I miss my Father’s Bread…

The younger son went away, to ‘a far country’ to waste his inheritance (Lk 15). He lived a prodigal life. The world ‘waste’ means to scatter something that was whole into small, useless pieces. He spent all his money on ‘riotous living’, from party to night club and back. Losers gathered around him and encouraged him in his wild dreams. Until all the wealth was gone. He then ‘joined himself’ to a man, hired to feed swine. Hungry and cold, lost and lonely, he arrived at the bottom of the valley of life. But that is the point of grace. He remembered the bread in the father’s house. That bread was always on the table, more than enough for sons and servants. He thought he will never remember the father’s love and provision, but now, all he could think of was the fresh baked bread at the Father’s House.
The backslider will always remember what he wants to forget. He will remember the taste of the Word of God, feeding the soul. He will remember the sound of worship and the touch of the Spirit. None like it. The world has no idea of what is best in this life. God will so arrange the circumstances of your life that you will not have peace in the world and the longing for the reality of the Spirit will draw your heart home.
Son, come home!

When you pray, be ready to be part of the answer

“O Lord, let Your ear be attentive to the prayer of this Your servant and to the prayer of all Your servants who delight in revering Your name. Grant Your servant success today by granting him favor in the presence of this man
I was cupbearer to the king”’ (Neh 1:11)
Nehemiah heard that Jerusalem and God’s Temple are fallen down. The remnant left behind was in ‘trouble and disgrace’. These words meant great sorrow, the shame of nakedness and despair cause by rape, by evil.
The walls of Jerusalem are broken down; its gates are burned with fire. It is a picture of total defeat. The reason for this total humiliation is because the people of God sinned against Him. The curses of disobedience are as real as the blessings coming on those who obey His Commands.
Nehemiah is in exile. He is the cupbearer of the king of Persia. He decided to do something about the situation. The first thing he does is to pray. Prayer is always the first thing!!! He confesses the sins of his people. He then pleads God’s promise of restoration. Please remember, restoration is God’s great work!!! God chastises His children when they sin, but He never completely abandons them. After they humble themselves, He creates ways to bring them back to Himself.
Nehemiah decides to go to the pagan king he serves. He prays to Jehovah for two things: one is success and the second is favor. The word ‘success’ means a profitable discussion, something that will end in practical benefits. Nehemiah does not want just greetings and an exchange of pleasantries. He needs help and money from a rich man who can provide that. The king is pagan but Nehemiah has faith that God can change any man.
Nehemiah also asks God for favor with the king. The word ‘favor’ is a very interesting word; it means the womb, the deep center of a mother’s mercy and loving compassion towards her unborn child. In other words, Nehemiah is asking God to grant a supernatural touch to the pagan king in such a way that he will fall in love and adopt this ‘baby’, the project to reconstruct Jerusalem. God answers his prayer and the pagan kings of Persia, one after another, sponsor the whole ‘contract’ to rebuild God’s house. He personally went to Jerusalem and supervised the work.
The great work of rebuilding Jerusalem and God’s temple and the coming back to the exiled Jews started with the prayer of this man Nehemiah and he desire to be part of God’s answer.
Are you willing to pray and to work like Nehemiah?
May your faith increase to trust God to use anybody, including the unbelievers, to sponsor His great work and your ministry!
May God bless them who bless you!
In Jesus name, amen!

