“The Song of Songs [the most excellent of them all] which is Solomon’s” (SS 1:1, AMP)

I can never forget the ‘happy day when Jesus washed my sins away’. My old self died and the new me in Christ, came alive in the power of resurrection. I fell in love with the Lover of all lovers. Jesus loved me first and forever it will be so. Out of His love revealed at the Cross and poured into me, I learned the eternal precious blessed work to worship Him in Spirit and in truth. In case there is any doubt, let me say this: My Lover is the Lord Jesus Christ, blessed be His name forever. The next lover is my husband of more than forty years, Pastor Richmond Leigh.


For all of you who do not share my passion for the Lord, these words may cause anxiety, may even disturb you. Empty religion does that. I understand… It was like that for me at the beginning. The love of God is like a mighty river that washes away all that is in its path. True love is fearful to the coward. It is like a flood unstoppable. When God created the earth, one reason why He made the Niagara fall is because He wants men to see and try to imagine what His heart. Words are not enough to describe God’s grace and love!  ‘A thousand tongues’ cannot sing well about Him who loved was first…


The book of Song of Songs in the bible is unique. It is one of my favorites.  It is not so much about doctrines or about teaching rules and regulations. At the first reading you may not understand much.  It sounds like an old fashioned love- poem, a romantic song in a strange language. You need to be baptized by the Spirit of Him who was thirsty for a drop of love when dying on the Cross. It is a coded song, spiritually discerned for lovers only. It is said that most believers are not interested to study it.  Like in the natural so it is in the spiritual.  Love requires sacrifice that few desire to pay. Love needs maturity to be apprehended and enjoyed. You cannot drink its wine as a child. Blood must be shed for the oil to flow…


There is something mysterious that attracted me to the Song of Songs. I fell in love with this Lover, running over the mountains and seas, to come closer to me. I heard His voice calling me by name. I dared to come and seat under His shadow delighted with His fruits. His embrace gave me strength to respond. Against my common sense to be a respectable lady, I held Him close and I will never let go…Jesus is the eternal Lover of my soul!


The revelation from the Song of Songs has also changed my marriage. I applied its lessons to my relationship with my husband and we both have tasted from its sweetness. It is a sacrifice, but such a sweet one. I highly recommend this labor of love to all who are married or desire to do so. Jesus loves His Bride with a passion that nothing can quench. Husbands should love their wives in the same way. Wives should be ready to respond to this flood of love that can kill the relationship or make it alive forever. .But one thing is sure, your lives and marriages will never be the same. They will never be dull, boring, usual, predictable or burdensome. Take it from me; an old sister who has a young heart and who has tasted from the wine of romance and love…

All I am saying is that the Lord is good! All the time! And forever!


In Christ I declare:

Jesus loves me!

I love Jesus!

Jesus loves my husband!

My husband loves Jesus!

The Lord is good!

In Jesus name





“This teaching is a light…keeping you from the immoral woman, from the smooth tongue of the wayward wife…no one who touches will go unpunished…The tongue has the power of life and death and those who love it will eat its fruit” (PV 6:23-29; 18:21)



Much of the success of the marriage depends on the words spoken at home. The tongue is like a sword. The devil can use it or God can use it. Spoken words are able to kill or to destroy the chains of oppression. We have this tendency to think that words are cheap, that they mean almost nothing. That is why we lie easily. That is why we do not give attention to what proceeds from our mouths. The truth is that words are very powerful. They change lives and situations for better or for worst. Like milk spilled on the ground, once spoken, the words cannot be taken back. Even if you say sorry, even if you weep in repentance, audible words take a life of their own and outlive you. We are created in the image of God. We speak like God…or like the devil. As the Word of God does not come back to Him void of power, but accomplishes the purpose for which it has been sent (Is 55:10, 11), so also our words have the power to build or to destroy. We speak wicked words. Then we deceive ourselves that a gift, a kiss or even sex can atone for the damage done by the spoken words.


A sister came to my office and told me about her pain. Her husband insulted her, saying that she is ‘a stupid cow’. She wept on and on. She said that she couldn’t believe her ears, that her husband is a Christian. She told me that later, he went out and bought a bottle of perfume for her, thinking that the gift will solve the problem. With the bottle in her hands, she continued to weep.  He then got angry, broke the bottle, insulted all women on earth and went out, banging the door. Later, she picked the broken glass on the floor, afraid that the children will be hurt. She then cut her finger. She came to my office bleeding in her body and in her soul. Marriage is a fragile bridge. Without respect, patience and true loving words, marriage may be broken beyond repair.


Words reveal the heart. Listen to a man or woman speaking and you shall know the truth about their heart. You cannot speak and hide your identity. It is not possible. Many a man’s love died at the end of a wicked curse coming from his wife’s mouth. Just before his heart died, he discovered the truth about the beauty queen he married long ago. She is a hater and not a lover. What a terrible revelation… He joined his body with an agent from the occult, a criminal from the sea of passion and poison. The shock is enough to break and kill the strongest man.

“O, Delilah, your beauty deceived me and your words killed me. Turning the wheel in prison, this is my only desire: I will pray every day, to forget your sweet words and your loving hips, the devil’s altar, where naked and bare, for the sake of silver, all my dreams died at your feet…”


What is the solution: Come to the Cross! Pray! Come to Jesus Christ! See your Savior bleeding, how He died for you and for me. Let the Spirit purge your heart! Let God teach you how to marry! Forsake your words! Abide in the Word of God! Let your heart change! Let your tongue be born again! Speak the words of life! Speak the truth in love, no matter the cost! This evening, as I write this letter…I can feel it in my bones, there is hope for you…


In Christ I declare:

Christ lives in me, the hope of glory!

My tongue is born again!

I speak life!

I am blessing to my husband and children!

I am a blessing to my generation!

