“Not long afterwards Jesus began a tour of the cities and villages of Galilee to announce the coming of the Kingdom of God, and took his twelve disciples with him. Some women went along, from whom he had cast out demons or whom he had healed; among them were Mary Magdalene (Jesus had cast out seven demons from her), Joanna, Chuza’s wife (Chuza was King Herod’s business manager and was in charge of his palace and domestic affairs), Susanna, and many others who were contributing from their private means to the support of Jesus and his disciples” (Lk 8:1-3; LB)


Jesus was hated and persecuted for many things. His enemies tried to ‘catch Him in His words’. They twisted things He said and doctrines He thought. They were jealous because of His supernatural wisdom and power to do miracles. They mocked Him and slandered His name. But please notice this: with all their evil skill of finding fault they could not accuse Jesus of improper behavior towards women. This is very interesting. Along with the male disciples women were a permanent part of the entourage of Jesus. At that time, the women were supposed to stay indoors, not to be seen. But Jesus allowed them to follow Him openly. If the enemies could find fault with His behavior towards the women, they could have attacked Him. But they could not!

These were grateful, humble, hardworking, gentle and generous women. But they were not always like that. These women were once troubled by demons. They used to live lives of utter despair. Their husbands (if they had one) or their families could not help them at all. No one needs a demon possess woman, not even as a house servant. She is less than an animal in the bush. These women had what medically can be descried an incurable form of madness. They were hopeless. They were rejected by all men, sleeping on the garbage fields, outside the city.


Try to imagine the day Mary Magdalene met with Jesus. All the seven demons fought madly in her chest to stop the heart from beating. They also tried to stop her breath. Satan, their captain, instructed them to kill their victim before she has a chance to be free. But they tried in vain. Face to face with the Prince of Peace, they could only cry out like wounded rats, abandoning their stronghold and flee away. Suddenly, Mary became normal; her mind and heart at peace with God and with herself. In an instant, the mark of madness on her face has gone away. For a long time her brain was used as an abode for crazy beings. After so many years of losing her mind to strange fearful imaginations, she can now think freely, like a human being created by God. She can think freely…what a blessing…

(Do you thank God that you can think freely?)


A woman like Mary has no other business in life than to follow her Savior and her Healer. For the remaining days of her life she will serve and worship Him. Along with the other women they followed and served Jesus and the other disciples. They served as mothers, sisters and friends. They did what they could do to make it easier for Jesus to preach the Gospel to other lost souls. No man could condemn and no man could separate them from Jesus. They became women of God doing ministry for the glory of God. Just imagine the wonderful women’ fellowship and prayer meeting they had every day…


As a woman, this is a very encouraging thought to me. For centuries, women have been ignored and persecuted in all cultures including Israel. To feel safe and appreciated is the best wish any woman can dream of. Jesus provided that, and so much more. Jesus gave them an identity, true hope and the privilege of doing ministry. Just think of their reward in heaven…

Any man who claims to love the Lord should do nothing less. Fathers should encourage their daughters to be women of God! Husband should love their wives as Jesus loved Mary, Joanna and Susanna! Pray for the women in your midst!

On behalf of all of the women, especially the believers, I say ‘thank you’ to the men! May God bless any man who loves his wife, sisters and daughters with the love of Jesus! I am indeed grateful! Heaven sends greetings!


In Christ I declare:

I am a woman of God!

I am woman of prayer and peace!

I am healed!

I am delivered!

Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so!

My husband loves me with the love of Jesus!

I feel safe and strong!

I shall fulfill my destiny!

I will serve and worship Jesus all the days of my life!

In Jesus name


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