One of the greatest revelations for me was to find out that a man can live on this earth totally fulfilled, completely free from all fears and inferiority complexes. When I gave my life to Christ, I was so happy to know that my sins have been forgiven. It was a great surprise to discover that forgiveness of sins is just the beginning of the blessed Spirit filled life. So many other moments of joy paved the narrow way!

It is such a sad thing that so few Christians desire to know the power of the Cross. They run away from the Cross, not knowing that they cheat themselves by ‘denying the power thereof’.

As for me, long ago I made up my mind that I will go closer to the Cross and study it by myself. There was a magnetic attraction for me to go and see, and touch, and listen…to any drop of revelation…Just the way many people here are desperate to go ‘abroad’ so was I to go to the Cross of Christ. The closer I went the fewer people I met.

For a long time I was considered crazy…why go there? But still I could not stop…and what I found at the Cross changed me forever! Its ugliness and terror hides the greatest treasure man can ever know. If you have not had an encounter with Christ Crucified, you do not know Him well.

I invite you friend…Let’s go to Calvary and hear the triumphant voice of God: ‘It is finished!’ (Jn 19:30)

Come to the Cross!

There is no need to look back for…behold, the gate of life is opened in the shadow of it all!

2 comments on “IT IS FINISHED!

  1. Jemine Leigh says:

    Come just as you are… beautiful!

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