“If, then, you have not been faithful in handling worldly wealth, how can you be trusted with true wealth? And if you have not been faithful with what belongs to someone else, who will give you what belongs to you?
No servant can be the slave of two masters; such a slave will hate one and love the other or will be loyal to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God andmoney”
When the Pharisees heard all this, they made fun of Jesus, because they loved money” (Lk 16:11-14; GNT)

We are visiting a wealthy county. Things ‘work’ over here. The electrical power has not gone out, the streets are clean and the grass seems greener than at home… There are so many cars on the road, all driving fast. The fire trucks, the ambulances and the police cars are noisy and all over the place. If men could create a heaven on earth, this place may compete for the first place.
But the spiritual reality behind the glamour is another story. There is much talk about jobs, creating or losing them. There is much anxiety about money, paying the bills. There is no mercy if you are bankrupt. People are judged by their appearances. It is not just a matter of race discrimination, but the added element of social levels of power, different cars, houses and red carpet looks. Some say that the jobs available are ‘too low’ for them. They prefer to remain on welfare. They also say that to be seen as rich and successful you must be younger, thinner and drive an expensive car.

But I am only interested in what the Bible says. Jesus said that the love of money is a god who lusts after our hearts. Mammon wants to be worshipped. Jesus did not say that we cannot serve in the same time God and satan. He said that we cannot serve God and money!!! That makes money to be much more dangerous that we perceive it to be. Wealth wants to be worshipped. There is a magnetic attraction in the hearts of men to be seen as rich and powerful.

Spiritually, there are two extremes in our attitudes to worldly wealth. In the past, the poor believers were seen as more spiritual. That is why many gave up their estates. These days many preachers say that wealth is a proof of spirituality. I read that 90% of the believers believe that lie. That is why they run up and down, take two or three jobs or play the lottery, trying to get rich. In their hearts they desire to be seen spiritual and godly. Thinking that wealth is holy they run after it. But both these extremes are wrong. Our understanding of the value of money has to come from the Word of God and not from the financial gurus.

This is the truth from the Bible:
God is the owner of everything on earth. That includes all that you call your own. Everything you possess on earth is a loan from the Creator God. When you give an offering in the church, you do not do God a favor. Do not be proud if you are rich! Your whole salary is God’s. Do you believe that? Do you really believe that? Then the truth will humble you and free you from the anxiety to protect and fight for ‘your money’. You are (only) a steward to the richest Person in the Universe. He has promised to reward you for your faithfulness in serving Him. “For, as the scripture says, “The earth and everything in it belong to the Lord.” (1Cor 10:26)

Worldly wealth is useful only here, on the earth. It is to be used as a loan from God for His glory and for your own good. No man can take money beyond the grave. He can have an expensive coffin, but no money can be taken out from this world. “What did we bring into the world? Nothing! What can we take out of the world? Nothing!” (1Tim 6:7). Naked we were born, and ‘naked’ we shall go back to God. God proves by this law that worldly wealth is temporary and we are not the owners of our money on earth.

But then, Jesus talks about true riches. These are eternal life, spiritual fruitfulness, the deeper revelation of the Word of God, sanctification, becoming like Jesus Christ and anointing for ministry, to name just a few. These blessings radically change the character of a man. These make you ‘rich towards God’ (Lk 12:21; KJ) and have eternal value. These blessings are approved by God. They cannot be stolen by men or devils. They shall not be left in your grave. These blessings you can take them with you to heaven.
How do you know that you are rich towards God and that you despise Mammon? When, by the Power of the Holy Spirit, you are able not to be over-excited when you receive money and not to be over-depressed when you lose money. Pray for the gift of contentment, humility, a grateful heart and of true worship of God!

If you mock this letter, if you grumble against the truth, if you make fun at me, then sorry, you are a hypocrite who loves money more than God. You need to repent and come to the Cross of Christ! Over there is forgiveness of sin, freedom and peace!
Are you rich towards God?