In Jesus name






“The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole body, sets the whole

course of one’s life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell” (Jam 3:6)


The tongue is a little organ in the mouth. But is small size is deceiving. Surprisingly, the tongue, as an organ of speech, has great power. All men are born sinners. Until a man is born again, his tongue is used by the devil. He cannot resist the devil. A sinner cannot speak the truth. His tongue is on fire because it is directly connected with hell. Try to imagine this: the unbeliever’s tongue is a bridge to hell. Try to imagine something else: to marry an unbeliever, it means to live in hell even before you die. Marriage can be heaven or hell on earth. Choose one!

A wicked tongue connected with hell, how does it manifest? Let’s assume that a Christian brother is deceived to marry an unbelieving religious woman. Her tongue is connected with the fire of hell. How do you recognize her?

First of all she is a liar. She does not know the truth. She is not able to speak the truth. Let’s assume that in the morning she greets her husband with a sweet ‘good morning my dear husband’. All these words may sound good to his ears, but these are all lies. The truth is that the morning is not good for them. The devil has already planned a new strategy of quarrels in the home. The truth is that her husband is not ‘dear’ to her, for the devil has planted grudges against him in her heart. The truth is that he is not even her husband, for she seduced him to marry her. You see, the whole sentence is a waste, more than that, an injection of poison to start the day. Her words deceive him and soon they shall manifest as complete mockery.


Secondly, she will speak words that will bring doubt in his heart. Hell is described as a place of eternal separation from God. The devil will use her speech to provoke him to abandon his faith in God. Backsliding is the result. Many have lost their ministries because of unholy marriages. Hell is also a place of eternal regret. The souls of men shall ‘gnash their teeth’ over there. This woman shall provoke the husband to regret his commitment to God and to the church. She will embitter his heart will words of fear and anger. He will count as loss the sacrifice he has done for the sake of Christ. He will hate the Cross. He will choose to be a hypocrite. The power of the flesh will quench any desire to be spiritual. She will encourage him to sin, to lie, to bribe, to cheat or to manipulate others. Like Jezebel, she will encourage her husband to oppress and defraud the poor people, destroying any compassion left in him.

She will use her tongue to prophesy. She will bombard him with statements like: “God told me that…” All these words are false prophecies and deceitful religious oracles. Like Herod, the husband will believe the home-made lies of his wife and he will soon reject the true prophets. Over the centuries many saints have been persecuted by liars who married one another. Her words shall bring constant anxiety to you. She sees all things in a negative way. The fear of the future does not allow her to enjoy the present. If you try to reject her fears and doubts, she gets angry. She hates the idea of deliverance and she will not submit to any pastor for counselling.


This picture is so sad…What then is the solution? JESUS!!!! First of all pray! Remember God! Test all spirits for they are not all coming from God! Do not marry if you have any doubt about the spiritual standing of your future spouse. Marriage is far more important than what most people say. Do not marry out of lust, frustration, anger, peer pressure, poverty or riches. Honor God with your desire to marry. Do not ignore the danger, the possibility of marrying a religious unbeliever whose tongue is a bridge to hell. Do not just admire her face. Like an ENT doctor, examine her tongue. Let her talk. Do not correct her at the beginning. Let her be!  Listen to the sound of her voice. Pray that God will reveal the truth to you. Remember that until the wedding day, she is not (yet) your wife and you are not (yet) her husband. Look around, who are the people she calls friends? If they are worldly people, it means she is worldly. Do not be biased. Do not be soft with your emotions. In the past, the pagans sacrificed their children into the fire of the altar of Baal, burning them alive. God hates that. Marrying an unbeliever is almost the same. Your children shall be burnt by the fire of her tongue. This evil tongue is connected with witchcraft and it is an abomination to God (Deut 18:10).


Lastly, you must marry a child of God. Her tongue should be a fire for the Gospel. That is a good fire that purges sin and makes all things holy. Her tongue should be used by the Holy Spirit, bringing life to the dead and light in the dark. Her words should challenge you to be a man of God. His words should challenge you to be a woman of God. Your greatest attraction should be your future spouse’s spiritual status. Nothing else compares with it. Beauty and health change with time. Wealth can increase or decrease in the future. But the spirit never gets old and never dies. Your marriage must be approved by heaven before you can enjoy it on earth. These words are from my heart.


In Christ I declare:

I separate from any person who is an agent of hell!

I disconnect myself from any tongue of fire from hell!

I reject all lies, fears, doubt, bitter words and false prophecies!

My marriage is approved in heaven and enjoyed on earth!

I am happily married!

In Jesus name’



Nigerian girls

“Can you take away a soldier’s loot?
Can you rescue the prisoners of a tyrant?
The Lord replies:

“That is just what is going to happen.
The soldier’s prisoners will be taken away,
and the tyrant’s loot will be seized.
I will fight against whoever fights you,
and I will rescue your children.
I will make your oppressors kill each other;
they will be drunk with murder and rage.
Then all people will know that I am the Lord,
the one who saves you and sets you free.
They will know that I am Israel’s powerful God.” (Is 49:24-26, GNT)




“A champion named Goliath (Abubakar S) said: “This day I defy the armies of Israel! Give me a man and let us fight each other”. On hearing the Philistine’s words, Saul and all the Israelites (the Government of Nigeria) were dismayed and terrified… 
David said to the Philistine (Abubakar S) “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. This day the Lord will deliver you into my hands, and I’ll strike you down and cut off your head. This very day I will give the carcasses of the Philistine army (Boko Haram) to the birds and the wild animals, and the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel (in Nigeria!). All those gathered here will know that it is not by sword or spear that the Lord saves; for the battle is the Lord’s, and he will give all of you into our hands.” When the Philistines (Boko Haram) saw that their hero (Abubakar S) was dead, they turned and ran away…
Then the men of Israel and Judah (the Christian believers) surged forward with a shout and pursued the Philistines (Boko Haram)… Their dead were strewn along… When the Israelites (the Christians) returned from chasing the Philistines (Boko Haram) , they plundered their camp” (my paraphrase of 1Sam 17)

