“The people murmured against Moses, saying, ‘What shall we drink?’- they demanded. Moses pleaded with the Lord to help them, and the Lord showed him a tree to throw into the water, and the water became sweet.
It was there at Marah that the Lord laid before them the following conditions, to test their commitment to him:
“If you will listen to the voice of the Lord your God, and obey it, and do what is right, then I will not make you suffer the diseases I sent on the Egyptians, for I am the Lord who heals you.” (Ex 15:24-26)

The people of God crossed over the Red Sea. They praised God for the mighty deliverance. After just three days they began to murmur, asking for water. They saw a pool but the water was bitter and the murmuring increased.
These are some lessons for us:

*Bitterness manifests as murmuring or complaining.
This is the meaning of the word ‘murmur’ in Hebrew: to stop and abide in a house all night; to stubbornly complain or to have a grudge. Pray that you may understand the heart of a bitter man. Just imagine this story: After a long journey, tired and hungry, a traveler has come to a house along the road. He goes in. The host offers him a bed and some food. He gives the best he has .The next morning the traveler asks for his bill. The host tells him that all he received is a free gift for a heavenly Guest paid for him. Courtesy demands that at least he says ‘thank you’ both to the host and to the kind anonymous Guest. But the traveler feels no need to be grateful. He leaves the house grumbling that the bed was too hard and the food was not tasty. Many years later he still remembers the incident as a bad story. This is the heart of bitterness.

*Bitterness and grudges are rooted in ungratefulness and pride.
God tells Moses to cut the branch of a tree that grows by the pool. That piece of wood changes the bitter water into sweet water. That means the solution to the problem was found close by. The ‘medicine’ was planted by God on the shore of the bitter pool.
The word ‘tree’ also means ‘a Carpenter’. In other words, God tells the people to look unto Christ crucified. You don’t have to travel far away to have a solution to your problems. This is the first revelation of God as a ‘Doctor’: Jehovah Rapha. Bitterness is the background of all diseases. Go to the Cross! You need to trust in the Blood of Jesus so that your bitterness is removed! If not, you can never be healthy.

*The Cross of Calvary is the only cure for bitterness.
At the Cross you find life, hope and healing! At the Cross your sins are forgiven and your body healed! At the Cross you shall know the sweet joy of salvation! There is no other place in the universe to find such abundant blessings! The Cross is not fiction! It is a real place in the Spirit realm! Pray that your eyes open to this wonderful truth! It has saved many souls!

In Christ I declare:
I preach only the Gospel of Christ and Him Crucified!
At the Cross of Christ I found salvation, peace, joy, healing and freedom!
To the glory to God!
In Jesus name’




“See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many” (Heb 12:15)

Thank God, this evening, during the prayer meeting, the battle was easier. The unity of the Spirit was quickly established. The praise was real! The anointing to pray was there. Everybody was hungry for a fresh Word from God. The sound of victory was heard over us. Faith was high! Hope was real! Joy was strong! The enemy ran away; he knows when failure is his portion! Then we preached the Word of God: The stronghold of Bitterness! The light of God shone in the darkness of ignorance and doubt. Many came to the altar and got delivered tonight. All glory to God! We shall never be the same!

This is the definition of bitterness:
* A taste that is sharp, stinging, harsh, painful and unpleasant.
* Something difficult to accept, admit, or bear (ex. the bitter truth)
* Exhibiting strong hatred (bitter foes)
* Severe disappointment (ex. cried bitter tears)
*Resentment; persisted grudges because of a real or imaginary offence
*Cynicism: fault finding; suspicious on all human beings that they are all evil

*Unhappy, depressed
*Jealous on others
*Always grumbling (restless heart)
*Mood swings; emotionally unstable (because they try to suppress their feelings)
*Selfish: not loving others (not patient, not kind, rude, remember wrongs…)
*Angry; over- sensitive; suspicious (easily upset by small incidents such as whispering or laughing)
*Sexual sins
*Rebellion, pride
*Not able to form quality relationships or good marriages (The wall of bitterness is the main hindrance against anything fresh, a new beginning, of finding true love)

Spiritually speaking, bitterness is the result of painful injury in the past that has not been healed. It comes as a result of broken promises, lost dreams, proud and unrealistic expectations, childhood neglect or sexual abuse. The root of bitterness comes from blaming God for the failure. It also comes from rejecting Christ crucified, the only healer and mediator between God and man. Bitterness is a visible proof of unbelief. A bitter man has no peace with God. With time, bitterness becomes a shield, a barrier against more possible pain. The Cross of Christ is the only place of healing. Therefore, all unbelievers live in bondage to the demon of bitterness.