In Christ I declare:
I serve God!
I hate mammon!
I am rich towards God!
By His grace alone!
In Jesus name




“This is what the Lord says! I remember how eager you were to please Me as a young bride long ago, how you loved Me and followed Me even through the barren deserts…” (Jer 2:2, TLB)

God never forgets your holy beginning… He always remembers your first ‘I love You, Lord…’ The echo of your first worship song will always ring in His ears… Your first, timid steps of faith towards Him are recorded and kept on display on His wall of grace… Your simple beautiful wedding gown gently placed on your shoulders long ago… your dreams and your passion for Him at the very beginning… your very first crown and your genuine surprise when you received it… your ring of eternal pledge… your trembling voice saying ‘I do’ witnessed by the stars and angels alike… all these are pictures in His album…

God boasts about your love for Him… heaven has heard your story many times…one day, going up there, you shall be very surprised to see how many know your name and your testimony…for you dear Child of God, heaven will not be a strange place, like an cold airport where they look for fake visas and contraband stuff in your suitcase…not at all…heaven will be your promised marital home, your peaceful rest and your reward of love… your Bridegroom has gone ahead to prepare such a wonderful place for you…one day, in the future, He will come back again to take you there…This is His holy Pledge!

Meditate daily on the love of God! Think about His love for you! Never be tired of His romance! See it displayed on the Cross of Calvary! Do not allow the cares of this world hide His lovely face! Jesus Christ is your eternal Bridegroom! Stay virgin for Him alone! Love not any other created thing! Be holy as He is holy! Does not your spirit rejoice hearing such a word? Is your liver not smiling inside your belly? His death can never be in vain…Remember the beginning, long before God blessed you with ‘stuff’, long before the desert changed into a garden… remember the time you desired nothing more than just a smile, a touch from God, a fresh word from His lips or even a glimpse of His glory… all the blessings and gifts surrounding you, your wife, husband or children, even grandchildren, your houses and cars, your good health, your decrees and your promotions of life, let all these bow at the feet of Him who is the Owner and the Giver of them all.

Do not betray such a love…do not even think of betraying such a passion…God loves you more than you can ever know…He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to live and die for you, that you may be able to be a royal bride and the eternal joy of your Creator. When trials and temptations come ugly against you, please remember that the glory ahead cannot compare with the sufferings of the present…Let the hope of glory wash your soul today!
Be faithful to the end! Keep your gown spotless! Take care of your crown! For all must be complete and perfect to the glory of God!
May your pure love for the only Savior be re-kindled in your soul today!
May the passion for true holy spiritual and intimate worship be revived today!
‘Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever’ (Heb 13:8)

In Christ I declare:
Above all things, I love You Lord Jesus, my Savior and my Lord!
I shall wait for You, spotless and holy!
In Jesus name




‘Whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things’ (Phil 4:8)

We have just arrived at Istanbul airport. We had four suitcases trying to carry them all. A Turkish porter asked in ‘broken’ English if we needed help. We said ‘yes, please…’Immediately, he helped us carry them. We then tried to show appreciation and gave him money. He graciously refused saying: ‘Help is help, it cannot be paid with money. Helped offered from the heart is done for God…’ I observed that three fingers were missing on his left hand. I don’t know his religion, maybe he is a muslim… what I can say is this: today we encountered a gracious, lovely and admirable gift of welcome to Turkey, from ‘an ordinary man’ who could as well being an angel. God bless you brother! God bless Turkey! May the Word of God have free access to the hearts of men in this beautiful country! In Jesus name, Amen!

In Christ I declare:
The knowledge of God shall cover Turkey as the waters cover the sea!
In Jesus name,




(A song of ascents)

Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion,

    which cannot be shaken but endures forever.

As the mountains surround Jerusalem,

    so the Lord surrounds his people

    both now and forevermore” (Ps 125:1, 2)


My husband and I, we went on a ministry trip for about two weeks. We came back today. My body was tired but my spirit refreshed when I saw the brethren waiting for our weekly prophetic prayer meeting called ‘The Saturday Class’. It is so good to be among people who are truly born again, hungry for the Word of God, passionate in prayer and worship. Even dry bones shall rise again…

Prophetically speaking, we are on a journey, going higher on the Holy Mountain and closer to God. Today we got a fresh revelation from Psalm 125 which is called ‘a song of ascents’. This is one of the many musical poems the pilgrims of Israel sang when going to Jerusalem. Their desire was to go and worship at the temple, to meet with God. In Hebrew, the word ‘ascent’ means a journey towards a higher place. Jacob saw the ladder and heard the angels’ song.  It is the story of our spiritual journey, going up the stairs, to know God better. Once you hear this song you will never be the same again.


