Overturned tables

‘So on March 7th, the two decrees of the king were put into effect. On that day, the enemies of the Jews had hoped to overpower them, but quite the opposite happened. It was the Jews who overpowered their enemies’ (Est 9:1, NLB)
There are two nations: the Jews and the Amalekites. One nation was blessed and the other was cursed by God. God picked their leaders: Mordecai, the servant of God on one side and Haman, the Amalekite, on the other side. God allowed Haman to be promoted first. Many accepted the king’s decision and bowed down to Haman, except Mordecai, who could not submit to a cursed man. This refusal to worship made Haman mad with rage. He decided to kill Mordecai, but his anger was too much to be satisfied on only one person. So he made a plan to kill not only Mordecai, but all his people, the Jews. He convinced the king that these Jews are trouble makers and they should be exterminated. The king, who loved to drink, was foolish enough to believe him and he agreed. Then Haman went to the court magicians to cast lots to know the day when this ‘sacrifice’ should be done. They gave him a date, on the 7th of March, eleven months later.
This is a miracle! On that day, the Jews were prepared for battle. By this time things have changed: Haman, who picked the date given by the magicians, was dead. Mordecai was promoted by the king and replace Haman. The king sent messengers with the news that the Jews are free to fight back for their lives. The fear of God fell upon all the people in the land. No one could fight the Jews. So the tables were overturned and the victims became the victors in less than a year.
Spiritual lessons:
*God is faithful and He chose His faithful servants ‘for such a time as this’. During times of crisis, God will position true believers to help and counsel you!
Esther did what she was supposed to do and Mordecai did what he was supposed to do. Each one was faithful and wise in his own area of influence. There was no confusion in God’s camp!
*God restrains the evil people so that they are not able to attack the believers even when they are angry. Haman wanted to kill Mordecai, later he changed his mind, and making plans to kill all the Jews. God was behind this change of mind. When Haman asked the magicians to play lots and to find a date for slaughter, they could have said: ‘immediately’. Then Mordecai and all the Jews could have died. But God was restraining the evil and the magicians gave him a date on the 7th of March, eleven months later. Haman was too superstitious to ignore the magicians. The period of almost a year was enough time for God to completely change the scene, spiritually and naturally. Haman died before the date of his expected victory. Mordecai was recognized as a loyal servant in the court who saved the king’s life. He replaced Haman. And Esther became not just a pretty face in the palace, but a wise, spiritual queen, a helpmeet comparable with her husband.
*The wicked people may be crafty and make ‘perfect’ plans, but God is in charge of all human affairs and He can never lose a battle. No weapon fashioned against the people of God can ever prosper, for this is God’s inheritance to them!
*Wicked, greedy, unrepentant people, you who hate all the is good, you that hate the Word of God and the people of God…repent if not you shall perish!
*People of God, rejoice, for the victory is here and the joy is complete!
In Jesus name, amen!

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