‘Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires’ (SS 2:7).
We are far away from our comfort zone at home. The smells, the sounds, the weather, the food…all is different … But God is here, with us, so I feel good…i feel safe…

Love has its own ‘agenda’…its own seasons and times…like the ocean tide, it goes higher or lower, according to the law of its source…love hates cages, limitations and control…when it is free it sings and invents things none could imagine…

Dear friend, I think of you… If today was hard, if things did not work well, if you are sick or sad…even then, have hope, for the Lover’s song is composed for you and you shall hear its strings soon…yes, I am in love with Jesus, you can tell…

This afternoon, we had lunch at Goreme Cappadochia…can you believe this? The name of the owner of the small road side, but very nice restaurant was Jesus. The food was very good, the smiles also…we said ‘Thank you, Jesus’ many times today…for the rice, for the garden egg salad, for the vegetables and fruits…thank you Jesus. We were so impressed with the restaurant that Jesus took us at the backyard to show us the chef. His old mother was cooking all these wonderful dishes in an old fashioned Turkish kitchen…No, her name was not Mary…but she was a sweet old woman who could not speak English but she could cook first class…

Love is aroused…Love is awaken…its desire is to have my heart, to fill it all…with new fresh wine…this is a new season for us all…Grateful and happy, for God’s love and detailed care to me and my family, I send you greetings…

Thank You, Lord Jesus!!!

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