“Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away” (SS 8:7)

This is a beautiful testimony of the power of eternal redemption found in Christ alone. It is also a beautiful love story between a man and woman, both true believers in Christ. Soon, we shall celebrate their wedding in our church. As a pastor and a mother in Christ I am very happy. I know both of them for more than seven years. We all love a beautiful romantic love story. Let me share with you a little from their testimony of grace…


Sister L started attending our church about seven years ago. Before then, she was the unofficial ‘second wife’ to a ‘rich man’. They were never married properly. She was in that oppressive relationship for more than five years. She had two children for that man. One died but her daughter survived. When she came to our church she was a broken woman with no dreams left, except to take care of her child. She is from a poor home. She is a dress maker. She came to my office and she told me her story… She was afraid to trust anybody…. But there was also good news… She has just given her life to Christ and decided to serve God in our church.

I told her that God loves her and from now on she will never be the same again. I also counseled her to separate from the father of her daughter. He was a married man with children and he will never marry her. She told me that she will not be able to pay rent with the money she makes from her work. Then I told her to go back to stay with her old parents. She agreed. The father of her daughter became violent and tried to take the girl from her. He told her that if she does not give him his daughter, he will not contribute any money for her welfare. In Nigeria it is very hard to ‘force’ a man to do what is right. It was not an easy battle. She prayed and prayed. She attended all the services in the church. She became baptized with the Holy Spirit. Every week I will see her coming to clean the sanctuary. She will pray in tongues for hours. She had t=no other hope than God. I saw her getting stronger and finally the war was over. The man abandoned them and stopped stalking them. She started living with her parents, sewing to pay for the food and the daughter’s school fees. She became a very good worker. Soon, she joined the ushers’ ministry. Also, she is one of the volunteer workers who designed and sewed the costumes for our yearly drama “The Nativity”. This is how her life went on for about five years…


Early last year, I called her to my office and asked her for her plans of marriage. She is now in her mid-thirties. She is a very beautiful woman, tall and slim, looking much younger than her age. Her daughter looks more like her sister. Both of them are very well behaved, humble, hardworking and faithful. Since she came to our church I have never heard from anybody that she behaved improperly towards any brother.

She told me that she does not have any plans to marry. That she does not think any brother will be interested to marry a woman like her. That she has dedicated her life to serve God and to be the best mother she can be. She told me that in her family they gave her ‘a title’ which translated from the urrhobo language it means ‘Second-hand-woman-with-child-who-will-never-marry-again’. I immediately rebuked her for accepting such ‘a title’, even if jokingly. With the authority I had as her pastor I destroyed the power and the effect such an occult declaration had upon her spirit. She said ‘Amen!’ I then told her to go home and think about God’s love and His plan for her to get married. I told her that if she believes my words, then she should go and buy her wedding shoes and bring them to me. I will keep them as a point of contact for her wedding day. We then prayed and the Holy Spirit fell on her. She was filled with joy. I have never seen her so happy! Two weeks later, she came, shaking with happiness. In her hands, there was a plastic bag with a pair of fancy high healed silver shoes. I knew that these shoes were much more expensive than what she can afford. She told me that God provided the money miraculously and that now she believes that she will be a bride. She told me that God gave her the design of her wedding dress and she will sew it herself.  She gave me the shoes on the 17th of February 2013. Nobody in her family knew about the shoes or her faith in marriage. She decided to keep it a secret. In a family of unbelievers, that was wisdom indeed.

Exactly one year later, on the 17th of February 2014, to her greatest surprise, a wonderful brother in Christ here in the church, proposed to her. Brother G is a fellow usher. He loves God, loves L and her daughter. He too has a great testimony… but that will be in another letter…


For now, just let’s give thanks to God who heals broken hearts, who plants seeds of life instead of evil, dreams instead of wounds and provides joy beyond words. May other single sisters, use this testimony as a point of contact! May God grant you true love, on this earth and even everlasting! For God is willing and able to do it, even much more than you can ask or imagine! Praise the God of sister L! Praise His Holy Name!


In Christ I declare:

Brother G and Sister L shall be happily married with children!