The song is about the God who surrounds His children. Like the mountains surround Jerusalem, so God surrounds us. His everlasting arms go round about our lives. There is much power in this revelation. Do you feel it? God surrounds you, strengths you and makes you secure in His love. You can never be shaken by fears of doubts.  Your blessings shall be secure. Once you trust this ‘surrounding’ God, you will never fear losing your salvation, divorce or poverty. God protects you ahead, behind, on the right and on the left, above and beneath. Nothing can destroy, puncture of penetrate this holy fence of fire. Please observe that this promise is given only to the children of God. The rest of the mankind wanders in a world of darkness, embarrassed, without anchor and without hope. No man can surround you like this. The greatest human love will be tired of protecting you selflessly. If your trust is in man, the enemy will break the wall of human protection and wound you at the place you least expect.


Many believers are satisfied too quickly. To be ‘barely saved’ is the silent ambition of many. The passion of a personal, intimate relationship with the Living God scares them to death. The price to pay they do not consider. But that is the secret of the knowledge of eternal life, that you may ‘know God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent’ (Jn 17:3). Not just knowing about God in your head, but really knowing His Person, His Spirit and His Word.  This knowledge will transform the lowest worm into a butterfly.

We sang: “Surround me O Lord, surround me O Lord, let Your presence fill this place”


In Christ I declare:

I trust the living God!

I trust Jesus Christ!

I trust the Holy Spirit!

God surrounds me!

I am protected, strong and secure, now and forevermore!

In Jesus name







“I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it” (Mt 16:18; NKJ).

The devil is very busy in the churches. Most of the time, he stays in the background and uses his human agents. He rarely attacks directly as an evil spirit. He deceives the believers thru false ‘servants of God’. The devil hates to be exposed. That is why prayer is so important. Pray that light will shine in the darkness. Pray that your eyes will open to see the truth!

The church is the Body of Christ. It is true that He has delegated His authority to human leaders who are apostles, prophets, pastors or teachers. But Jesus Christ is still the Head. The Holy Spirit hovers over the church to detect any danger coming from satan and even when men are deceived, God is never deceived. This is the promise of Jesus: “I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it” (Mt 16:18; NKJ).

The word ‘build’ means to rise up an indestructible structure that is designed in heaven. It is made of bold, strong and living stones, each connected to the Head which is Christ! The word ‘prevail’ means to be able to overpower, to be strong and work, to be whole, to hold, to possess, to conceive, to make sick, to intimidate, to reign over it, to rest in it or to misuse.  The devil and his agents can never accomplish all these works! They shall be exposed as spies and traitors!  Even if all men are liars, God will forever be true! Jesus is Lord!


In Christ I declare:

We believe, therefore we speak: revival shall come to this land!

God shall be honored!

The Word of God shall be honored!

In Jesus name,






Now after an interval of about three hours his wife came in, not having learned of what had happened. And Peter said to her, Tell me, did you sell the land for so much? Yes, she said, for so much. Then Peter said to her, How could you two have agreed and conspired together to try to deceive the Spirit of the Lord? Listen! The feet of those who have buried your husband are at the door, and they will carry you out [also]. And instantly she fell down at his feet and died; and the young men entering found her dead, and they carried her out and buried her beside her husband.

And the whole church and all others who heard of these things were appalled [great awe and strange terror and dread seized them]” (Ac 5:7-11; AMP)


Sapphira’s responsibility was to be an exemplary and obedient wife to the husband in such a way that none will detect the secret evil behind the marriage. Peter’s rebuke to her was this: ‘Why did you agree with your husband to lie to the Holy Spirit?’ The word ‘agree’ means to be in total harmony, to sound alike, to speak with the same voice. This marriage was a well-rehearsed choir, a perverted spiritual unity sealed by hell. No man, not even Peter, knew about this secret initiation. It was only the Holy Spirit that knew the truth behind this couple’s secret plan. It is the Holy Spirit that revealed to Peter the truth and gave him the strength to expose satan. This was a sin against the Holy Spirit. This reminds us that the Holy Spirit is a Person, not just an influence. For you cannot lie to an idea. The Holy Spirit is God. He is the third Person of the Holy Trinity. He judged this couple with instant death. Then the fear of God came upon the whole church and revival spread to all that area.


