetousness in the same time. The Bible says that we should work and be good stewards of the income we make. We are to tithe to God, then use the remaining to take care of the family. Any surplus we are to invest it as seed in the work of God or to save for emergencies in the future.
‘Lazy hands make a man poor but diligent hands bring wealth’ (PV 10:4)
‘You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife…’ (Ex 20:17)
3-Gambling may be entertaining but it is addictive. All addictions are sins because they master the person who becomes a slave
‘A man is a slave to whatever has mastered him’ (2Pet 2:19)
4-Gambling gives false hope to people and builds false imaginations. God is to be our only hope. Our future is joyful because God, in Christ will change our sorrow into glory. Any other hope of riches and fame outside Christ is false and criminal.
‘The hopes of the wicked come to nothing…when a wicked man dies, his hope perishes; all he expected from his power come to nothing’ (PV 10:28; 11:7)
‘May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit (Rom 15:13)
5-Gambling does not give glory to God but to the ‘luck or fortune’ of men. There are things in this world that may not be bad in themselves, but they are not beneficial to the kingdom of God and to our testimony as believers.
‘Everything is permissible for me but not everything is beneficial…but I will not be mastered by anything…but not everything is constructive…’ (1Cor 6:12; 10:23)
That means that gambling does no good to me or to others. Its hope of success is a deception that will only destroy my life and my family. It is the entertainment of the devil and it is to be rejected, in Jesus name!
6-Man was created in the image of God. But gambling makes a man to be a fool
‘Like a partridge that hatches eggs it did not lay is the man who gains riches by unjust means. When his life is gone, they will desert him and in the end he proves to be a fool’ (Jer 17:11)
God is angry with them that believe in the idol of fortune or gambling. This is because it makes the people deaf to God’s voice and stubborn to His leading. Gambling is the backslider’s god and the fantasy of the rebellious (Is 65:11,12)
‘Dear Lord Jesus, I pray that you expose this wicked, seducing, evil spirit of gambling so that we can hate it enough to separate from it totally. We ask for forgiveness for any desire to be lazy, to cheat or to covet, and desire wealth in the same time. Let Your light shine on our understanding!
In Jesus name we pray,


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    • CHARITY says:

      God bless u,i a have just found a way to convince my brother that gambling is wrong and i am praying against the spirit of gambling,i believe he will be delivered,Christ has ashamed the devil through you.

      • Silvia Leigh says:

        Dear Charity, nothing happens by mistake! We do not know face to face, but the Spirit is One! You read these words so that your faith in God’s power to deliver your brother will increase. Do not ‘beg’ your brother to stop gambling! It is an addiction, a bondage that only God can destroy! We shall agree in prayer that your brother will be free from gambling and he shall serve God by using his testimony to deliver others like him! The devil’s loss is greater than you think!
        Let’s pray:
        “Dear Heavenly Father: Charity and I we come to You, at Your throne of mercy and grace! We ask that You come down from heaven and totally deliver her brother from this bondage to sin, to gambling and others. We take authority in the name of Jesus and destroy the chains around his mind and emotions that bind him to the devil’s work. We declare that his destiny is to be a child of God and to serve God forever! We vow to give God all the glory for this wonderful deliverance and salvation! In Jesus name we pray, amen!”
        It is done! I believe 100%! The manifestation will surely follow! Amen!

  1. CHARITY says:

    The devil hides behind gambling,his time is out,we now know he is behind gambling.Mourn devil,you are loosing clients,and you are defeated in Jesus Name.Gmbling spirit,we have been given authority to trample over you and to overcome all your powers.Christ came to set the gamblers free in Jesus Name

  2. CHARITY says:

    Thanks Silvia,i am happy that you have taken your time to pray with me.God bless you.I am going to share this prayer with my sisters.And thanks for your advice.I love you.

    • Silvia Leigh says:

      Thank God! Let God’s light shine in your family! In Jesus name, Amen!