In Jesus name





“To the Jews who had believed in Him Jesus said: If you hold to My teaching you are really My disciples. Then you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free…If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed!” (Jn 8:31-36)


Examine yourself! Are you a free soul of are you a slave? There is no other option.

Jesus Christ died on the Cross to set you free!

The devil deceived Adam and Eve to make them and you his slaves!

Truth and faith in the Word of God sets you free!

Deception lies and idols will bring you into bondage!


This is the definition of freedom:

Freedom means to be saved, to have eternal life and to live in the center of the will of God!

Freedom means to fear God and no one else!

Freedom is the opposite and the end of slavery and bondage (to sin, to the law, to the devil and to the world)!

Freedom means the absence of a wicked force coming from outside and opposing you when making decisions!

Freedom destroys the evil powers of violence, manipulation and intimidation coming against your soul!

Freedom eliminates your enemies!

Freedom separates you from the evil power of another who wants to control you, to be your master by force!

Freedom means the power to be out spoken and honest; to speak the truth in love always!

Freedom means to have the boldness to conceive and execute a project as God leads you to do!

Freedom means the end of hindrances and frustrations that slowed you down in the past!

Freedom means making progress in life and moving fast into your God given destiny!

Freedom means to be a child of God and Spirit filled!

Freedom means to be healed and delivered by the Blood of Jesus!

May the blessings of true freedom in Christ be manifested in your life from now on and forever!


In Christ I declare:

I am a child of God!

I hold to the teaching of Jesus!

His truth has set me free!

I am blessed!

I am healed!

I am delivered!

In Jesus name


OUR GOD OR their idols



Our prayer meeting was very good. At exactly 5 PM there was a big storm outside. Because of that many came late, wet from the rain. If I was the one, maybe I could not have had the faith to come at the closing of the service. I could have stayed home because of the rain. It is possible that I am too much a perfectionist. Thank God that our congregation is not like that. They decided that one minute in the presence of God is worth the coming. What a reward for me as their pastor and teacher… My students came thru the rain, not to receive money or fried chicken. They came just to have an encounter with the Living God, to hear His Word, to pray, to worship and to receive His Spirit. I was greatly encouraged tonight. Thank You, our Father! The following was our sermon.

“Our God is in heaven; He does whatever pleases Him.

But their idols are silver and gold, made by human hands.

They have mouths, but cannot speak; eyes, but cannot see.

They have ears, but cannot hear, noses, but cannot smell.

They have hands, but cannot feel; feet, but cannot walk nor can they utter a sound with their throats.

Those who make them will be like them and so will all who trust in them” (Ps 115: 3-8)


Psalm 115 reminds us of the eternal difference between God and other man made gods. The humanity is separated in two groups: the believers in Jesus Christ and the idol worshippers. Each man shall eventually resemble the thing he loves the most. If you worship God Almighty then you shall be like Jesus! If you worship a goat you shall behave like a goat! This is one of the greatest revelations of the Bible. Jesus said: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Mt 6:21)


The pagans are ignorant and foolishly bold. They persecute and mock the believers asking ‘where is your God?’ This is because without God’s revelation to man, no one can know Him. The answer is that our God is in heaven and He is sovereign over all, including the unbelievers. We all trust somebody. We trust God and they trust the idols.

The word ‘trust’ appears four times in Psalm 115. In Hebrew it means to boldly run inside a place of refuge, to be surrounded by hope, to have a sure faith and confidence of its protection. Inside that place of trust, no enemy can penetrate. This description applies for them who trust in God. But for them who trust in idols, in gods made by human hands or imaginations, the place they run to will disappoint them. It is a shaky place surrounded by anxiety, filled with confusion and despair. All sinners know it very well; the tragedy of a hopeless situation where no prayer works and no man can help.


The Ten Commandments clearly forbid idolatry. God is jealous. He punishes the idol worshippers to the fourth generation.

“And God spoke all these words: “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.

“You shall have no other gods before Me” (Ex 20:1-3)


The Psalmist helps us to better understand the disappointment, the deception and the tragedy of idolatry. The man made gods promise great things but are not able to deliver. There are totally deaf, dumb, blind and paralyzed. Their worshippers become as their idols. The meaning of the words in Hebrew describes perfectly the utter uselessness of idols.

