Imitate the faithful and the patient!

‘Imitate those who thru faith and patience inherit what has been promised’ (Heb 6:12).

Imitate the humble, faithful, good and holy man (or woman) of God, who denies his flesh, carry his cross daily and follows Jesus! Imitate him who proves his walk by his spiritual fruits that none can deny!
Do not imitate the religious fake, the loud, the wayward, the proud, the worldly, the spiritual barren men (or women)! Stop! Draw back from them, repent and readjust to the truth of the Gospel!
Proud people always ignore the God ‘factor’. They do not believe that God is interested to help the helpless who ‘day and night’ pray for mercy and grace at His Throne. Please see the danger of doubt coming from the spirit of religion thru false believers who infiltrate church. This evil spirit will tell you that you are wasting your time by praying; that you do not need to pay the price to seek and find Jesus, the Author and Finisher of true faith in God; that you are too insignificant to the God of the Universe and that He does not know you; that you should abandon the holy place of prayer and do something more ‘practical’ than that.
God judges the proud by refusing to justify them, to give them peace or to answer their prayers. God is the Rock of defense and the Avenger of them that put their trust in Him.
Woman, you who pray for the salvation of your husband or children… You barren woman who pray to receive the fruit of the womb… You single woman who desires the gift of marriage… You who are sick in the body and mind, persecuted and lonely… You who pray for finances to use them according to the will of God…CONTINUE TO PRAY AND HAVE FAITH IN GOD!!! No man that continues to pray shall ever regret the time spent on his knees!
Prayer is God’s invention! God is never too early and never too late. He has heard your cries and has seen your tears. He will surely come and rescue you from this heavy burden that no man can carry. He will come to give you the testimony of victory and of a changed life! O…the blessing of a new beginning! To the glory and honor of the name of Jesus Christ!

One comment on “Imitate the faithful and the patient!

  1. Ljbendele says:

    As one of books you recommended, praying against spirits of passivity  in addition to spirit of procrastination …AMEN to this…

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