“Keep silent and let me speak;
then let come to me what may.
Why do I put myself in jeopardy
and take my life in my hands?
Though He slay me, yet will I hope in Him!
I will surely defend my ways to His face.
Indeed, this will turn out for my deliverance,
for no godless person would dare come before Him!
Listen carefully to what I say;
let my words ring in your ears.
Now that I have prepared my case,
I know I will be vindicated” (Job 13:13-18)

Today is three weeks since I fell and broke my foot. I never knew that God planned for me such a wonderful time with Him alone, for me to rest my soul and feed my spirit in His presence… Apart from the first hour of pain the rest part of this journey is filled with light, peace and joy.

Like I said, there are so many good lessons for me to learn… With my foot arrested in the cast, I am forced to slow down my physical activities. But my spirit is not in prison for it is bound with the Word of life that knows no limitations.

What are some of these lessons? The first one that comes to my mind is that God often leads His children thru strange paths but He remains the same! In the natural, we do not see any good coming from a time of sickness, for example. We ask ourselves ‘what good can come out of this situation as I lie down on this hospital bed… Or having no money… Or abandoned by friends?’ We try to think of a gain in the pain but we find none. But not so with God. He leads us thru dark ravines, stormy seas and valleys of shadows so that we discover that His Word, His grace and His presence is sufficient to live!

God alone can shine His light in the midst if darkness! He alone can squeeze the grapes of my soul to produce the sweet wine of mature faith! He alone is able to disappoint the hopes of my enemies when they see me down like a fallen sparrow with a broken wing…’can she ever fly again?’ They say to one another…Yes, for with God there is always the supernatural strength for a new beginning!

Like Job, me too I say that no matter what happens to me in this life I will always hope in my Savior! If God is my friend or my ‘enemy’ I will still trust in Him! Jesus died to save my soul? Why will I then be so ungrateful and wicked to doubt His love for me now? No devil can destroy this my hope for it us not him who gave hope to me! I boldly declare that I am God’s child. In His will, He gave me the right of inheritance. He shed His Blood that I may inherit His Spirit, His peace, His joy, His faith and His personal hope. No enemy can take these promises away! These blessings are mine forever! My sickness or my trial cannot go so deep that I will find myself lost and without hope. That can never happen! God will never allow it to happen! I know it!

Jesus commanded us: ‘Be faithful unto death and I will give you the crown of life!’ (Rev 2:10). This is my desire! I want to be found faithful to the end! In good times and in bad times I want to hold on the hand of my Jesus! It is my prayer and my choice! Fever or no fever, fracture or no fracture, I refuse to doubt God’s goodness in my life! He is my everlasting Father and my God forever! The path God chose for me may look strange for now, but in the end I shall be vindicated and rewarded for my faithfulness!

My children, be encouraged today! Be faithful to God! Our enemies shall regret their attack! They shall fall for our sake! In the end, we shall be rewarded for our faithfulness! Do not fear boasting! Not all boasting is bad! I boast in knowing my God! You my children should do the same! Welcome to the family of royal holy boasters! Rejoice! And I say again: rejoice! Jesus is Lord!!!

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