How to solve your problems

“The grass wither, the flower fades: but the Word of our God shall stand for ever” (Is 40:8)
Because of sin, life has many problems. Our natural tendency is to focus directly on our problems and ask God to remove them. But that is an immature and selfish desire.
The correct strategy is this: in the middle of your problems, remove your eyes from them and look to God with faith and worship. As you ‘identify’ God in the middle of the crisis, that vision is enough to bring peace to your soul, wisdom to your mind and the strength to do God’s will.
For example, Job was tormented by the devil and suddenly he found himself living in hell on earth. He had problems of health, of marriage, the loss of children and all his wealth. When attacked with so many problems, Job fell into the trap of complaining.
Please note: it is very easy to grumble in the midst of life’s problems. It is very hard to ignore them and seek God in the midst of them all. Like the clouds cover the sun, the problems hide God. You must find God in midst of them and they shall disappear!
For a long time God kept silent. But when God finally speaks to Job, He does not address his problems. What God does is to point Job to Himself, to His power and glory. Once Job sees that, he repents of doubt, foolishness and impatience. He worships God and the problems become like dust under his feet.
If men create problems to you…do not look at the men!
If moneys create problems to you…do not look at your account!
If microbes create problems to you…do not quickly go to the lab for ‘blood test’!
In sickness and in health, in poverty and riches, in old age and in youth…seek God, His Kingdom and His glory!!!
We are like the grass and like the flowers. We are strong and beautiful just for a season. But life on earth is short. Even problems have to bow at the hour of death! We should remember that God gave us this life as a gift. He will ask what did we do with it? How often did we seek God in the midst of it all!
The problems, like our mortal bodies, are only temporary…Let’s go to the Word of God who never shakes and never fails! The Word of God stands forever! Though it all, learn to trust in Jesus and in His Word! Do not fear the problems of life! Let the same problems fear you, for you have found the secret key of success! It is the eternal strength found in God’s Word alone!
I do not trust my beauty! Like the flowers on the field, it slowly fades!
I do not trust my mind! Like the reed by the river, it can bend under much pressure!
I do not trust my emotions! Like the grass, it is fresh in spring time but pales in July!
I do not trust my wealth! Like paper, it can be burnt by a stray spark coming thru the window!

Charles Spurgeon- The Prince of preachers

Charles Spurgeon waSpurgeon-Charles-Metropolitan-Tabernacle-Londons one of the greatest preachers who ever lived. He was a Baptist minister initially, but later he separated from the mainline denomination because they became too liberal in doctrine. At twenty, he became a full time pastor at the famous Metropolitan Tabernacle in London. He preached there until his untimely death at the age of fifty seven.
It is said that in his life time he preached to about ten million people. Thousands got converted. His voice was loud and clear. The anointing of God was strong upon him. Men will weep like babies convicted of sin under the power of the Holy Spirit and the preached Word of God. He was never officially ordained by any denomination. He did not believe in the ordination of men. He said that God’s calling and ordination was enough for him.
He grew up in a Christian home. He got converted at sixteen. As a boy, he has been searching for God for some years. He went to different churches trying to find the way of salvation. He said that no preacher could explain the way of grace to him so that he can be saved. He could have been deceived himself by saying that he is already born again for he grew up in a Christian home. But he knew that he is just a good religious boy and not saved. One day, during a snow storm, he went to a small church to hide from the cold wind. The real preacher could not come because of the storm. ‘An ordinary, nameless man’ stood there to preach to the small, freezing congregation. The preacher read Isaiah 45:22 and said: “look unto Jesus alone! Look unto His drops of Blood! Look at the Lamb on the Cross! Look Jesus in the grave! Look at Jesus raised from the dead! Look at Jesus seated at the right hand of God the Father! Look and be saved! Look! Look!
Suddenly, his eyes opened to the way of the Cross! He knelt down on the icy floor and at last, he believed! The Holy Spirit filled his soul and this is how God arrested His mighty soldier.
He was sick often. He suffered from painful rheumatism and chronic kidney infections. He also had depression and could not sleep well. His wife Susannah was also too sick to attend most of the church services and to listen to her husband preach. But all these could not stop the man who burned like fire behind that pulpit, who preached the Word with passion and power.
He died at the age of 57, in a hotel room in France where he went to find healing form his painful rheumatism.
He had two sons, twins. One of them, Tom Spurgeon succeeded his father as the pastor at the same church.
His sermons have been translated and published all over the world and read by millions of all denominations.
His secret as a mighty preacher was a solid conversion and the experience of carrying the cross daily. He paid the price for revival and he witnessed it personally in the lives of millions all over the world. He did not allow his body infirmities or the difficulty of family life to slow him down the race. He often wept in public. When asked ‘Why?’ he will say that nobody can know his pain or his burden for souls.
This is the truth. There is a price to lead revival and to make an impact in your generation. From Paul to Charles Spurgeon, all God’s servants, all who truly inspired others with their commitment and faith; these were people who carried on with ministry against great odds. They were human beings like us, but they also had a fire in their bones that made them light to the world.
The question is this:
‘Are you willing to lay down your life for the Gospel of Christ, for souls to be saved and for the glory of God to cover this land?’

