Charles Spurgeon- The Prince of preachers

Charles Spurgeon waSpurgeon-Charles-Metropolitan-Tabernacle-Londons one of the greatest preachers who ever lived. He was a Baptist minister initially, but later he separated from the mainline denomination because they became too liberal in doctrine. At twenty, he became a full time pastor at the famous Metropolitan Tabernacle in London. He preached there until his untimely death at the age of fifty seven.
It is said that in his life time he preached to about ten million people. Thousands got converted. His voice was loud and clear. The anointing of God was strong upon him. Men will weep like babies convicted of sin under the power of the Holy Spirit and the preached Word of God. He was never officially ordained by any denomination. He did not believe in the ordination of men. He said that God’s calling and ordination was enough for him.
He grew up in a Christian home. He got converted at sixteen. As a boy, he has been searching for God for some years. He went to different churches trying to find the way of salvation. He said that no preacher could explain the way of grace to him so that he can be saved. He could have been deceived himself by saying that he is already born again for he grew up in a Christian home. But he knew that he is just a good religious boy and not saved. One day, during a snow storm, he went to a small church to hide from the cold wind. The real preacher could not come because of the storm. ‘An ordinary, nameless man’ stood there to preach to the small, freezing congregation. The preacher read Isaiah 45:22 and said: “look unto Jesus alone! Look unto His drops of Blood! Look at the Lamb on the Cross! Look Jesus in the grave! Look at Jesus raised from the dead! Look at Jesus seated at the right hand of God the Father! Look and be saved! Look! Look!
Suddenly, his eyes opened to the way of the Cross! He knelt down on the icy floor and at last, he believed! The Holy Spirit filled his soul and this is how God arrested His mighty soldier.
He was sick often. He suffered from painful rheumatism and chronic kidney infections. He also had depression and could not sleep well. His wife Susannah was also too sick to attend most of the church services and to listen to her husband preach. But all these could not stop the man who burned like fire behind that pulpit, who preached the Word with passion and power.
He died at the age of 57, in a hotel room in France where he went to find healing form his painful rheumatism.
He had two sons, twins. One of them, Tom Spurgeon succeeded his father as the pastor at the same church.
His sermons have been translated and published all over the world and read by millions of all denominations.
His secret as a mighty preacher was a solid conversion and the experience of carrying the cross daily. He paid the price for revival and he witnessed it personally in the lives of millions all over the world. He did not allow his body infirmities or the difficulty of family life to slow him down the race. He often wept in public. When asked ‘Why?’ he will say that nobody can know his pain or his burden for souls.
This is the truth. There is a price to lead revival and to make an impact in your generation. From Paul to Charles Spurgeon, all God’s servants, all who truly inspired others with their commitment and faith; these were people who carried on with ministry against great odds. They were human beings like us, but they also had a fire in their bones that made them light to the world.
The question is this:
‘Are you willing to lay down your life for the Gospel of Christ, for souls to be saved and for the glory of God to cover this land?’

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