“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness” (Lam 3:22, 23)

It is early morning. I am excited about today. Not just about the things to see or do, but about my God, always here with me, faithful and true. I am never alone, not just at home where I live amongst family and friends, but everywhere, even in my travels, in the midst of strangers. Emmanuel, God is with us… He daily dispenses a fresh holy pure passionate complete dose of heavenly love and original mercy.

God’s love is steadfast. What it is the meaning of ‘steadfast’? It means to be fixed in one direction, in one place and one position. It does not waver from its original purpose, faith and attachment. Simply said, if God said that He loves you, then He will love you forever. He will pity you forever. No matter what, His love shall never depart from you. This promise stands because God is eternal and faithful. He alone can afford such a mighty promise. This is so comforting to know…

If you are God’s child, then each morning you shall feel His steadfast and faithful love. It is unshakable, the proof that Jesus is the Rock of Ages. His love will carry you on eagle’ s wings, morning, afternoon, evening and night. That will be your testimony today. And tomorrow, as the day breaks, you shall meet it again, fresh and strong, a sign that God is Ancient but He never gets old. God’s love does not expires, fades, weakens, gets sick or dies. God is not like man. He will never betray you. Be sure you believe this in the depth of your soul.

Do not just worry about today or on behalf of tomorrow. God’s love will swallow your troubles just like Moses’ serpent swallowed the serpents of the magicians in Egypt. Just position yourself to be steadfast and faithful in your praises to God. For He is worthy! Good morning, children…
Praise The Lord!

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