      • Dee holmes says:

        Hi…Silvia just was browsing through to find some prayer and help for the gambling addiction I have that is destroying me and my kids as a single mom..I pray that you will pray for me so that this bondage can be broken. This is a very hard addiction..I have been struggling for many years with that has left me homeless and car-less. But it keeps drawing me back in. Pls pray for me and my family..thank you and happy holidays

      • Silvia Leigh says:

        Hi, Dee! Faith in God thru Jesus is able to destroy the destroyer! You need God! You need to draw closer to God and He will draw closer to you. I pray that you love God, yourself and your children more than gambling. God wants to give you the testimony of a breakthrough and of a new beginning! I will add you to my prayer list. Look ahead at your future and see the light at the end of the tunnel. I command every evil spirit of gambling to leave you and to go away! In Jesus name I pray, amen! Come back with a good report. Let’s rejoice together!

  3. CHARITY says:

    God bless you,i am still praying for my brother i believe he will be delivered.

  4. Victor says:

    Dear Silver, I am in the verge of taking my life because I do not understand how I became a gambler. I used to be a born again in Christ but since I came to Europe, life turned me upside-down. Living In UK it has been the greatest regrates in my life. The government is making people loose their lives because they made gambling easy to come to your doorsteps because it generates lots of taxes for them, I have tried to run away from gambling but they keep bringing the shops to my doorsteps. I have lost all I have and never happy with my life. My wife took my children away because she doesn’t understand me anymore. The worst part is that none of my friends and family know that I am gambling. I have successfully hid it from even to my closest friends for 5yearsbnow. I have discovered that every gambler is a leir. God hates liers. I don’t understand how these forces push me around. I will pray and pray to avoid it yet, that week will be the worst in my finances and it will force me to think of way out. I lost my job as a hotel Manager because of lack of concentration and mistake was made, so I got fired. The next day, I found myself stealing fish in the market and I was caught and handed over to the police all these in a space of one day. I did not see the fish and I paid through my nose for it and now I have a police record. I don’t even remember how it all happened. I don’t believe I did it but they said I did it and shame and ignorance of what is happening to me, I was cold and shaking.
    Now, I have lost my confidence in my abilities as a man. I lost my speach and can’t even speak proper english. I think like a 10 year old. I am afraid to walk out of my house because the next munite, I will sneak into gambling machines. There, young people are crying asking how they became gamblers. The addiction is much more worst than drug addiction. I am now sick from diabetes because of nervousnes. I shake a lot anf fear will take all my motions and senses out of my life. As a result of these, it affected me. I was diagonosed last August 2012. I don’t understand right now the test of staying alive. I can’t sleep well. not eating well and never money in my account. My mortgage is under threat. My car is about to be taking because I had it on higher purchase. I don’t have good job anymore to meet up my expenses. I don’t know how to rescue myself from this addiction. Pastors have prayed for me. some exposed me when I made confession which I did not like. so, I am in real trouble and need any assistant from anywhere. I was just chacking for spirit of ganbling and you poped up so, O started reading your conversation and it got me moved.

    • Silvia Leigh says:

      Dear Brother, Your letter moved me too… You are the classical prodigal son. Read your story in Luke 15:11-32. The solution to your problem is simpler than you think. Like Namaan, you have tried the complicated and complex methods. Be simple like a child! By faith, try God and you can never lose!
      Come back to God, to Jesus, to the Cross. It is a decision of the will. If tears could help I could have told you to weep, but that will be a waste of time. And you have wasted a lot of time already…Make up you mind to turn away from sin and come to the Cross. Jesus died because of your sin: gambling, stealing, lying, doubting, fear… etc. There is power in the Blood of Jesus! Wonder working power! What you need is a miracle and God is waiting for you to ask for one! I am soo happy that we do not know face to face so that when the deliverance comes, it will be easy for you to give God all the glory! Do not fight the devil in your power! You only become weaker and more entangled! He knocks at your door and you shake with fear because he has defeated you so many times in the past…From now on, any time the devil will knock at your door, call on Jesus to be the one who will open it. Let Jesus face the devil! Let the devil be surprised and run because he can never confront your Lord!