This prayer meeting was so very different than the one last week. The power of God was present to heal, deliver and set free. There was a fresh overflow of anointing, flowing from the throne, unhindered by none. Last week we were strangely weak. Today we were strangely strong. There was a prophetic word: The leader of Boko Haram (Abubakar S) has the spirit of Goliath. This territorial demon wants to rule Nigeria. Like Goliath, he has insulted not just the girls who he has kidnapped, not only the Government of Nigeria, not only the Christians here, but he has defied the Living God who holds his breath in His hand. He has insulted the armies of the Jehovah Sabaoth! Possessed by the spirit of antichrist, he has blasphemed the name of the Living God. It is God’s decree that he must die! The president of Nigeria is like King Saul. He has to visible authority but no power to perform. He is too afraid to stand for God. He is not the one anointed to win the victory. It is David that God used to kill the giant. God shall use us today to eliminate Boko Haram, not with guns or soldiers, but with the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. Like David could not use Saul’s armor, we shall not use politics, the media or natural weapons. We shall pray and decree destruction in the camp of the enemy. God shall surely answer us. All the captives of these evil men shall be set free. The kidnapped girls shall return! We all prayed in faith until could pray no more. We praised the God of Israel, who is the God of Nigeria! We then prophesied: It is finished! We give God all the glory!

This was the sermon:
Who is God’s champion?
David is a young man, a teenager. He grew up in a big house, the last of many brothers. Jesse, his father was a religious man. But religion alone does not define David. He has a relationship with God that is personal, intimate and strong. This relationship ‘works’ for David. He is a man of God, a true champion, a hero and a leader of men!
A champion is more than an official leader. He is more than a president chosen by the votes of men. He is more than a natural king of a chief. He is more than a millionaire or a religious leader. Money cannot buy such a title.
A champion is one who inspires the people to stand and fight for what is right. He is a defender of the helpless and of the victims. A hero is someone who has true courage and strength of character.
David is truly humble man, content with the blessings of God in his life at this present moment. He is not selfishly ambitious Goliath was the world champion. The world is defined as the organized system of men who live like there is no God. A worldly man is always proud selfish and ambitious. He is never satisfied with his life at the present moment. David stands for God and for what is right; even if he has to stand alone. David has courage. His zeal for the glory of God is infectious. Once Goliath died, the whole Israel pursued the enemy and killed them all.

Lastly, this is the question: Do you want to be God’s hero? Then be like David. Are you content with God’s blessings today? Are you free from selfish ambition? Can you stand alone for God? Can you stand alone for that which is right! Are you free from the fear and flattery of men? Then blessed are you! God will use you and many shall follow your lead. You are a blessing to your generation. You shall mentor multitudes from all over the world. Your name shall be great. You shall be known as God’s champion, the killer of evil giants and trouble makers in the land. Your scepter of authority shall replace the scepter of the terrorist wicked. You shall save many souls. God will use to heal, bless and deliver many. You shall be known as a prophet to the nations.
We declare that Nigeria belongs to God! Jesus is Lord over Nigeria!
I believe, therefore I have spoken!
In Jesus name,





“The tongue has the power of life and death and those who love it will eat its fruit.

He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord” (PV 18:21, 22)


Recently, a sad young man showed me a text message on his phone. It was from his wife who claims to be a Christian. The two of them had a quarrel. I could only read few words and I felt like sick. She wrote: “You are a goat, a slave and an idiot…” The rest I can’t even print. I was very sorry…I knew his wife. She never insulted me directly, but these words revealed her real spirit. There is no need to ask him what provoked his wife to say such things…No woman of God should speak like this! Not even to her driver or house-boy! Try to imagine, after hearing these words, how can such a man go to church to worship? Dear brothers and sisters, under no circumstances, under no provocation you should speak write or even think such wicked words. A wise woman builds her house (with kind, patient, loving and encouraging words…with silences when needed…with prayers…with kindness in action…) but a foolish one will destroy her own marriage with bitter words and with the fiery tongue of a serpent on errand from hell (PV 14:1).


Read the scriptures above. The Holy Spirit has placed them together. The success of any marriage depends on the words spoken at home. I counsel women (mostly) and men in my office. Often they come crying, quoting painful words and bitter curses from the mouth of their spouses. Physically, men are stronger. Under provocation they may react violently. As a wife, it is terrible to be a victim of physical domestic violence. No wife forgets that slap, that punch, that beating. Years pass by but the anger, the shame is still there. The women attack their husbands with words. They hurt their feelings with insults, mockery or curses. Words can be even more painful than a ‘silent’ slap. We may regret the words and the hurt caused in anger. We may even say sorry… but the wounds last for a long, long time. Words have power. Words are seeds of life or death. There is a harvest for each one of us. We must eat it, if we like it or not. We cannot divorce our words. They shall hunt us, for better or for worse. There are consequences we must bear for the words that came out of our mouths.

There is power in the tongue. During the time of dating, study each other and especially, listen to one another. The beauty of her face or the money in his account cannot compensate for the mistake of marrying someone who does not fear God and cannot control the tongue. Our words reveal our hearts.


