Pray for your church!

Three things are indispensable for a healthy church: Word + Spirit + Leaders!
1. Preaching true doctrine (the Gospel of Christ Crucified)
2. The Holy Spirit is free to manifest (producing worshipers who give all the glory to God)
3. Godly leadership (the leaders are saved, genuinely called by God and mentor others by example)
Baking a good cake is a science. You need good ingredients in the correct measure. If there is any mistake in their mixing, in their quantity, in the timing of blending or in the temperature of the oven, any of these can spoil the cake.
It is the same with the church. There is a right combination of spiritual elements that produce the atmosphere of a true church as seen in the Book of Acts. The church is not a human company, is not a business center, not a democratic government. The church is the living, ever growing BODY of CHRIST. It is a place where miracles happen and the people grow in the grace and in the knowledge of their Savior and King.
This powerful but delicate, mysterious combination can be damaged by the devil and his agents. We are warned to watch for them that cause divisions, them that desire to destroy the unity of the Spirit and the flow of life. These people pretend to be believers but they have a different vision than that of the main Body. They try to damage the main ingredients: for example, they do not submit to the leadership, they preach another ‘gospel’ and they grieve the Holy Spirit with careless words and attitudes. We are told to rebuke them in love, once, then the second time. If they remain unrepentant, we are to separate from them and hand them over to church discipline. Do not be ignorant of spiritual warfare! Do not be passive and foolish! The Body is too precious to Christ to be damaged by the enemy. God will react and judge the sinner.
Please pray for your church, for your pastors, for your leaders, for the Word of God to be preached from the pulpits and for the Spirit to move in our midst freely.
“Lord, open our hearts to be grateful and open our eyes to be watchful! In Jesus name we pray, amen!”
(Lessons from Titus 3:1-11)

One comment on “Pray for your church!

  1. Jemine Leigh says:

    I stand in agreement. I pray for God’s perfect will for my church. I also pray to be more grateful for what we have… it is wonderful. So happy to be a part of Father’s House Church in Nigeria and also my home church in Houston, Encourager Church. I feel like a wealthy woman just being part of these great congregations and under such leadership. May God continue to help us be the church that He longs for us to be.

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