      Let’s pray:
      “Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you on behalf of Your son. I ask for mercy and forgiveness on his behalf. I ask that You come down and intervene in his life. He needs You! He needs Your deliverance! He needs a new beginning with You!
      You devil, you worldly evil spirit of gambling, you spirit of fear, suicide and witchcraft… I come against you and command you to leave God’s servant now! I destroy your spell upon his life! I destroy any occult covenant made against his soul! I cause confusion in the spirit realm!
      I plead the Blood of Jesus over your body, soul, spirit, marriage, family, business and ministry!
      Holy Spirit come!
      We vow to give God alone all the glory for the miracle of deliverance done today!
      In Jesus name

      I wait for a wonderful testimony from you! The power of sin is broken! Let God’s name be glorified! Amen!
      “For I know the plans I have for you – declares the Lord – plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future! Then you call upon Me and come and pray to Me and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find Me, when you seek Me with all your heart” (Jer 29:11-13)

  5. Victor says:

    Dear Silvia Leigh,

    it is unfortunate that I am living this life. I jut believed now that I am truly conterminated by the useless spirit of gambling. All the time, I will vow to forget going insid those shops but once I drive out, I feel some forces draging me to go there. I am very honest in this naration. I will be weeping openly asking myself hundreds of questions why I am been draged like this. It is a terrible situation. have prayed and prayed and to no effect. I am really in trouble. How else can I be draged out of this trouble. Any other help or advice? I know that the only person who can help ictor i Victor himself.

    • Lia Leigh says:

      I am a medical doctor by profession. I cannot give up on you for as long as you desire to be free. For as long as you cry out to God for help, there is hope! Pray for mercy! For now, I advice you to take your eyes from yourself and from your problem with gambling. You give it too much attention. You ‘feed the snake’ by addressing it too much. Think of something else. Write me another letter telling me some good things God has done in your life, in spite of your struggles.
      Some things you should know: gambling is not the sin unto death! Gambling is a ‘low class’ devil and also a coward. Gambling may destroy many blessings, but it cannot take away your salvation as a child of God. Have peace about this! In your next letter please do not even mention the word g–bling. I have faith that God will help you be free. In Jesus name, amen!
      “No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it” (1 Cor 10:13)

  6. danny says:

    Dear Silvia
    My name is danny,I,m in the same situation,Gambling has destroy me Ana my business, family n children.please pray for me so I could be delivered from the spirit of gambling.

    • Silvia Leigh says:

      Dear Danny, have faith in God! Not in yourself or men, but in God! Pray and believe! Yoru situation is not worse than that of others. Nothing is impossible with God! I know that God loves you! Let’s pray:

      ” I come against this evil spirit of gambling that is keeping you in bondage! I command you to leave this man and his family, and go away in the name of Jesus! I destroy every occult spell placed on his mind, in the Name of Jesus! I destroy every evil covenant made by him or by others, in the name of Jesus! Holy Spirit come and reveal Jesus to him! Let him be truly born again and free indeed! Dear Heavenly Father, We vow to give You alone all the glory, for his healing, for his deliverance, for his victory! In Jesus name we pray, amen!”
      I wait for you to come back with a great testimony of victory!
      God wants to use you! Be sure to give God all the glory!

    • dannyDanny says:

      Dear Silvia,
      Thanks for your prayer. Indeed the Lord is good. Not only I have stopped gambling, now I am attending a Christian gambling rehabitation programme in a church.attending service and serving Him . Praise God I am healed in Jesus Name. I also get encouragement from your posting and your programme in you tube. Overflow. Sermon…..Amen

      • Silvia Leigh says:

        Thank you Danny! You made me happy today! Continue to hold on Jesus. He is the only hope with have! He has started a good work in you. He shall complete it to the end! More wonderful testimonies shall follow! Keep in touch! All glory to God!

      • Danny says:

        Dear Pastor.I.m Danny again whom you prayed for me years back. Now my whole family is save , my life change full of Gods blessing after I stopped gambling. Hallelujah.