Dear brother, do you want to know if this woman you say you love will be a good wife to you? Then listen to her well! Listen to her speech! What is she saying to you? What is she saying to others? Especially, listen to her when she is angry….Listen to her when things do not work her way… Listen to her when she is tired to pretend…

A mature Christian woman is known by self-control. She has the power to control her tongue, even under painful provocation. Your wife should not curse you at all! If in pain, she will explain to you how she feels, but she will never curse you. ‘The law of kindness is on her tongue’ (PV 31:26). She will either bless you or she will keep silent. But she will not lose her temper and angrily scream bitter insults at you. That is how unbelievers react. Marry a child of God! You say that this is an ideal woman. Yes, but this ‘ideal’ woman exists somewhere. Pray that God will connect the two of you. Why marry danger? Why connect with hell? Why gamble with your destiny?


The tongue has the power to kill the listener. A wayward woman is known by her speech. She uses flattery to seduce the ignorant. Flatter means insincere, lying praise. Dear brother, why do you want to listen to lies? Why do you want to hear wonderful things about your successes or about your possessions? Why do you want to feed the pride of life? Why will you be infatuated with a woman who falls in love with your bank account? Why will you admire a woman who praises your car? Flattery is a red flag of danger. Listen to your conscience!

A true woman of God will speak the truth in love, hurts you only if you need correction and directs your heart to Jesus when you go astray. ‘Faithful are the wounds of a friend but an enemy multiplies kisses’ (PV 27:6).

Marry a woman who knows the road to life eternal, who directs others to Jesus and not to herself or to you. Marry a woman who fears the Lord! Therefore she will hate evil and what the devil will do to you.


Your wife should not lie at all! God hates a lying tongue. The devil is a liar! You will not want to marry a woman that God sees as a trouble maker. No matter what you and your friends say about her, it is only God’s opinion that matters. A wicked heart produces wicked words. They will kill your spirit, quench your passion for Jesus and destroy your ministry. No human being should do that to you! Your wife should not be a gossip, should not be an idle busy-body. During dating, study her mouth, her feet and her hands. What does she like to talk about? When both of you are silent, what subjects does she initiate? Where does she go every day? Who are her friends? What church does she attend? What type of preaching does she listen to? What is she doing from morning till evening? You should want to know the truth about her spirit before you join your body to hers. The foundation of marriage is very important, I’m sure that you know it!


Do not marry to divorce! Do not marry to please people! Do not marry for fun! Do not marry for money! Honor marriage as a gift of God! Marry as an act of obedience to God! Marry to stay married and to serve God together, all the days of your lives! Do all things to the glory of God! Then you and your children shall live long and be happy! This is God’s promise! Amen!


In Christ I declare:

The law of kindness is on my tongue!

I am a blessing and an encouragement to my husband!

I am a blessing and an encouragement to my wife!

I reject all evil spirits of bitterness, hot temper and lust!

I bring all my friendships and relationships to the altar of God!

Let the altar speak!

Let the fire fall!

To the glory of God!

In Jesus name






“The tongue has the power of life and death and those who love it will eat its fruit.

He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord” (PV 18:21, 22)



There is a spiritual connection between these two verses. The lesson, read in between the lines, is that much of the success or the failure in marriage depends on the words spoken at home, especially in the bedroom. It seems that the power of the tongue is stronger than even the sexual connection. This revelation is a surprise to many; nevertheless, this is the truth. Knowing this, we should be much more careful with our words as a married couple.

This is the question: what does it mean to have the power of death in the tongue? What type of person, better said what type of heart is that who can kill her (his) lover thru spoken words? Who gives that power to a man?

In Hebrew, the word ‘death’ in the scripture above means to completely destroy another; to suddenly kill someone and send him to hell. The word also means to be a necromancer. Before we go and look at the dictionary to understand what a necromancer is, we remind ourselves that this study is done to help marriages. Most of the marital troubles are spiritual and cannot be solved by natural means. Behind every insult, every act of betrayal, behind slander, gossip, hatred, manipulation, lust or adultery, there are demons who initiate them. So it is possible, the tongue of the wife has the power to kill her husband and his love for her (or the other way round).


I pray for the leading of the Holy Spirit as we proceed further. Necromancy is an occult demonic practice. It is the act of bringing back to the visible realm the spirits of the dead men and communicating with them. This is done to gain secret information about the past, present or the future. This information has the power to influence present circumstances or to manipulate other people. The practice is done by skillful spiritists and belongs to the realm of witchcraft. It is a pagan practice and it requires a sacrifice. It is totally forbidden by God (Deut 18:9-13).  A good example is the witch of Endor. King Saul went to her that she may bring back from the dead the spirit of the Prophet Samuel. The king wanted to know the future, what will happen the next day in the battle (1Sam 28). OK…that was not easy, I understand… but it is in the Bible, so let’s go on…


Maybe you argue saying that your wife is not a witch. That she does not go to spiritualists, to native doctors, to the forest or to the cemetery. You say that you met her in the church and you believe she is a Christian. All these facts may be true. Please remember that witchcraft is one of the manifestations, one of the works of the flesh. We all live in a body of flesh. Ignorantly or not, we all have a native tendency to sympathize with the powers of the occult. We all desire to know secret things of the invisible spirit realm. We all want the direct power to change people’s hearts or destinies. We all want to know the future. This inherent curiosity is the platform the devil uses to operate thru our spirits. Demons do not have bodies. They use the human flesh. It is only the Holy Spirit that can drive them away. Until a man is born again, he cannot help himself. He is a slave to the powers of darkness and cannot deliver himself from them. These demons are more active in some families than in others.


The question still remains: for example, how can a woman use her tongue to kill her husband or her marriage? The answer is this: thru the power in her tongue to speak death into the home. She may be ignorant of it but a demon of necromancy may work thru her tongue. She has the spiritual power to invoke the spirits of the dead. She does this especially when she is angry, when she is provoked and she wants to retaliate. This is a test for you: how do you know if your wife speaks death into your home? Just like a necromancer brings back the spirits of the men who died long ago, she will bring matters of the past and stir up things you thought long forgotten. She will remind you of sins and mistakes of the past. She will not let you rest creating anxiety about past mistakes. She will create false guilt and a burden of condemnation that the future is not secure because your past of sin. She will terrorize you with the past, destroying the hope of the future. Remember: ‘Love is not rude…is not easily angry…Love does not keep record of wrongs…’ (1Cor 13:5). All her words are hateful arrows designed to kill the love in your heart.

