Faith And Perseverance

Nothing else can replace faith and perseverance! These are unique skills that please God! These are the only wings able to carry you to your Promised Land.

Wings have to be exercised to be useful. Daily stretch them and fly above the ordinary events. Even if you fall, get up and rise again.

You should hate laziness and carelessness. These are little foxes destroying the intimacy with God. Do not delegate to others that which you have to do yourself. Proud people dream much, boast of much, but miss much more!

Be an example of a doer of the Word of God! Your people need you as a spiritual inspiration, somebody to imitate. Be a good example to the young ones. There is great reward for that.

Loneliness should never be an excuse for backsliding. Walk in faith and persevere to the end. Desire to see the manifestation of your prayers! God wants to rejoice together with you.

“We do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised” (Heb 6:12)

One comment on “Faith And Perseverance

  1. Benedicta Ajos says:

    Father,help me to hold-on,never be lazy and help me to always be the living epistle.

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