These are some examples of bitter people: Esau, Balaam, Naomi, Absalom, Ahithophel, Ahab and Jezebel, Simon the sorcerer and the religious leaders in Israel.
Bitterness is a deadly contagious spiritual disease. It is very difficult to counsel such people. Naturally compassionate people are attracted by the bitter men. The spirit of religion may convince believers to take the challenge to pray, counsel or deliver bitter people. It is especially tempting to the naturally optimistic people, the ‘cheerleaders’ type of Christians, ever hopeful but also foolish. The danger is in ignoring the spiritual side of the problem. These are ‘highly sophisticated’ demons. Do not be over confident! Humble yourself! Help giving in flesh is useless and even dangerous! Bitter men are too dangerous for immature Christians to do deliverance! Selah!
Pray and ask God for confirmation! These cases need experienced Holy Ghost ‘surgeons’!

In Christ I declare:
I reject every root of bitterness!
I come to the Cross if Christ!
I drink from the sweet wine of His Grace!
I am free!
In Jesus name




“Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophet….

To the one who is victorious and does My will to the end, I will give authority over the nations…

I will also give that one the morning star.

Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches” (Rev 2:18-29)


Jezebel is one of the greatest manipulators in the Bible. She wanted to ‘help’ her husband. Behind the scenes, she ‘organized’ the death of their neighbor, a man of God called Naboth. The religious drama looked so real that the elders in Naboth’ city were deceived and stoned him to death. Because of this evil, Elijah prophesied that Jezebel will die in a terrible way. His prophecy came to pass some years later.


Jezebel the queen is dead, but her spirit is still active in the churches. She manipulates from the background. That is why her agents look humble and hard working. But this is a false humility, a religious poison, fast spreading in the churches. The intent is to weaken the authority of the true servants of God and to quench the Holy Spirit. Many pastors and leaders have been wounded, lost their reputations and even their lives because of this evil spirit. Jesus warns the believers to separate from the influence of Jezebel. All her agents, if they refuse to repent, shall be punished with bareness, incurable diseases and untimely death.


If you have been involved with this evil spirit you need to stop immediately and pray for deliverance. Let me tell you now: It is not easy! Manipulation is like a drug, like heroin; it very addictive. Jezebel’s fully trained agents are spiritual successful criminals, actively serving the devil who ‘was a murderer from the beginning’ (Jn 8:44). They cannot live simple lives anymore. Everything they do has an evil purpose. They mind is so polluted that they cannot think ‘straight’ anymore. They delight in wickedness. In medicine these are called Psychopaths. They are mentally sick unstable people who lack social skills. In other words, they do not know how to behave in society. They flatter, deceive and misuse innocent people. Then they betray and forsake them. Only God knows the number of deeply hurt people hiding in the churches. They are in pain but they don’t know what to do and where to go. These criminals can break someone’s heart and feel no compassion and no guilt. They are pathological liars; show superficial charm, tend to be impulsive, and refuse to take responsibility for their own actions.

“Have nothing to do with them!”


But there is hope! God searches our hearts and minds. Nothing is hiding from God! He will punish the trouble- makers and heal their victims. We need to pray! Pray for your pastors and their families!  We need to do spiritual warfare until the victory is sure! Trust God! With God all things are possible! The church is the Body of Christ! He died on the Cross that we might come together to worship Him. Nobody wounds His Body and go away free! God is a jealous God!

Dear Child of God, you who are truly saved, who faithfully serve God, even in the midst of pain, who worship God in Spirit and in truth, be encouraged today!


In Christ I declare:

I do not tolerate Jezebel!

I completely reject Jezebel!