For as long as you listen to her, you cannot have peace, joy or the assurance of your salvation. You will struggle to love God and to love your wife. May God open your eyes to see the truth behind the natural things!


What is the solution? If you are not married yet and you date such a woman, separate immediately! It means that she is not born again. Children of God do not kill! They bring life to you! It means that she is an agent of the powers of darkness sent on an assignment to ‘kill you’ (spiritually or even physically). If you are married already, then pray that you may know the truth. Pray that God will have mercy and deliver you. Be sure that you are truly saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. Study the Word of God and claim the promises of God. Ignore her negative comments for they are all lies. You need to pray that the Holy Spirit will strengthen you. Most men make the mistake and carry their wives for deliverance. The best way is for the husband to become a mature believer. It is not an easy task with such opposition at home. But it is possible! I have seen it done! The spouse of a demoniac becomes a preacher of the Gospel! He now has a great testimony!

The demons in your wife may react. These are proud ‘prophetic’ evil spirits! They will be punished by the devil if they fail to drag you to the road of death. It is a battle unto death. But the advantage is that as a believer, you have God Almighty on your side! God can never lose! Your faith in the God of the Bible is the key that never fails. The power of the Cross and the Blood of Jesus will speak on your behalf. Your wife may threaten with divorce or violence. She may curse you and accuse you falsely! Learn to die to such words. Ignore them! Do not argue in the flesh! Do not quarrel! No matter what the provocation, please, do not fight physically! Just ignore the lies and go on with your life. Sometimes, just quote the scriptures back to her! Do not preach! Just speak the words of life! Have faith in God! For as long as she is willing to live with you, do not drive her away. But if she leaves and desires divorce, then let her go, you are not under any obligation to bring her back (1Cor 7). The truth is that she cannot help herself, for now…but one day, the light of mercy may fall on her, and she too will be free. For nobody know the destiny of a soul, nobody knows the future, except God and God alone!


As for me, I have done my work as a pastor to you. I have obeyed the command of God that says:

“Rescue those being led away to death;

hold back those staggering toward slaughter.

If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,”

does not he who weighs the heart perceive it?

Does not he who guards your life know it?

Will he not repay everyone according to what they have done?” (PV 24:11, 12)


Finally, dear child of God, I plead the Blood of Jesus upon your body, soul and spirit; upon your marriage, your spouse and your children; upon the work of your hands and your ministry! May God anoint these words of life to bring light to the blind, to break the chains of bondage, to heal the sick and to set the captives free! In Jesus name, Amen!


In Christ I declare:

I am free and free indeed!

The tongue of death has been defeated!

I no longer live but it is Christ who lives in me!

To the glory of God!

In Jesus name






“Husbands…Honor your wives as those who share God’s life-giving kindness so that nothing will interfere with your prayers….I want men to offer prayers everywhere. They should raise their hands in prayer after putting aside their anger and any quarrels they have with anyone” (1Pet 3:7; 1Tim 2:8; GWT)



A Christian marriage is a marriage of prayer. Do not even think about marrying someone who hates prayer. That marriage will not last. There is a wonderful saying: ‘They that pray together- stay together!’ This is the truth. Nothing else will ‘melt your heart’ towards a man, even if he is a stranger, like the feeling you have when you pray together. The presence of the Holy Spirit with you, as you bow your heads in prayer, will seal that friendship. You are drawn towards each other in a holy way. You have this feeling that you pray to the same God, that you are family. If this is how you feel with people in general and your brethren in particular, so much more that chemistry will work in your home and establish your marriage.


Simply said, prayer works! I have tried this method many times. This is my testimony over the years…When there is crisis in the marriage, when there is the shadow of misunderstanding, when words hurt and tears fall…the moment we make the slighted move towards each other, hold hands (even a little touch) and pray…O, something good always happens…the Holy Spirit moves… our love blooms again, our friendship revives and the devil runs outside the window. Every marriage should be soaked in prayer. Hold hands when you pray. Be sensitive to any hindrances to the flow of prayer. Be careful to note if the prayer life in your marriage is suffering. It is not enough to pray well separately. The marriage is designed to need both of your prayers, together, as a husband and as a wife. Pray in the parlor, when the children and the visitors come! Pray at the table and bless the food on the plate! Pray in the bedroom when no one but God listens! Long before you even think of a doctor, pray for one another when you are sick! When there is anxiety about money, pray! When you worry about the children, pray! When you feel like talking but you don’t know what to say, pray! Pray in English, pray in tongues! Like the tracking number on a gift sent to you, quietly and faithfully, monitor the answers to your prayers as they come closer to the earth. Rejoice together when they come!

There is no competition here; no pride. There should be no one who says things like this: ‘I am a better prayer warrior than my spouse. If it was not for my prayers, I don’t know what will happen to our marriage…’ (I have heard such words in my office many times). Maarige is like a marathon. It lasts a life time. Sometimes one is stronger than the other. No need to take the glory for prayer. If you can pray more often and you are more able to intercede for the marriage, do so without complaining. Let not your pride quench the desire to pray together, as a couple! Pray together, love together, go to church together and you shall stay together. This is God’s mathematics!

It never fails. When dating, take pleasure in ending all your discussions and plans for the future with prayer. This is not just a routine religious prayer, so that the other may think of you as spiritual. No! Prayer is a privilege, a priority and a joy! By praying together, you are training to be successful as a couple! You are inviting God into your marriage! He is the Holy Unbreakable Sealer!  You have to learn to trust God for your future as a couple. The success of your life and marriage lies in His hands.