The idols cannot do the following actions:

*They cannot speak, study, command, answer, teach, promise or subdue circumstances

*They cannot see, prophesy, experience joy or provide

*They cannot hear intelligently, understand, obey, be a witness or be attentive, focused or diligent

*They cannot smell, enjoy life, breathe or anticipate happiness

*They cannot feel, touch, make contact or make friends

*They cannot walk, behave well, make progress, go forward, be successful, lead, grow spiritually or travel.

If you worship idols you shall become dumb, blind, deaf, unhappy, isolated and poor. God forbid! God forbid!


An idol is anything that competes with the worship of God in your secret heart. Anything that you love too much, that you spend too much time thinking of, that you feel dying if you lose it. Search your heart and pray. Is there any secret idol in your heart? Do you get easily sidetracked by negative words and difficult circumstances? Self is the greatest idol. Are there things you think you can accomplish by your own power?

A young man came to my office recently. He said to me: “Pastor, I want to marry. I did not find the lady who will be my wife, but that is not my problem. To marry is easy for me. My only problem is that I do not have money to prepare for the wedding”. I told him that he worships idols. That he worships self. Because of that, God will not give him the money he so much desires.

May God open your mouth to pray!

May God open your eyes to see King Jesus!

May God open your ears to hear what the Spirit says to the churches!

May God help to smell the fragrance of Christ and to enjoy life!

May God help you to touch the helm of His garments and the hand of a needy friend!

May God help you to grow spiritually and to make progress in life!

In Jesus name





“But he (Jesus) was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was on Him; and with His stripes we are healed” (Is 53:5)


“Dear Heavenly Father, please answer this prayer!

Holy Spirit, please touch and heal Your child!

Nothing is too hard for You!

I command every evil spirit of infirmity to leave you now!

I destroy every occult spell on you now!

I quench that fever now!

I speak life and strength into your body now!

Every organ shall function well now!

This healing shall bring glory to God!

In Jesus name,



Now open your mouth and say it every day:




You are healed!

Glory to God!




‘Two are better than one. If either of them falls down, one can help the other up…

Take ships as an example. Although they are so large and are driven by strong winds, they are steered by a very small rudder wherever the pilot wants to go” (Ecc 4:9, 10; Jam 3:4; NIV)


As we have seen, the tongue is compared with the rudder of a ship. It is small but has the power to direct the path and destiny of the man. Without the rudder, the pilot cannot control or steer the vessel. The rudder does not push the ship to any side. But it influences the current of water that eventually changes the ship’s direction.

In marriage the use of the tongue is very important. Ideally, it directs ‘the marriage ship’ towards God’s plan for the couple. But an irresponsible or immature pilot may end up having a shipwreck. It is easy to end in divorce. Just be careless with your tongue. That is the natural path of man. It takes God to make it work! The couple has to learn how to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

God has decreed in His Word that the husband is the captain and the wife is the co-pilot. There are no two captains. Only one! But both need to be equally trained and qualified as ‘naval pilots’. The husband and the wife take turns in piloting the ship. These shifts are necessary so that when one works, the other can rest. This is divine wisdom, to conserve energy for the long journey called marriage. In case of emergency, they are both awake and alert, exchanging ideas how to overcome the problem. The wife proposes the most useful strategies, with their pros and cons. The husband makes the final decision. The wife then submits and totally co-operates with his choice of method. There should be no competition and no strife between the two of them. Both the role of the husband as the leader of the home, and the wife in active intelligent submissive and co-operation, is for the common good.


This is a possible scenario of a marriage crisis:

The marriage ship is quietly going ahead. The husband rests and the wife is on duty, piloting the ship. Suddenly she sees a fancy boat coming towards them.  It is the devil, coming from the left side of the ship with a private speed boat. He calls her for an exciting cruise of only an hour.  As the pilot in charge, she knows her duty: she is to warn the strange boat with a loud horn sound. But for a moment, she forgets her responsibility. Suddenly the sea looks bluer and the young captain with his designer shiny boat seems so friendly. She starts thinking that her work in the ship is too tedious and boring. ‘A cruise will be good’…she finds herself thinking. She decides to go to the stranger. While her husband is sleeping, she drops the ladder on the left side of the ship. Shaking with excitement she starts going down. But her foot slips and she falls into the sea. The stranger laughs and runs away, leaving her there struggling for her life. The ship is too high for her to go back unnoticed. Without help, she may die.