      • Silvia Leigh says:

        I am soo soo happy for you! Serve God will all your heart! To God be all the glory!

  7. Eddy says:

    I decree that i do not have the issues of gambling for the word became flesh and dwellth among men for to be their light which shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehends it not. after reading this little but powerful blog, the word entered me like it entered Ezekiel when he began to prophesy. Silvia i cannot thank you enough for this page for my life has taken a new path from now on. I was (am) a very good christian until i came to europe and gambling and the spirit of haste took over, blown all my life savings from home, and from work, insatiable desire to make quick money, never taking my eyes off the bookies anytime there was money in my pocket.

    However, there is no point fighting this habit as it will only give it more meaning than it is. I will work after the wordings of the doctor as well to ignore it and refuse to mention it any more. I am an over comer and i can all things. until now my mind has been narrowed down to a pin hole while there are many other channels to turn to. Just like my tv box has many channels than i can watch. its only a while before i forget this particular channels as i turn to other pages of my life.

    My desire today is that i will return to encourage as many as are fighting many bad habits in their lives. may God grant us speedy recovery and give us all the days that canker worm has eaten away even as we swim in precious good health and love. Peace in jesus name to our soul. Amen

    • Silvia Leigh says:

      Wonderful words of life! I wish you the best, Eddy! God loves you! God is on your side! The Son of Man has made you free indeed! Jesus has helped millions like you! He will help you too! God bless you, your family and the work of your hands! Amen!

  8. Josh says:

    I’m an addicted gambler. I have lost so much to this sinful behavior. More than just money… I have lost the trust of my closest family and friends. I’ve lost jobs. I’ve lost all dignity and self respect. I feel worthless. Thoughts of suicide are my constant companion. I feel so alone… I don’t even know how I got to this point or how to get back. God please forgive me for turning my back on you.

    • Silvia Leigh says:

      Dear Josh, thank you for your letter. I see that gambling has done much damage to you. But gambling is not God. Come to God in prayer. Give your life to Christ! Ask for deliverance and healing. God is merciful! Use the pain you experience now as a reason to come back to Jesus! Join the rank of men and women who have received a new beginning in life because of Jesus Christ. God will restore your testimony. Just vow to give Him all the glory for the victory. With God, all things are possible! You can do it!

  9. Mercus says:

    You described that perfectly, thank you so much, i’m a christian and i won’t come near to it again!
    Thanks for sharing this article!

  10. humphrey khabuchi says:

    hi Silvia Leigh surely gambling has indeed killed my soul, initially i thought God has directed me to save my family from poverty. i started gambling specifically betting football matches. i started winning money but after a while i started loosing a day after a day. i started hating God, i blamed him each time i lose my money. i got into huge debts that i wont even be able to settle. i hated myself i hated all believers for believing in false God that wont even help people. i took poison two times because i knew its shame to stay with debts and i was irresponsible man, am aged 27. but the poison did not even take me away. so i thought God wanted me to suffer he never wanted me to die. i have done so many miserable evil things i don’t even think God can forgive me. i just want to advice other gambler to stop gambling, its evil and satan is winning many young souls through gambling, like has already done to me. Silvia do you think there is any chance he can forgive me. i have to stop betting but am afraid my soul is with satan. i condemned God and said very shameful things to him. is there anything i can do?

    • Silvia Leigh says:

      Dear Humphrey, Thank you for your letter. I know that it was not easy to write it. But I am happy you did it. The first thing I want to tell you is that God loves you. God wants to bless you. Give your life to Christ (again). Pray to God! He listens to you! Open your mouth and confess all your sins to God audibly, and not just in your mind. It helps to listen to your own prayer! Throw yourself at the feet of Jesus and just ask for forgiveness and mercy. Trust Jesus to defend you. Put your trust in Him alone. He died on the Cross for your sins! Jesus Christ is able and willing to give you a new heart, a new destiny. Then ask the Holy Spirit to fill you. Expect Him to enter your heart. You shall be filled with peace, joy and a new strength to live for God. Attend a good living church. Little by little, as the Holy Spirit leads, you shall change and become a new person. You are still alive. So there is hope that my words will challenge and encourage you to chose well this time. Keep in touch. Come back with good testimony. God bless you. Love in Christ alone, Pastor Silvia Lia Leigh.