My husband and I live in ‘a prayer atmosphere’. This is not just because we are pastors, parents or grandparents. This is because we have developed a holy habit of coming together to pray often, for all things, even little things. Sometimes the pressure of life is increases; the devil attacks with anxiety or sickness. Old age is a factor too, we are not deceived…But when one forgets the good gift of prayer and he seems lost in space, when depression tries to steal the joy of living…the other will come close and gently touch the lonely hand…that touch speaks…it means ‘let’s pray’… Our hands have become sensitive to the buttons of prayer and true love. When we got married long ago, as worldly people, the touch of the hands meant sexual message. But by the grace of God, now it is different. Our hands have grown in grace too. They have learned the new message of true love, support, encouragement and peace. They are witnesses of the blessing of prayer. Our hands have wrinkles now, but their beauty shines forth. Our hands can freely be lifted now, as holy instruments of worship. Our hands can be laid on other people and the Holy Spirit imparts the power of life in them. Our hands have been soaked with tears of repentance together…and now they are a witness that the bridge of marriage can never be broken. ‘If your hand leads you into sin, cut it off’- said the Lord. But if your hands have learned to pray and worship, then good has come at last.

Yes, ‘the three-fold cord of marriage cannot be easily broken’ (Ecc 4:12). Let your hope rise! May this be your marriage story! May your testimony together touch the hearts of men! To the glory of our God!


In Christ I declare:

My hands are holy!

My marriage is holy!

My marriage is soaked in prayer!

My marriage shall last forever!

In Jesus name






“A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown, but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones…

He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord…” (PV 12:4; 18:22; NIV)


Marriage is a gift from God. Successful marriage is a proof that God exists; that God knows you personally and that He loves you. Dear brother please remember: It is the man that does the seeking. You will not find your wife by mistake. The woman prays for the seeking man, that they paths may meet. Not any Christian woman can be your wife. She has to be God’s choice and gift to you. Your wife is prepared by God to be your helper, to supply what you need and what you lack and to make you complete.

For example, Abigail was a good wife. Her husband was a foolish man, greedy and wicked. To marry such a man the woman had to be very special. Abigail compensated that great need by being extremely wise, generous and kind. Thru her intercession and actions, she saved his life. Manoa’s wife was also a good woman. Spiritually, she was more sensitive than her husband, correctly interpreting the purpose of the angels’ visit. By her prophetic words she encouraged her husband and delivered him from the fear of death (Judges 13). But not all women were good wives. Among the women in the Bible, Jezebel is the worst of all. Another negative example is Job’s wife. She tempted him to betray his faith in God, to backslide and even to commit suicide (Job 2:9, 10). Attention, sisters!


The noble wife is a gift from God. She does not come to a man by mistake. In Hebrew, the word ‘noble’ means strength of character. She has the power of an army to win the victory. The word ‘crown’ means to surround the enemy, attack and totally defeat him. It also means to protect the head of the home. A godly wife is a mature intercessor and a spiritual warrior. She prays against the forces of darkness that try to destroy her home. She attacks their stronghold, wins the crown of the enemy and silences his boast. She does it on behalf of her family. She then gives the crown of victory to her husband as a trophy. In this way, she becomes a crown herself, like Sarah, a princess with God and a mother of kings.


Many men have fallen to the temptation to marry unbelieving women. Others choose to marry the wrong believing wives. All these mistakes have serious consequences. ‘A disgraceful wife’ is one who will disappoint you spiritually, delay your progress in life, confuse your mind and dry your spirit. She is not able to understand your spiritual needs. She is not designed by God to do that. Even if she is willing, she is not able to do it. Basically, she is too selfish to care about your destiny or your ministry. She will be like ‘decay in your bones’. The greatest sign that you have married the wrong wife is chronic spiritual weakness. For years to come you will not be able to read your Bible, to understand the Word, or to pray well. You discover that you cannot stand and succeed as a man of God. You will battle depression, doubt and fears almost every day. You will be tempted to backslide. Going to church will be a burden to you. Worship becomes a past glory. You will become skillful in religious hypocrisy for you see no other way to live your life outside your home and still call yourself a Christian…


If that is your case, there is no other word for you except to come back to Jesus, back to the Cross of Calvary!!! Repent of your sins, for choosing to satisfy the desires of the flesh above your spiritual needs. Let the Holy Spirit have His way! Let your flesh die! Let your spirit be revived! Be honest with God! You cannot seek divorce for God hates it. But you can repent for the sins of your past. Pray for mercy for the two of you. Your repentance may provoke your unbelieving wife to abandon her home. Like Hosea, bring her back if it is possible. But if she goes away and rejects all invitations to return, then you are free from her spirit and her influence (1Cor 7).


To avoid such tragedy and pain, lay the proper foundation of your marriage!  Pray, seek and find the woman God has prepared for you personally.  Your wife is God’s gift to you and a personal favor from Him! Marry well! Marry your holy strong wise loving warrior princess and God will be your ‘father in law’, sorry, your ‘Father in Grace’. What a wonderful promise! Marriage made in heaven is one of the greatest joyful surprises God gives to men! It is a package that comes with God’s personal favor, approval, blessings and grace! May that be your portion, it is my prayer…


In Christ I declare:

From the bottom of my heart I am grateful to God for our marriage!

I am a noble wife!

I shall marry my princess with God!

My marriage is made in heaven!

God’s favor is in my marriage!

Our marriage is a ministry and a blessing to many!

Our children shall be a royal priesthood!

We are worshippers of the Living God!

To the glory of God and to the increase of His Kingdom!

