My letter to a grieving friend…

(please pray for a miracle of healing and revival for them)

Dear Pastor…
I have been praying for you and your daughter. This is the revelation I have received so far. Pray and see if it is useful to you in the process of recovery. Your wife’s self-inflicted death has left behind pain that no words can describe. I can only point you to the God of all grace who alone can truly heal.

The impression I have is that your wife was not a wicked woman but a weak one. There is great difference between these two words. The devil took advantage of her unsanctified weakness and like a coward he is, he attacked her there. But she was not a wicked, selfish or hateful person. The reason for this weakness was her inability to hold on the anchor of hope that goes behind the veil, straight into the heart of the Father. She was not established in the intimacy of God and like a ship without an anchor, she drifted away in the storm that took her life. I see her suicide more like an accident at sea than a planned crime.

In the medical school we were taught that the main reason for malign depression and suicide is the loss of hope. To recognize the value and to hold onto the hope of Glory, that is life and sanity. Sometimes the hope is deferred, the fulfillment of promises are delayed. That is when we have to go on trusting ‘the bare’ Word of God. Like Abraham, against all hope, in hope we believe.

Your wife could not appropriate her strength of HOPE. It means that she left behind a great treasure of unused blessings. You are to take charge of that storage of hope. It belongs to you and to your daughter. Opened it and used it for the glory of God, for the shame of the devil and for your encouragement. That will be your testimony as a family. That the hope left behind is not lost but used by you and your daughter to fulfill God’s destiny. I believe even your wife will like you to use and invest the hope she left behind as ministry to the poor and hopeless. Then her death is not a loss but gain to the Kingdom of God! The words given to me this morning by the Holy Spirit for you give me the assurance that your wife was truly saved and now she is in heaven. I believe!

Let hope be your friend. Hope is useful to chastise children. You need hope to train your daughter in the way she should go as a woman of God. Hope is a detergent and it will wash away any shame of failure for sins and weakness of the past.
(PV 13:12; 19:18; Rom 5:5; Col 1:27; Heb 6:18, 19)

This is what I received from the Holy Spirit for you. I pray that your heart and your daughter’s heart will be revived by the power of resurrection. Let Hope rise! Let Hope work! Let Hope do exploits on your behalf!
Love in Christ alone

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