  11. humphrey khabuchi says:

    thank you so much Pastor Silvia, i appreciate for your concern, your prayer and am sure i will do as you say.

    • Silvia Leigh says:

      I placed your letter on my wall on facebook. These are two comments that I hope will help you. I wait for you to come back with a great testimony. God provides money without sorrow. He is Jehovah Jireh! The devil gives money but sorrow follows. You chose the type of money you want. Your case is ‘simple’ for God. Yoru spirit still desires to worship God. That is a sign that you are still alive spiritually. God will perfect that which concerns you. In Jesus name, amen!

      Olalekan Jenyo I counsel you to change your friends, “Evil company corrupt good manners” Total deliverance will be difficult if you continue to move with your old friends that are still into gambling. Trust in the Lord and take it one day at a time and God will see you through in Jesus name.

      Lovelynn Mogbeyiteren a mind troubling yet heart warming snatching of a precious soul from the coven of hell. fellow has come to realisation of self by the touch of the Word of God-LIVING, TRUTHFUL AND ACTIVE which pierced into his joints and marrows what is to be done now is total cleansing through constant follow up until all the stains of gambling and other weights are out . Ma God will help you to succeed in this Kingdom assignment.

      • humphrey says:

        Greetings in the name of the Lord, i don’t know the exact time where you are but here i am its noon so i greet you good after noon. well i did exactly as you said and actually i feel there is some power in me that help me to resist the spirit of betting. pastor on several occasion I’ve had some dreams about my life and some of the events have happened and some have not. yesterday night i had a dream that i had gambled and i had won a lot of money, something i have never dreamed since i started betting, Satan has lost me so i think he is trying have me back, but i made a strong decision never to gamble again, sure enough with the help of Christ the savior i reject it completely thanks be to you. i have a lot to share with you with time we shall share although there is a network problem where i am. there is one verse that made me even stronger n i have decided to read it every morning and evening, that is Psalms 119 vs 33 to 40.

      • Silvia Leigh says:

        Well done Humphrey! Weeping may endure for the night but JOY COMES IN THE MORNING! If God can save me, a greater sinner than you, He can save you too! Not only to stop gambling, but to change you, to make you His servant. You shall serve God with all your heart! You shall taste of His goodness in ministry! To lose is easy. To gain is hard work. Nothing of value comes easy. But the Holy Spirit will help you. Just stay close to Jesus! Pray in English and pray in tongues! God will help you! Your testimony is sure! Just believe in Jesus Christ!

  12. humphrey khabuchi says:

    greetings pastor, all is going well am still fighting strong to stop gambling and the good news is that i haven’t even tried since you started praying for me and advised me as well. i printed your speech against gambling and made several copies and spread to my friend, they became bitter and said this was your own opinion and there is nothing wrong in betting. but actually when i stared betting i had the same idea like they had. i believed that i was just betting for fun and not for quick riches but in the end i dint realize when my mind and my heart changed. i strongly believe with the help of my Almighty God, i shall not give up to speak to them against gambling and He shall deliver them from that slavery.

  13. Debra T. says:

    Wonderful very accurate and informative. God bless you for declaring the truth.

  14. Desiah onicca Aphane says:

    My name is desiah i live village next to Brits town n i believe im addicted to gambling in casinos im a born again christian n i realy to stop gambling ive prayed n fasted for many time but the addiction doesnt want to stop ive told my ps n some members of our church theyve prayed with me but the addiction never stop pls pray with me

    • Silvia Leigh says:

      Dear Desiah, if you are a child of God, then that addiction must STOP! Please remember: God loves you! The Holy Spirit inside you is greater (stronger) than the evil spirit of gambling! It is not easy. But you need to fight, to do spiritual warfare! I pray that God will make you willing to pay the price to be set free! I bind the evil spirit of deception and lust! I plead the Blood of Jesus over you! One day, when you are free, you shall testify to God’s goodness and grace, that He has delivered you! Your testimony shall encourage many! Only God can change a bad thing into a good thing! And God will do it! In Jesus name, amen!