In Jesus name





“He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord…

A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies” (PV 18:22; 31:10; KJ, NIV)


The brother who desires to marry and he is willing to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit shall surely find his wife. Do not read to fast…I said ‘he shall surely find his wife!’ In the scripture above the wife is called ‘a good thing’. Let the married men say: “I have a good thing!”

The word ‘good’ in Hebrew means something beautiful, pleasant and precious. The wife starts as a good thing and with time, just like the wine, she becomes better, sweeter and wiser. This wife called ‘a good thing’ is filled with the Holy Spirit. She overflows with peace and joy. She is kind and strong. She prays always! She does not complain! She does not manipulate! She will be by your side as a friend, doctor, lover, mother and sister in the same time.


Dear brother, you who desire to marry…what are you looking for in a woman? First of all she has to be a child of God. A woman who fears the Lord shall be praised. Natural beauty is good, it is an asset. But the choice cannot be made only on that for beauty is temporary. This is the greatest disadvantage with all things of the flesh and of the world: they do not last. They come and they go. Only the spiritual blessings remain with you and are truly yours. They even follow you after death as a crown of life. You gather them from this life on earth. Your status in heaven is determined by your faithfulness on this earth. Do not despise the potential each day has to find rubies in the trash rejected, ignored or trampled by men.


Marriage is a very serious ministry. You need a wife who shall be your life- time helper. You cannot hire a wife. Do not marry a woman who is a liability to you. Do not be enticed by her physical beauty. If God does not set His stamp on her as ‘a good thing’ she is a bad thing, a source of sorrow and regret. The marriage certificate cannot change a goat into a sheep. Your wife needs to be strong spiritually. She cannot be a coward, a foolish, wasteful or careless woman. She is not afraid of the future for her trust is in God. She will not be idle, always depending on you for money, counsel, prayers and help. Do not marry a woman you know needs prayer and deliverance even before her wedding day! No matter how beautiful she is do not complicate yourself! You need a woman of God, established in her faith, serving God, with fruit to prove her holy calling. In the area of faithfulness in marriage, you should have 0% doubt about your wife. You should be able to boast in the presence of others that your wife is faithful to you. The woman you are going to marry must be truly ‘the bone of your bone and flesh of your flesh’. For her alone you shall be ready to leave mother and father, to become one flesh with her. Resist the attraction of coming together with dead men’s bones and their strange flesh.


A helper is someone who knows you; your strengths and your weakness, and still, does not run away from you. A helper is someone who will be by your side in your life’s journey. The truth is that life is not easy. But God will give you a helper who will make your life on earth more bearable, even pleasant and peaceful. She will pray for you and help you to change for the better. She will be prudent, an intercessor, restraining the evil that surrounds you. She has to be a good listener and a true friend. A man should never fear the betrayal of his wife. A man should have complete trust in his wife. A godly wife will never abandon you for another man, no matter how rich, handsome or powerful.  Lastly a good wife is a woman who is willing to be a godly mother to your children. These things are declared to be so when you find ‘a good thing’.


Dear brother, Just in case you are discouraged now saying there is no woman like that in your village, I say: ‘pray’ and God will bring one especially for you. God does not tempt His children with impossible dreams and frustrating desires. God put Adam to sleep. Man must sleep before finding his wife. This is a sleep of rest and trust in God. There is no need to worry, to panic and to be troubled in looking for your wife. To the world sleep means nothing. But for the child of God sleep is sweet for the mystery of romance and true love is conceived in his spirit. Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes ‘in the morning’. Sleep brother and rest in the God who loves you. Soon, you shall wake up and find the gift of God, ‘the good thing’ promised knocking at your door. The God for whom nothing is impossible has spoken! Amen!


In Christ I declare:

I rest in the Lord trusting Him for my marriage!

I have a good thing!

I am a good thing!

In Jesus name





“Therefore, brothers and sisters, we are not children of the slave woman, but of the free woman” (Gal 4:21-31)


In the Roman Empire the father was not directly involved in his son’s life while he was a child. That was the work of the mother and later, the private paid teacher. This teacher lived in the house and was completely in charge of his student. He taught him not only the sciences or the languages. He also taught him how to do war, the tradition of the family and the social skills preparing him to be a true son and heir to his father. Later, when the boy becomes a teenager, there was a special public ceremony when the fully trained son is handed back to his father. In other words, his father redeems him, ‘adopts’ his own son. From that time on, he will be by the father’s side. Everybody will know them together: father and son. They are a team. The son shall be known as the heir to the family estate.  The two generations shall walk together side by side. The father knows that the heir is ready, mature and faithful to the name and interests of the family. The power of death and failure has been destroyed because the two generations have been linked together by an indestructible bond. From this time on, the son shall take active part in the administration of the estate, even going with the father as a soldier, to help him in times of war. He is a mature son who can make wise decisions. The teacher who trained him as a boy is no longer needed. The obedience to the law is replaced by the intimate family relationship between father and son. This is a picture of the peculiar work of grace in the heart of the true believers. This transformation between the time of conversion and the establishment of spiritual maturity is called sanctification. It is under the sovereign control of the Spirit of God. No other man, spirit or angel can perform this miracle of spiritual growth. Please observe that all spiritual children shall be treated like slaves at the beginning. But there is a difference of hope. Sarah’s sons shall become spiritually mature, while Hagar’s own will never grow. Selah!


This is a very practical lesson: study the people you call believers for a long time. If they are truly born again, they will surely grow in the grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. There shall be spiritual fruit. They become more loving, more patient and more self-controlled with their tongues. But the religious unbelievers do not change. Even if they attend the best churches, even with the preaching of the Gospel, even in the presence of the anointing of the Holy Spirit after many years they still remain the same: selfish, lazy, wicked, rude and irresponsible. Like the sheep and the goats, Sarah and Hagar’s children shall reveal their true nature! Wait for this revelation before you make any lasting commitment of fellowship with them! You will avoid the pain of a broken heart. Wait for the shine of the stars! No matter how dark the night, the true believers shall arise and shine!