By the Holy Spirit I am encouraged today!

I receive authority over the nations to preach Christ to them!

I receive the Morning Star, the light of the world!

In Jesus name





“No one who trusts in You will ever be disgraced, but disgrace comes to those who try to deceive others” (Ps 25:3)

You have prayed… God’s answer is different than what you have expected… You feel disappointed…Then this Word is for you:

Be encouraged! God will take another route but He will still meet your needs! He wants to give you something better than your expectations! He wants to increase your reward! Trust God! Your future is safe in God’s hands! Say this: “My future is better than my past! I look ahead and I rejoice!”


In Christ I declare:

I do not trust in any man! All my trust is in God! I shall not be disgraced! My enemies shall be disgraced and demoted for trying to deceive me! Faith 100% Doubt 0%!

In Jesus name





“They’re a sorry bunch—pseudo-apostles, lying preachers, crooked workers—posing as Christ’s agents but sham to the core. And no wonder! Satan does it all the time, dressing up as a beautiful angel of light. So it shouldn’t surprise us when his servants masquerade as servants of God. But they’re not getting by with anything. They’ll pay for it in the end” (2 Cor 11: 13-15; TM)


Recently, the Holy Spirit exposed a web of deceit in our church. It was well covered. It was professionally designed to last forever. We were deceived. But not God. The Word of God is sharper than two edged sword. It penetrates and divides. God knows no limits. God is not a respecter of any person. Any structure of biter envy, selfish ambition, pride, hypocrisy or religious sham shall be exposed and none can cover it! I counsel you to pray until there is an answer! Let God have His way! Let God take the glory!
This is the truth as revealed in the scriptures. The devil sends his agents to the churches. He trains his workers to be successful deceivers. Some are easy to detect but some are very good at their evil trade. Their strategy is to infiltrate, pollute and weaken the believers with lies, false doctrines, rebellion and doubt. All successful liars are also skillful manipulators. A manipulator is a master deceiver. Thru lies or other evil means a manipulator tries to take control over his victim for his own advantage. The following is a general description of a deceiver, a manipulator or a religious liar. Meditate and pray about all this! It may save your life…

A manipulator is skillful. He is intelligent. He knows his trade and he knows the weakness of his victims. He speaks with confidence when he lies. He does not feel shame and his conscience do not bother him. That is his advantage. You may confuse this boldness with the true confidence of a mature believer. It is not the same at all. He knows that everybody needs some help or a word of kindness. So he comes as a friend or as a humble servant. He wants to visit you at home. He brings gifts. But he is a spy for the devil. He studies you to gain some knowledge about your weaknesses. He will come in the way you expect a friend to come. If you are a Christian, most of the time he will come thru the church. You will see him praying, quoting scriptures, singing in the choir or saying that he is available to listen to your pain. Slowly, he builds an emotional bridge, a soul tie of confidence so that you trust and accept him. Most women think that if a man or woman attends the church, does ministry, prays or cares to listen to their troubles, that one is a true believer. It is not true! There are many liars and false brethren who mingle among the true believers. The church is a mixed multitude. Like the wheat and the tares, they grow together for some time. But God knows them all and He shall separate them at harvest time. As the fire burns the tares, the wicked shall be punished at last.

In Christ I declare:
The Word of God is my final standard!
I submit to the Word of God!
I reject all lies and manipulations!
I separate from any agents of the devil!
In Jesus name



“Look at Me. I stand at the door. I knock. If you hear Me call and open the door, I’ll come right in and sit down to supper with you. Conquerors will sit alongside Me at the head table, just as I, having conquered, took the place of honor at the side of my Father. That’s My gift to the conquerors!”
(Rev 3:20 21; TM)

“Dear friends…
This is a letter to you…it is my testimony…For 32 years Jesus was standing outside the door of my heart… Why my heart- I don’t know… How did He find my address – I don’t know … All I can say is this: He was so patient with me. Try to imagine this…Many years have passed and Jesus was still standing there. He could have gone away tempted by my doubts, insults or stubborn silences. The grass in front of my door became dry because of His feet…. Winter and summer, Jesus was there, waiting for me to open from inside… It made no sense… Cold, hot, windy or rainy…He was still there, waiting…