    • Silvia Leigh says:

      “You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world” (1Jn 4:4)

  15. Augustine says:

    Mummy, I am from Nigeria. I am also a student. To be frank, i am deeply confused and tired about how life treats me. i am gambler who strongly rely on it but never got more than i have spent. i have so many problems that wants to turn me to an atheist but i still believe in Almighty God and I love him with all of my heart I swear. But the problems wants to make me change for bad.
    I have chronic anxiety disorder that has no cure. It makes me to be frighten always. People loves me so much that do help me. i do have luck wherever I goes but anxiety wouldn’t allow me to possess my possession. My head does not rest, always pounding. It affects my education. I can’t contribute for something. This problem wants to make me to be arrogant and bad but when I remember God and my parents I quickly change my mind. I have prayed and prayed but nothing happened instead it will make it worse. Now what is on my mind is to start smoking and drinking alcohol so that can help me cop. Please pray for me. Help me on what to do. Here are my contacts: call or whatsapp me +2349030962848 , email: My name is Augustine. Thanks mummy.

    • Richmond Leigh, MD says:

      Dear Augustine, I am just seeing your letter. How are you now? I hope that you are better. I pray for you that you will fulfill destiny! You are a man of God. You are not a slave of the devil. God forbid! Be filled with the Holy Spirit. Receive strength and wisdom to live well. In Jesus name ,amen!

      • Richmond Leigh, MD says:

        I placed your letter (anonymously) on my Facebook page. These are some of the counsels sent to you. I hope you will be encouraged! In Jesus name, amen!

        Peterson C. Obi-Clifford First thing first, he needs to surrender to Jesus, and then be filled with the Holy Spirit. Only then he can worship God genuinely and get delivered. May God glorify His name in your life in Jesus’ name, amen.

        Elina Emofuriata Elibryte-Okporu In Jesus name! Dear lord I pray for this brother that your light will illuminate every darkness that is trying to over shadow! I pray the devil will not have his way in his life.Let your peace reign and rule in his mind, spirit ,soul and body as I sprinkle the blood of Jesus over him.Thank you lord for all the glory is yours.

        Aiyegbeni Tina Our Dear heavenly Father please help this brother out, please Lord Jesus take him out of this bondage of darkness and show him Your everlasting light in Jesus Name Amen! Show him mercy Lord and let the Holy Spirit rain on him in Jesus Name Amen!

        Grace Amara Our heavenly father is merciful, he loves you more than you can think, he said come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy Laden and I’ll give you rest, he’s listening to your prayers even if you don’t feel like he is, all he needs is you believing in…See More

        Teshoma Eyide-Uwoghiren Reading the book of PROVERBS daily has renewed my mind greatly. It makes me read other books/characters of the Bible. He can read it daily

        Benson Bezz if you are destine to be a great man in life, you have to take a strong desition. thats why the bible said life and death is in our tongue, and that is where total surrender take part in the equation, so that the holy spirit will take us to a higher level to allow us to kill the flesh. without inviting the holy spirit the equation will be nothing

        Juliana Uwve Shame shall be far from you in Jesus Name Amen.

        Vivian Ekpeko Dear LORD, I pray for this brother,it’s not by his powers but by Your mercies, Lord let Your light so shine upon him, If he is not born again show him Lord that the only way to be free from this bondage is to totally surrender his life to you. Use him as a testimony to every other addicts out there. And Lord we vow to give You alone all the Glory.

  16. Uduak Udoebom says:

    Thank God I located this site. I am totally depressed and frustrated every day because of an obvious lifestyle playing gambling to get money..please pray for me. Thanks..I certainly will never go back to gambling lifestyle reading this.