In Christ I declare:

Sarah is my mother!

I am a child of promise!

I am the light of the world!

I am a city on hill and a light-house for the lost!


My children are free from the law of sin and death!

My children are true believers!

My children shall arise and shine!

The Hope of Glory dwells in me and in my children!

In Jesus name





“Those who trust in the Lord
Are like Mount Zion,
Which cannot be moved, but abides forever” (Ps 125:1)

This evening was different than other times. We sensed a strong opposition in ‘the atmosphere’, something like an evil spirit of intimidation. We prayed, we prophesied victory and we praised God. Even then, the opposition remained. As I got ready to preach God’s Word, something like a veil came on me. I suddenly felt very weak physically, to the point of fainting, but my spirit was alert. I could not finish the message I had prepared. We had to close the service earlier than usual. As I left the sanctuary, this was my prayer: “Father, glorify Yourself in my life, even in this difficult circumstances” I have no doubt that in the days ahead the glory of God shall fill our church like never before. The powers of darkness have failed! Revival shall come to our church and our city!

Psalm 125 is a song of faith. As we go higher on the holy mountain, closer to God, our faith will increase and become stronger. This is God’s promise to His faithful children. The main revelation is that their eternal destiny is secure. The devil attacks and sometimes they stumble. But the saints can never lose their salvation. This is the doctrine of the eternal security found in Christ alone. There are many believers who are not willing to pay the price to grasp this truth. They believe that eventually they will go to heaven but presently, but they often doubt their spiritually status. Doubt is a serious threat to believers. You have to identify it as an evil spirit. Resist it and it shall flee from you. Until you personally witness ‘the fleeing’ of this demon, do not relax in your warfare against it.

The promise given in this Psalm applies to them who ‘trust in the Lord’ or who trust in Jehovah God. He is the eternal faithful God; the ‘I am that I am’, the God of the covenant, the God of the Jews or the God of the Bible. The true believers trust in God and not in themselves. In Hebrew, the word ‘trust’ means to run to a place of security, of confidence and hope. In that place you become bold against the enemy and you are able to boast in the Lord. The reason for this confidence is that God protects you. It is not a man protecting you. It is not that you are strong enough to protect yourself. No! To trust it means to have confidence in another. You trust God Almighty. That is no enemy can touch you. No man or demon can destroy you once you are inside that stronghold of trust. This is more than a wish. This is the reality the children of God have discovered, that God is faithful to His promises of protection against the enemy. This promise is especially wonderful manifested as retaining the blessings gained thru warfare and deliverance. For example, believers pray for healing. Then the healing comes. The next thing, they start to worry about the sickness coming back again. That is when you need the promise of security found in Psalm 125. I remind myself that I am not just saved, but I am eternally saved!

There are three main characteristics of saving faith:
1-Faith understands the Word of God!
‘Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God’ (Heb 11:3, KJ)
Faith knows God and His Word! True faith is not blind, is not foolish and is not ignorant!
2-Faith has the power to rise above the circumstances! Faith believes in miracles!
“In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.” And he took him by the right hand and lifted him up…Yes, the faith which comes through Him has given him this perfect soundness in the presence of you all” (Ac 3:6, 7, 16)
3-Faith trusts God, His character and His promises! Faith knows that God is faithful to His promises!
“For what does the Scripture say? “Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness” (Rom 4:3)
Lastly the question remains, are you a true believer in God? Is your faith the true living and saving faith? Do you pay the price to study the Word of God so that faith can increase in your heart? Do you find peace even in the midst of negative circumstances around you? True faith has the power to rise up above the waves of the sea! Do you trust God, His character as a Holy Person, His Word, the leading of His Spirit? The true believers shall persevere in their faith unto the end. This is the promise and the prayer of our Lord Jesus Christ. No matter what the circumstances may be, in sickness and in health, in poverty of riches…our faith in God shall never fail!
“I have prayed for you, that your faith should not fail…” (Lk 22:32)

We sang a prophetic song giving by the Holy Spirit this evening: “I shall never be moved…My feet are planted on the Rock of Ages… I am hidden in the cleft of the Rock…like the mountains surround Jerusalem, I shall never be moved from my faith in God…I shall never be moved…”

In Christ I declare:
I understand the Word of God!
I rise above my circumstances!
I trust God, His character and His Promises!
My faith is the living saving faith!
Jesus prays for me!
I shall never be moved!
I abide forever!
In Jesus name

(This is my testimony: one hour later, at home, I became strong and yes, I am not moved! All is well! Jesus is Lord!)




“For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death” (Rom 8:2)


This is my testimony…it all started at the Cross of Calvary…The Cross has to do its peculiar work, deep in the spirit of man…it is painful it is fearful…this is the work of grace alone, at the very beginning…many run away from the Cross, to them, its call its foolishness…but for the willing, after the heart circumcision is done, their eyes shall see the King in His beauty, their ears shall hear the voice of the Shepherd and their heart shall be willing and joyfully desire to be led by the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead…

I am lead by the Spirit of Life! Each step on the way means a step deeper into the power of eternal life. Each stepping stone is a step into the abundant life that has no end. Death has disappeared from the map of my destiny! Honestly, I did not know that death is such a coward!  Hallelujah! Who could have imagined such a thing?

Free from sin, free from the law, free from the manipulations of men, free from the horror and power of death! Who desires freedom?  Many go to church but so few desire to pay the price for such a Blood soaked blessing freely given by the Lamb of God…Blessed are you who say ‘Yes!’ to Jesus Christ, our Lord!


In Christ I declare:

I am a child of God!

The law of the Spirit of life has set me free from the law of sin and death!

In Jesus name