We declared wonders!

“For what does the scripture says? Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness…
(As it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations,) before him whom he believed, even God, who gives life to the dead, and called those things which be not as though they were” (Rom 4; 3, 17)
We declared the Word of God over our lives. We declared that from now on, if anybody asks: Who is your father? Who is your mother? We shall confidently answer: “My father is Abraham. My mother is Sarah!” If people will mock, we have decided to endure with grace and wait for the Holy Spirit to explain the reason why we say so.
We declared: “I believe in God the Father! I believe in God the Son! I believe in God the Holy Ghost! So, I can never fail!”
We also declared: “I am not ashamed of my God! I will loudly proclaim that He is my God!”
We danced in the Spirit: first with the human instruments, later all music stopped but all of us still continue to clap the hands and dance at the beat of a mysterious sound of heaven.
We declared that somebody shall go to a pilgrimage to Israel next year! God has provided all the necessary founds! Just believe!
We saw the vision of a round, big table surrounded by our children and grandchildren. It means that the single shall marry and the barren shall be fruitful. For the vision makes no sense except God connects the dots.
We declared that our future is better than our past!
We declared that God has revived our hearts, our marriages and our finances!
We declared that we worship the God who made Abraham a father just by His Word! He that was called impotent became a father or many nations!
We declared that we worship a particular God: the One gives life to the dead! All dead areas in our lives have been inundated with the rived of life!
We declared that God calls invisible things and they cannot resist the voice of their Creator! They all say ‘yes, Lord!’
We declared that the sick are healed, the poor will have money, the tormented will have peace, the single shall marry and the married shall have children!
Faith 100% and doubt 0%!
The anointing was so strong that we could not close the service in time…
Praise the Lord!

Breaking the Alabaster Box with dancing

“Wearing a linen ephod, David was dancing before the Lord with all his might, while he and all Israel were bringing up the ark of the Lord with shouts and the sound of trumpets” (2Sam 6:14, 15)
This is one of the most touching storied in the Bible. Jesus is getting ready to go to the cross. The religious leaders became frustrated trying to arrest and kill Him. They were looking for ‘a sly’ way to capture God without offending His people.
This is a very great revelation: in Greek, the words ‘seeking to kill’ are the same with the words ‘seeking to worship’. Herod sought Jesus to kill Him and the Wise men sought the same Jesus to worship Him. You can see, same words, opposite actions…O, how the appearances deceive so many… how religion has ‘killed’ truth and the joy of salvation…but yes, it is possible to find Jesus in the midst of sinners and murderers of His presence…Seek until you find Him whom the world wants dead…Seek Jesus and you shall find eternal life!
Mary decides ‘to sacrifice’ the most expensive treasure she has: an alabaster box of very expensive, fragrant ointment (Mk 14:1-11). The price of it was about a year of wages.
Worship is sacrifice. It will cost you personally. It will cost you time, money, and emotions. The religious people will despise you and you shall lose your standing with them. No true worshipper still keeps his reputation in the midst of religious ‘wolves’. Your worship shall trigger anger in others, enough to destroy and kill the best of men. Do not be deceived, worshipping God is costly!
David understood the power of the presence of God. The law of God is simple: he who hosts the Ark , that man and his house hold shall be blessed beyond measure. The joy of worship manifests itself in music, singing and dancing. That is what David did. He brought the Ark of God into Jerusalem with the sound of trumpets. Did you hear that sound? TA-TA-TAAAAAA!!!!! That is godly, flesh- disturbing noise! Boast that you know your God! Sing unto God a new song for Him alone! Dance on that holy ground until your feet hurt!
Please observe: David did not dance for entertainment! He did not dance to please the lust of flesh. David did not even dance at the beat of the drums…Just like Mary of Bethany, David danced at the hidden music, the beat of his heart, as worship overflew the bounds of his spirit…
For as long as church is ‘as usual’ the Holy Spirit will remain ‘cold’ and He will not move. But when God’s children step into the light of His presence, with grateful hearts and dancing feet, the religious ice melts and God’s smile is revealed once more.
Do not seek miracles! Seek the God of miracles and all good things shall follow!
Now, let the trumpets sound and let the worship begin…
Let’s dance…