Don’t forget, liars are very good actors. This is their natural talent. That is why others are attracted to them. For as long as you desire free entertainment, you shall be deceived by them! It is hard to discover in them any anxiety of being caught or exposed. They do not fret; they seem confident and relaxed when speaking, comfortable in the midst of their deceptions. Like all good actors, they mentally rehearse their religious speeches or sermons, being prepared long before the public ‘battle’.


“Jesus quoted a proverb: “‘Can a blind man guide a blind man?’ Wouldn’t they both end up in the ditch? An apprentice doesn’t lecture the master. The point is to be careful who you follow as your teacher” (Lk 6:39, 40; TM)

This is a warning of possible danger coming from the Lord! Be careful when you chose your leaders, pastors, teachers and mentors! Do not follow them ‘blindly’. This is also a warning for the women: pray and seek God’s face about the gift of marriage! The devil will be very happy if you are deceived and you marry a religious unbeliever. Then you have to submit to a foolish man and to his wicked god, satan. I pray that these words will wake you up from spiritual slumber and spiritual laziness!


In Christ I declare:

I hate sin! I hate hypocrisy!

I love the righteousness of Jesus!

I arise and shine for my light has come!

All the glory to God!

In Jesus name






“But a certain man named Ananias with his wife Sapphira sold a piece of property. And with his wife’s knowledge and connivance he kept back and wrongfully appropriated some of the proceeds, bringing only a part and putting it at the feet of the apostles. But Peter said, Ananias, why has Satan filled your heart that you should lie to and attempt to deceive the Holy Spirit, and should [in violation of your promise] withdraw secretly and appropriate to your own use part of the price from the sale of the land? As long as it remained unsold, was it not still your own? And [even] after it was sold, was not [the money] at your disposal and under your control? Why then, is it that you have proposed and purposed in your heart to do this thing? [How could you have the heart to do such a deed?] You have not [simply] lied to men [playing false and showing yourself utterly deceitful] but to God” (Ac 5:1-4; AMP)


‘Satan’ is one of the devil’s names; it means the accuser, the enemy of God and man. He was the designer of this evil plan. It was an occult conspiracy to which husband and wife fully agreed. It is exactly the way a secret cult functions. Ananias and his wife chose to enroll in the army of the devil. They came as spies in the camp of God. They knew it was a dangerous mission. If they are exposed as the enemy’s agents, they can die. But they trusted the devil that he was ready to lead, sponsor and reward. Satan knew that the true believers were still young and spiritual warfare was not yet their major ministry. The strategy was to install a stronghold of lies, deception and religious hypocrisy in the middle of the young church. This occult structure will become a permanent fixture there. At the beginning, some brethren may raise some questions about the spiritual qualities of their leaders. But the devil hoped that the majority will take his agents for granted. With time, the believers will accept this stronghold of lies. They will learn to tolerate it, assuming it is normal to have such a bitter root amongst them. That was the plan. The devil was confident that the plan will work. Ananias and Sapphira were ready for action. Who can discover the truth?


They brought the money to the apostles’ feet, just the way they saw Brother Barnabas doing it. They waited for a compliment from Peter or at least the cry of ‘Praise the Lord’ from the congregation. But suddenly, Peter asked Ananias: ‘Why did you conceive this thing in your heart? You lied to God and not to men!’

The word ‘conceive’ in Hebrew means to lie down in a passive position ready to fulfill the purpose to be pregnant. In other words, Peter confronted him with this prophetic word: ‘Ananias, you accepted the proposal and the purpose of the devil to become his agent…you are heavily impregnated with his lies and wickedness! You are a danger to the church!’ Ananias was a bomb ready to explode. Before it could destroy the church, Peter defused its power. Only the Holy Spirit could have known!


In Christ I declare:

I trust the Holy Spirit to lead me into the whole truth!

I lean not on my own understanding!

I acknowledge God in all things!

God shall direct my path!

I am a child of God!

I am filled with the Holy Spirit!

The devil has nothing in me!

In Jesus name