Her husband wakes up from sleep and looking at the camera, discovers that the ship is abandoned. He runs to look for his wife. She is now just a dot on the sea, still fighting for her life. He now turns the rudder towards her direction. The ship called marriage now becomes her salvation. At just the right time, he leaves the ship on the automatic pilot and jumps into the wild sea. He grabs his wife just in time. He brings her back to their ship. The worship continues….


This is my testimony:

As a wife and co-pilot, I had to learn to apply daily the spiritual principles of life I found in the Bible. I also had to learn to try new creative things, under the training of Elohim, God the Creator. Marriage and ministry cannot succeed using only ‘common sense’. In our case, we come from very different backgrounds, from different cultures and continents. My husband ‘common sense’ is different one than mine. What seem normal to him are things I dislike, and the other way round. Using the path of common sense, we could have shipwrecked our marriage long ago. Thank God for Jesus and His Salvation. We are now both saved and mature believers. We are both trained and lead by the Holy Spirit. Each of us carries the responsibility and the burden for the success of our lives, marriage, children and ministry. If one falls into the sea, the other knows how to move the rudder in his (her) direction and come closer to save the victim. We both do this work as it is necessary. Each successful intercession strengthens our desire to continue the journey and the give glory to God.

This is one of our ‘secrets’ as a married couple, why we are successful: we have indeed discovered Christ in each other. Our spiritual foundation is strong! If I can give you one advice it is this: Marriage is work! Marriage cannot survive with a just a beautiful parlor, a pretty face and relaxing instrumentals in the background. Marriage has enemies! The devil targets the marriage and like a wicked pirate, he is ready to kidnap and kill. Both my husband and I we are trained in the art of spiritual warfare. We trust one another because we have found Christ in one another. We have learned our lessons in a painful way and none wants to repeat the mistakes again. There is no room for betrayal anymore.


Lessons from Hosea and Gomer

Captain Prophet Hosea has much to teach us when it comes to bring back a wayward co-pilot. Read his book in the Bible. He has learned to use kind but honest words that can save the most wretched wife. He knows that using the tongue to injure the stubborn beloved will only increase the overall damage. God kept Gomer alive in the raging sea; he will not ‘shoot’ her with his tongue. After all, as captain, he has to give an account for his staff, dead or alive.

Hosea prepared his speech to meet his runaway wife: “I will speak tenderly to her…” (Hos 2:14)

The word ‘tenderly’ means to speak from the point of pain, from a broken heart that even God honors. It means to speak words that are easy to ‘digest’. No PHD oratory and no grammar here!  Just pure love found at the foot of Calvary Cross. Kind words in time of provocation can bring peace to the restless and save a drowning soul. The Holy Spirit shall supply them. You have to speak them.

This is my encouragement to you: Marriage is a good thing indeed!


In Christ I declare:

In all crises, I speak kind words of life supplied by the Holy Spirit!

My life is good, but it will become better!

My marriage is good, but it will become better!

My ministry is good, but it will become better!

I am healed! I am delivered! I am free!

To the glory of God!

In Jesus name





“Just as water is turned into irrigation ditches, so the Lord directs the king’s thoughts. He turns them wherever he wants to…If anyone can control his tongue it proves that he has perfect control over himself in every other way… And a tiny rudder makes a huge ship turn wherever the pilot wants it to go, even though the winds are strong” (PV 21:1; Jam 3:2-4; LB)

The tongue is compared with the rudder of a ship. It is small but has the power to direct the path and destiny of the man. I am not a naval engineer. So, I’ve gathered some technical information how the rudder guides the ship. This is what I’ve found: The rudder is a very small vertical blade located underwater, at the back end of the ship. However, it can swing a huge ship around with relative ease. Without it, the pilot cannot control or steer the vessel. For example, when the pilot turns the rudder to the right, the flow of the water on the same side of the ship becomes slower. This slower movement of the water will exert less pressure on the ship compared with the fast moving current on the other side of the ship (this is called the Bernoulli’s principle of fluid dynamics). The lower pressure now works like a vacuum. It attracts the ship to move towards it. In other words, the rudder does not push the ship to any side. But it influences the currents that change the ship’s direction. The lower current pulls the ship. To better understand the power of such small equipment, listen to this: If a ship loses its rudder, it takes three or four powerful tug boats to turn a large ship.