Jesus was knocking at the door of my heart. He was not sleeping there like a homeless beggar. Not at all! He had a message He wanted me to hear…Love was knocking and knocking…. There was a dent in my door because of His knock. In the past I begged Him to stop, to go away and leave me alone. If I was the one standing there, I could left, long ago, and… looked for a better friend…But not so with Jesus…My anger, my rudeness did not drive Him away…Sometimes I screamed and shouted at Him…I told Him that I am tired of His ‘wicked’ knocks….With time, little by little, my heart started failing me… some beats were missing…all because of His knocks…

I told myself so many times: Jesus is stalking me, hunting me, persecuting me…Does He have that right? But to whom can I go and complain? I heard that He pays all the judges on the earth…
Then I asked myself: what does a man do to drive Jesus away? How can I be free from His love…where can I hide…how long will this secret drama last? I had no answer…

Then Jesus started calling me…My name sounds so different in His mouth…He had ‘a foreign accent’ that annoyed me… Sometimes He whispers… occasionally I can feel His pain, His love, His longing…But still, something stops me and I cannot open the door…
What manner of Man is this” Why does He love me so…I already rejected His proposal and all…Why me?

I knew that the door cannot be open from the outside. The house was built in such a way that only I can open it for I alone have the key, inside… Sometimes I panic…I look thru the window and I see Him standing there, the same spot, behind the door…I have to admit, He looks so strong… He can really break my door…for a moment fear comes in…’what if Jesus breaks my heart…what if I die’… Again I have to admit that after all these years, He never used His feet to bang or shake the door…He is just there, standing, knocking, calling and waiting…

Often I was so angry… because Jesus blocks my door…I can’t even go outside … my old friends sent me messages to come and do wicked in the night, like we used to do…But who can drive away this Jesus? Nobody dares to push Him…and even after all these years, He still does not look in a hurry anyway…

Inside the house, all my candles have been burnt off…I now sit in the darkness…day and night is the same to me… No food, no water, no hope… all this resisting is not fun anymore…
Then one day, a tiny ray of light comes from outside, passing under my door… My darkness cannot arrest it… Trapped in my house by eternity itself, with peace outside the door…dying inside…I finally decided to surrender…what else can I do? Shaking from hunger and sweating with fear, I slowly turn the key, press the handle and open the door…

For a moment time stood still…I am too weak to be happy, too exhausted to shout for joy…I collapse at His feet… the last words on my dry lips… ‘It is finished…Welcome home…Lord…!”
I don’t know how long I was unconscious…Only my Savior knows…
Later I tried to open my eyes, but the light was too strong…slowly, I see that my small heart cottage became transformed into a palace…I see a chandelier with stars hanging from the sky…there is a great table set before me…I seat on a high chair with many soft pillows… I hear strings are playing somewhere…looking cool, the angels move effortlessly up and down on a staircase that touches the earth…One serves me wine…I look over my head and I see a banner of light… written on it was a poem that even a fool can translate: ”No greater love than this”… One of the busy angels comes closer. He says he is on an errand to my home town, that if I have a letter he can carry it there, for me…

I don’t know if this is a dream or not…I turn my head and see Jesus, next to me…The same Jesus…He entered the house that rejected Him…He is now settled in the same heart that despised Him… how can I describe that love…My God… I try to think, what can be the reason for this love… Is it that I pray much … Is it that I give money to the church…Why does He love me so…Suddenly I hear the angels singing a song called ‘Grace, Grace’… I fear I will have headache for I do not understand this grace… I see Jesus laughing at my surprise… He is happy now, no need to wait outside my door… with spices in His mouth and stars in His eyes He touches my hand, saying “Eat…We have won the victory…This is our freedom banquet, the champions’ festival and your coronation ceremony…”
I can’t stop thinking…If this is a dream…I don’t want to wake up…
Jesus reads my mind… ”It is not a dream…’- He laughs- You have tasted of My wine…This joy is real…I have decreed…Truth is stronger than shadows and our love shall be forever and ever!”

