The weapon of prayer

woman prayingIn this parable Jesus introduces us to a woman who is in great need (Lk 18:1-8). Let’s identify with her and we shall only gain. The first thing we are told about her is that she is a widow. She has no human helper. The trust in man is cursed by God. There are people that say that they do not trust anybody but they trust themselves. That will end in disappointment and failure…. The result of this misplaced trust is a spiritually blindness and bareness, a lonely, isolated soul. Repent and turn your heart towards God. Have faith in God alone and you will never be put to shame. God will position you in a ‘watered’ place where you will be fruitful and a blessing to many. The result of this blessed life is that you will be free from any fears the natural man experiences. This holy assurance is a sign that your faith is in God alone (Jer 17:5-8).
Let’s go back to our ‘sister’, the widow. She is poor, lonely and troubled. She has an enemy who knows she is vulnerable and weak, takes advantage of that and persecutes her continuously. She is the picture of the true believer. The attacks from the devil are strong and unfair. For a long time she can only cry for ‘justice from the adversary’. She does not take the matter into her own hands, but goes to the official judge who alone has the authority to help. Her situation is made difficult by the fact that the judge is a hard person, with no respect for God or man.
She wisely recognizes the fact that all authority comes from God (Rom 13:1-5). It does not matter if the official, the leader is a kind person or not. It does not matter if he is willing to attend to her case or not. She is too poor to bribe him; her poverty is strength because she has nothing to lose and no fear from ‘the big man’. She is humble and she knows that God is in charge of all situations on earth and He will answer them that have faith and cry to Him ‘day and night’. This is a stumbling block to rebellious and proud people. They do not acknowledge the sovereignty of God who delegates His authority to whom He wants, to saints or sinners alike (Dan 5:21). It is God that has the last say in all human affairs. You should know that it does not matter if the leader, the boss or the judge is good or bad to you. God is in charge! I am a believer and God is on my case! If God says ‘yes’ no man can say ‘no’! This ‘little’ secret is the foundation of successful Christian life! God is in charge of His creation and God answers the prayers of His people! The Almighty God is your Father! That is all you need to know! Amen!
Please note: this woman does not seek vengeance but JUSTICE!!! Also observe that this woman has only one option to escape the torment of the enemy: the weapon of prayer. It may not look like much, but prayer is the greatest power given to man.
‘Dear Lord Jesus, by the power of Your Spirit, help me to be strong in my inner man, confident of Your presence and sure victory! Wake me, Lord!!! Do whatever it takes to wake me from this slumber or doubt! Help me to be alert and ‘to pray in the Spirit on ALL occasions with ALL kinds of prayers and requests’ (Eph 6:18). I vow to Give You alone ALL the Glory, for the improvment of my prayer life and for the sure reward, In Jesus name I pray, amen!’

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