Jezebel, the fake queen ‘of heaven’

God says: “They provoked Me: they made Me jealous with what is not God: therefore will I make them jealous” (Deut 32:21)

These are the effects of tolerating the evil spirit of Jezebel while still coming to church, to the presence of God:
*Fearful, tormenting and lustful imaginations, combined with constant dreams filled with violence and …lewd scenes
*A tendency to depression, to sorrow without hope, to weep and break down; bitterness, anxiety, fear of failure and of death
*An addiction, an infatuation with worldliness, pornography and prostitution, lacking the desire for repentance and holiness
All these sins hinder the soul to see God, for only the pure in heart can do so (Mt 5:8). They seek God but stop half way, never able to fulfill their destiny. The evil spirit of Jezebel bewitches the believers to become blind to the power of the Cross and of the Blood of Christ. It offers them a cheap alternative of religious entertainment, a form of godliness but without power. These believers do not seem able to trust God for total freedom or for the filling with the Holy Spirit. They start well but suddenly they go astray, losing the desire to obey the truth or to trust God for miracles (Gal 3:1-5; 4:8-11; 5:7-12; 2Tim 3:5).
The judgment of God is that they will become jealous on others. They will see people around them who become better, happier and richer than they. It is a terror to see that the younger believers, even the children are blessed more than you….They will be angry and jealous on others who they think ‘steal’ their blessings. Tolerating Jezebel is idolatry and that will bring God’s judgment, sooner or later… life begins to disintegrate, and the glory departs…

Let’s pray: “Dear Lord Jesus, forgive me for tolerating the evil spirit of Jezebel, for hiding idols in my heart while coming to You. Have mercy on me! Help me to repent, for I am in darkness and I have lost my way… Deliver my soul! Heal my body! Grant revival to me and my family! For Your name sake! I promise to give You alone all the glory! In Jesus name I pray, amen!”

3 comments on “Jezebel, the fake queen ‘of heaven’

  1. Ljbendele says:

    Dear Silvia:   there must be a “rain of the Holy Spirit with repentance” to cleanse the land…all occult practices must cease!  The complete protection promised in Psalm 91 and Isaiah 60 apply only to those who denounce the occult (in effect, worship of  satan). All teraphim (idols) must be smashed and destroyed. all “high places” must be dismantled.  Heavy burden to pray for Warri…and here. Praying your people hear the voice of the Good Shepard. Praying for Baptism of Holy Spirit !

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