    • Silvia Leigh says:

      Dear Uduak, let’s pray: “Dear Heavenly Father, please have mercy on Uduak! He needs You! Deliver Him from the wicked bondage of gambling! I command all the evil spirits of gambling and witchcraft to leave you and go away, in the name of Jesus! Holy Spirit please come and take control! I vow to give You alone all the glory for his healing, deliverance and new beginning! In Jesus name we pray, amen!”
      Read you Bible daily! Fast (even if until 12 noon) daily until you feel the power of the Holy Spirit in you! Pray daily! Attend a good living church! Serve God in any way you can (even if you clean the church…). I wish you well! Keep in touch!

  17. Steve-8880 says:

    Hi Silvia, please can you prey for me the gambling as the gambling demon got hold of me very strongly! I am 38 and been gambling for over 20 years and I give up and started again so many times! This time the gambling demon as made me think I got a system to beat the bookies which works but don,t win very much! And the worst thing is what I do win is gambled on other things anyway such as roulette! I am on the sick for depression and just don,t know what to do with my life and just want to go to bed and not wake up! Please prey for me. GOD BLESS

    • Silvia Leigh says:

      Dear Brother Steve, come to Jesus Christ! Trust Him with all your heart as your Savior and Lord! He is able and more than able to deliver all who trust in Him. At the name of JESUS every knee must bow, every chain must be broken and every evil exposed and defeated. Our Lord has never lost any battle. He will prove Himself strong on your behalf too. Trust in The Lord Jesus and you shall experience deliverance. You shall live a long good and happy life serving the Lord. The Lord will use you as His servant and you shall preach His Word to many. In Jesus name, amen!
      Let’s pray: “Heavenly Father we come to You on behalf of Your son Steve. He needs You more than ever. Please have mercy on him. Deliver him from this evil bondage of gambling. We take authority in the name of Jesus and rebuke the demon of gambling that is terrorizing you. You demon we command you to leave this brother and go away in the name of Jesus. We destroy every occult spell upon him. We speak freedom and healing over your body soul and spirit! The Blood of Jesus shall speak on your behalf. Lord Jesus, we promise to give You alone all the glory for this man’s deliverance. He shall serve You with all his heart, for all his life! In Jesus name we pray, amen!”

  18. Reblogged this on fullgospelbusiness and commented:
    This is a formidable challenge that is overtaking the Churches in Sabah especially in Penampang District, the majority of whom are the indigenous Roman Catholics.

  19. Thakoor Maraj says:

    Hi silvia my name is maraj from Trinidad I have 3 beautiful kids and also married for 9 years i am only 3o years old my wife and I are living together since we were 17 years old my wife is also 3o years my life 4 this year since February 2016 to November 15th has been the worst i started gambling from the time above and every thing has turned upside down my life before gambling was very successful i worked very hard to accomplish everything for my family but now it’s very very hard before it had no one could talk to me about god the almighty because my faith in God was so strong but now I feel like something is missing in my life i am in plenty of death’s lot’s of deaths I need some one to help me greatly please …………………

    • Silvia Leigh says:

      Dear Maraj, I am so sorry to hear about your addiction to gambling. God has blessed you with good wife and 3 beautiful kids. You need to be set free from the bondage to this evil spirit. You cannot do it in your power. But you can do it thru prayer and fasting, in the name of Jesus! You need to give your life to Christ afresh. You need to be filled with the Holy Spirit. God wants to use you for His glory! To be free, you have to fight! It is a spiritual warfare. I encourage you to fight. If you are passive, the devil is in control. If you are serious with God, God will be serious with you! Go and tell your pastor in the church that you have a problem. Let him pray for you. Starting from next Monday fast every day praying fro mercy and power from God. Humble yourself. Ask God for help! You can do it! You can become light in the midst of darkness! Other people will take encouragement from you! For the sake of Christ, your soul and your family, do it! I pray for you right now….In Jesus name, amen! Come back with good testimony!