The tongue is compared with the rudder of a great ship. This little muscle between your cheeks has the power of life and death (PV18:21). The words spoken by you will direct your whole body, or even your marriage towards life or death. No man can ‘push’ another man to change direction in life. No man can change the heart of another. No physical force, beating, shouting, manipulation or temper tantrum can truly change another man. His tongue has to be renewed and then the change will be immediate, easy and enjoyable.

In marriage relationships the tongue is very efficient, for good or for bad, to build or destroy. Most couples who come to me for counselling, they get angry at the words of one another. They respond in kind. If the husband shouts, the wife feels that is her ‘duty’ to shout back. This is the natural human response. You need supernatural methods to win the victory! If the Holy Spirit takes control of the tongue, the shout, the abusive words are met in the power of the same Spirit. Then the hearts and circumstances change.
Let’s take this scenario: the husband is an unbeliever, married to a believing wife. All is well, for some time. Nobody knows that the storm is coming. Then one evening, the husband comes home after a long day in the office, tired and frustrated with his job. His level of patience in his ‘tank’ is below ‘reserve’. He cannot control his tongue. He is not able to be kind to his wife. Something pushes him to be rude. He misplaces his anger towards the wife. Suddenly, the devil takes control of the home. The husband will find fault with his wife just because she is the most available person around. The words he wanted to say to his boss will come to her like fiery darts from hell. His anger makes no sense. Sin is not reasonable. For a minute, the husband will vent his frustration on the poor woman. His words are like a flood of water. If the wife is not a mature believer, she will panic and the sudden wave will destabilize her ‘ship’ (her heart). But if she is an experienced spiritual ‘pilot’, she will manage the crisis well. She will remain calm, praying in the Spirit, hand on the steering that turns the rudder and eyes fixed on Jesus. She will be able to turn her ship in such a way that the flood will not damage her heart. She will be able to prudently overlook his sin, forgive him and still continue to love him, ‘like nothing has happened’. Not only that but she will take advantage of the speed of the tsunami wave and make fast progress ahead. After the storm dies down, the (foolish) husband will have no other option than to give glory to God for his loving wife. He has to admire her grace, poise, patience and love and repent of his sin. He sees Christ in her. He will now desire to change.

I said that I am not a naval engineer. But maybe I am one. I am also a pilot and a weather consultant. Of course, spiritually! I have applied this principles many times. They work! He that controls his tongue in times of provocation will escape spiritual personal damage and will direct the marriage to better ‘waters’. After the ‘rough weather’ in the home, the Master of the Sea speaks: ‘Peace, be still!’ His word never fails! I have spoken this Word so many times that all my walls and even my ceiling are witnesses to it. No devil can resist God’s Word! Then the sun shines again! The danger is averted! Progress in marriage is sure! The worship continues! True love never fails!

Dear Brethren, this is my word to you: Do not be afraid of difficult circumstances of poisonous words! The sea changes from season to season! You cannot expect to be a mature pilot that other will trust, without passing thru some rough waters in life! But you don’t have to sink! No matter the attack, you don’t have to do mistakes that will damage your ship! You do not have to end up with a broken heart before 12 midnight! The Word of God and His Spirit have enough power to make you a champion! In Christ, you are able to make the best out of every negative situation. That is why I do not fear men or their words! I do not fear the devil, slander, divorce, sickness or untimely death! That is why I fear God! That is why I enjoy God and my marriage! That is why I have peace!
Praise His Holy Name!

In Christ I declare:
All things work together for good for me and my marriage!
I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me!
I forbid divorce!
With my words, I direct my marriage towards righteousness peace and joy in the Holy Ghost!
I am a mature believer!
To the glory of God!
In Jesus name