Then he dreamed…” (Gen 28: 12)
A dream is defined as a series of thoughts, emotions and images that occur involuntarily during sleep. Most people dream up to two hours each night. That means that a man spends about six years of his lifetime dreaming. The medical science has not yet discovered the particular center in the brain that triggers the act of dreaming. The research on dreams is extensive, showing that even animals and birds do dream. These are some facts:
Most people dream the same dreams repeatedly. Sexual dreams are less than 10 percent and are more common with the youth. Dreams stir the emotions, the negative are more common than the positive. The most common emotions following dreams are anxiety, anger, a feeling of rejection or happiness. Most people believe that their dreams have a deeper meaning and they look for religious explanations.
The ancient people, including the Hebrews practiced the art of ‘incubating’ dreams. They prayed that God would talk to them in their dream. Some will fast and go to sleep in the church. For example, both Eli and little Samuel slept in the Temple of God, possibly waiting for God to speak in their dreams. In fact, God called Samuel when he was lying down in the presence of God.
God uses dreams to warn people to repent. He reveals future events and the strategy concerning them.
This is how God revealed the future to Jacob, Joseph, the baker, the cup bearer, the Pharaoh and others.
God reveals Himself to the prophets in dreams. This is a common form of communication with the prophets, but a lower level compared with the intimate apostolic communion between God and His faithful friends. For example with Moses God speaks ‘face to face’ and not in ‘riddles’, parables or dreams (Nu 12:6-8). God reveals to Gideon the victory, encouraging him in the war next day. He reveals the strategy how to be a successful king to young Solomon who prayed and asked for it. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit comes with prophetic utterances, visions and dreams about God.
Dreams are to be tested thru prayer, for the false prophets use them to mislead God’s people.
Rebellion in the heart dries the source of prophetic dreams from God. For example, in the last years of his life, King Saul did not hear from God and had no more dreams from Him. The rebellious people are called ‘filthy dreamers’ (Jude 8). These desire prophetic utterances but do not submit to their pastors and spiritual leaders. The devil oppresses and misleads them thru deceitful visions and false dreams.
 ‘The idols speak deceit, diviners speak visions that lie; they tell dreams that are false; they give comfort in vain. Therefore the people wonder like sheep oppressed for lack of a shepherd’ (Zec 10:2)
Do you want God to speak to you thru dreams? Remember, it is what you mediate upon during the day that is the raw material of dreams in the night. So, meditate on lovely things, on GOD’S WORD. Do it day and night and you shall be successful. God will speak to you in prophetic dreams; He shall protect and establish you (Josh 1:8)!
Sweet dreams!
In Christ I declare:
I study and meditate upon the Word of God day and night!
God shall speak to me thru visions, dreams and directly, by the Holy Spirit!
I humble myself under the mighty hand of God!
I resist the devil and he shall flee from me!
I am free from tormenting dreams!
God has given His Beloved sleep! I am God’s Beloved!
I shall dream only God’s dreams!
In Jesus name, Amen!

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