  20. Amos Langat says:

    I quit any gambling I have join in the name of Jesus Christ.

  21. ma i been possessed by spirit of gambling thereby making me to gamble with 1 year salary even money given to me by my sister to assist in my chemistry practical in waec gce because i failed my waec i used it to gamble now i think like a 10 year old boy ma please pray for me

    • Silvia Leigh says:

      Dear Kelvin, I will pray for you but you have to pray for yourself too! You give your life to Christ! Read the Bible daily! Attend a good church! God is greater than the spirit of gambling! At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow, including this demon of gambling! Be free in Jesus name! Amen!

  22. i have stopped gambling i have closed my gambling account now i am happy that i have given my life to God praise be the lord thanks ma

  23. amen may God bess you ma thanks

  24. Pietro says:

    Thank you for this article…it was extremely helpful to help me stay away from those devil houses(casinos) and to give me the light to better understand the evil of this activity that has lead so many people to destruction and sad to say…suicide. After reading this article I will promise the Iord to stay away from casinos…repay my debts and start a new life. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR THIS ENLIGHTENING ARTICLE. SINCERELY Pietro

  25. Jimmy says:

    First and foremost glory be to GOD! I pretty much have the same story. I been gambling for 3 years straight and it’s been the worst 3 years of my life! I just came back to GOD because I was at the point where I die with this addiction or I live following GOD! GOD is the only thing we should seek and he will take care of us! Gambling puts all of us danger! This is a scam by the devil to destroy our lives and keep us from the most high!
    After my last time gambling I felt so horrible I needed to rush for the church for help and I’m around people with good spirits and that love GOD and I’m getting help as we speak! GOD bless everyone and spread love

  26. naum says:

    i need to be with you please just agree me

  27. Paola says:


  28. Bassey Archibong says:

    I dying here, i just calculate how much i should have in my account this morning 20-07-2017. 256000 in 4 years by spending 200(Naira) daily ( Nigeria currency). may God help me.

    • Silvia Leigh says:

      Use the pain of today to give your life to Christ and to pray for deliverance from this evil spirit of wasting resources! Then the pain was worth it! Then you shall change! No more regrets! You shall have eternal life and power to fulfill destiny! I wish you well!

  29. ekene says:

    pls pray for me I find it hard to stop gambling,even when I make up my mind not to do so I still find myself doing the same thing…

    • Silvia Leigh says:

      Let’s pray: “Dear Heavenly Father, please have mercy on Ekene. By the power of the Holy Spirit please deliver him from this bondage. We come agaisnt the evil spirit of gambling and command it to leave you and go away! Holy Spirit please come and take control. Give him a new testimony! Help him to serve You. In Jesus name, amen!

      • joe says:

        from Africa were its the home of poverty so i turned to gambling to solve my problems but its not working Satan is holding my life can u please pray for me to stop this bad practise.may GOD bless you

      • Silvia Leigh says:

        The devil is a liar! Give your life to Christ! There is power in the name of Jesus! I plead the Blood of Jesus over you! Fight for your life! Be free in Jesus name! Others have done it. So you too can be free! Amen!

      • Richmond Leigh, MD says:

        Be free in Jesus name! At the name of Jesus every knee (including the demon of gambling) must bow! Trust God from the begining to the end! Come back with a testimony of salvation, freedom and godly prosperity!

    • Richmond Leigh, MD says:

      Don’t trust yourself! Trust God to save your soul and to deliver you from all addictions and bondage! At the name of Jesus every knee must bow! In Jesus name, amen!

  30. DAVID says:

    Good day pastor, please pray for me not to trade my salvation and my soul for the sake of my financial needs to gambling. It weaken me; though, i need financial breakthrough from God.
    Just because hope deferred is now weaken my heart. pray for. thanks

    • Richmond Leigh, MD says:

      Brother David be free in Jesus name! Grace is stronger than any sin! Receive more grace! Come back with a testimony of serving God and financial breakthrough! In Jesus name, amen!

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