A Wall of Fire around and Glory within

Jesus Mega Party 2012 is over. So many lessons to learn…So many reasons to give praise to God…

Some things we prayed for and expected by faith were the same like in the past. For example, the number of people that came to hear about Jesus was in the thousands. Multitudes answered ‘the altar call’ and prayed ‘the sinner’s prayer’. Praise God!

But this year was different in many aspects. For example, the armed police men that we contacted did not come. At the last minute they went somewhere else. The men in the church had to do ‘the policing’ the best they could. But glory to God, with all that multitude of sinners looking for salvation, no serious incident was reported. Then we discovered, just yesterday, that the man who supplied the fireworks from Lagos, had cheated us. He sent fewer and ‘expired’ ones. So the firework was not as great like in the past. But then, God is ever faithful! The anointing of God, His fire of Baptism took over the field…As the voice of the pastor shouted: Happy New Year…most people fell on their knees and prayed and prayed totally ignoring any firework display in the sky. Another new thing: Probably because I was the only ‘oyibo’ (‘white’ skin) in the midst of thousands Nigerians, the ‘big’ ushers came and surrounded me. But there was no need of man’s ‘protection’…The spirit of fear was totally absent in the field…To my surprise, and theirs too, people just came from all over and knelt down around me asking for prayers and blessings. There was no way to refuse such a blessed request. I started praying in tongues and I told them to pray for the Baptism of the Spirit, for miracles and revival. That’s all! Then I touched their heads…Each one burst in tongues and giving glory to God…tears streaming on their faces, joy overflowing, down in the sand…couples came together, hand in hand praying…the barren and the sick, the strange looking and ‘the normal’ ones…as the praise was going on loud on the stage, the Holy Spirit came down to do His peculiar work in the hearts of His hungry worshippers…I have never heard so many desperate prayers in tongues around me since we started Jesus Mega Party about ten years ago. If there was any robber who wanted to kidnap me, there was no way to pass the wall of tongues and fire… from people I have never seen in my life…

I have seen it with my eyes and I testify that Jesus had His own Party indeed; that His soul was satisfied last night, that He has received the evening offering of praise at the Cross…There is not greater protection that Christ Himself!

“Jerusalem (Father’s House Bible Church, Warri, Nigeria) will be a city without walls because of the great number of men and livestock in it. And I Myself will be a Wall of fire around it- declares the Lord – and I will be its glory within!” (Zec 2:4, 5)

I am a witness to the glory and the revival in Warri!

I believe, therefore I have spoken!

IMG_3557In Jesus name, amen!

One comment on “A Wall of Fire around and Glory within

  1. Jemine Leigh says:

    I am also a witness to the glory and the revival in Warri! I travel many hours with great expectation that I may be a part of this great congregation and worship God where He dwells. It is wonderful! Looking forward to MORE!!!

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