Dear friends on earth, if an angel has come to your window, if this letter has reached you, if you can read these words…then it is a miracle…this is what I want to say…Let me not forget…Just in case Jesus is standing outside your door, knocking and calling your name, please, please, do not be foolish like me and waste so much time. Quickly run and open it! Once Jesus comes in, your heaven has started! Trust me, this is the truth…I can never lie again…for I am free indeed…”

As for me, right now, I don’t have to power to remember anything else…I have no strength to think about affairs on earth…all I care, all I know and all I live for is this:
“I am my Beloved and He is mine…”

Yours eternally…”





“Not long afterwards Jesus began a tour of the cities and villages of Galilee to announce the coming of the Kingdom of God, and took his twelve disciples with him. Some women went along, from whom he had cast out demons or whom he had healed; among them were Mary Magdalene (Jesus had cast out seven demons from her), Joanna, Chuza’s wife (Chuza was King Herod’s business manager and was in charge of his palace and domestic affairs), Susanna, and many others who were contributing from their private means to the support of Jesus and his disciples” (Lk 8:1-3; LB)


Jesus was hated and persecuted for many things. His enemies tried to ‘catch Him in His words’. They twisted things He said and doctrines He thought. They were jealous because of His supernatural wisdom and power to do miracles. They mocked Him and slandered His name. But please notice this: with all their evil skill of finding fault they could not accuse Jesus of improper behavior towards women. This is very interesting. Along with the male disciples women were a permanent part of the entourage of Jesus. At that time, the women were supposed to stay indoors, not to be seen. But Jesus allowed them to follow Him openly. If the enemies could find fault with His behavior towards the women, they could have attacked Him. But they could not!

These were grateful, humble, hardworking, gentle and generous women. But they were not always like that. These women were once troubled by demons. They used to live lives of utter despair. Their husbands (if they had one) or their families could not help them at all. No one needs a demon possess woman, not even as a house servant. She is less than an animal in the bush. These women had what medically can be descried an incurable form of madness. They were hopeless. They were rejected by all men, sleeping on the garbage fields, outside the city.


Try to imagine the day Mary Magdalene met with Jesus. All the seven demons fought madly in her chest to stop the heart from beating. They also tried to stop her breath. Satan, their captain, instructed them to kill their victim before she has a chance to be free. But they tried in vain. Face to face with the Prince of Peace, they could only cry out like wounded rats, abandoning their stronghold and flee away. Suddenly, Mary became normal; her mind and heart at peace with God and with herself. In an instant, the mark of madness on her face has gone away. For a long time her brain was used as an abode for crazy beings. After so many years of losing her mind to strange fearful imaginations, she can now think freely, like a human being created by God. She can think freely…what a blessing…

(Do you thank God that you can think freely?)


A woman like Mary has no other business in life than to follow her Savior and her Healer. For the remaining days of her life she will serve and worship Him. Along with the other women they followed and served Jesus and the other disciples. They served as mothers, sisters and friends. They did what they could do to make it easier for Jesus to preach the Gospel to other lost souls. No man could condemn and no man could separate them from Jesus. They became women of God doing ministry for the glory of God. Just imagine the wonderful women’ fellowship and prayer meeting they had every day…


As a woman, this is a very encouraging thought to me. For centuries, women have been ignored and persecuted in all cultures including Israel. To feel safe and appreciated is the best wish any woman can dream of. Jesus provided that, and so much more. Jesus gave them an identity, true hope and the privilege of doing ministry. Just think of their reward in heaven…

Any man who claims to love the Lord should do nothing less. Fathers should encourage their daughters to be women of God! Husband should love their wives as Jesus loved Mary, Joanna and Susanna! Pray for the women in your midst!

On behalf of all of the women, especially the believers, I say ‘thank you’ to the men! May God bless any man who loves his wife, sisters and daughters with the love of Jesus! I am indeed grateful! Heaven sends greetings!


In Christ I declare:

I am a woman of God!

I am woman of prayer and peace!

I am healed!

I am delivered!

Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so!

My husband loves me with the love of Jesus!

I feel safe and strong!

I shall fulfill my destiny!

I will serve and worship Jesus all the days of my life!

In Jesus name