Praying for revival

‘If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. Now Mine eyes shall be open, and Mine ears attentive unto the prayer that is made in this place’ (2Chron 7:14, 15)
Revival is a sovereign act of God. History proves that God indeed answers the earnest, desperate prayers of His humble servants to heal the land, according to His promise. Revival is defined as the coming down of the Holy Spirit on a geographical area, with peculiar, supernatural signs following. The born again believers are awakened from slumber and become ready to stand as active witnesses for Christ. The preaching of the Gospel has great impact and many souls are saved. The worship of God flows from hearts humbled by His goodness. Miracles of healing, deliverance and financial breakthrough increase.
The main hindrance for revival is the believers’ infatuation with the spirit of religion. This demon is a fake ‘holy spirit’. It brings people to church but they never get saved. It encourages men to be skillful hypocrites. These false brethren are very difficult to detect. Except for the gift of discernment of spirits given by the Holy Ghost, no natural eye can identify them as false. They just come to church to increase the numbers. They are either passive or become trouble makers. But they do not have any expectation of an encounter with God. They are like stones tied on the neck of the congregation. When the flood of trials comes, the congregation is not able to rise above the tide and drowns helplessly. This resistant attitude coming from the religious fake brethren is a main source of discouragement to the pastors, to the leaders. It takes wisdom and courage to do warfare for a religious infested congregation to be free once more. Then revival comes.
The religious spirits usually say: ‘We don’t want revival. The price is too high. We want blessings! We want money…’
Ignorance of the Person of God the Holy Spirit is another main reason why revival is delayed.
We are to pray earnestly for personal revival and city revival. It is our holy duty and God’s given responsibility. God can truly change a city. We do not have to intervene in the politics but just prayer and intercession opens the door for changes for good.

The city called of Glasgow in Scotland was founded by a Christian Catholic man called St Mungo. His motto over the city was this: ‘Let Glasgow flourish, by the preaching of God’s word and the praising of His name’. This blessing was written over the old buildings of the city. Some time ago, the government officials decided to ‘edit’ the blessing of their founder. They only kept the first three words: ‘Let Glasgow flourish. You can see it written on the buses and on their flags. Since they ‘removed’ God from their motto, the crime has increased. The streets crime, especially the attacks with knives is now double than it is in London. Glasgow has per-capita the highest amount of murders/violent crimes, and the highest number of organized crime groups. Also Glasgow is the third easy place in the United Kingdom to acquire a firearm due to its abundance of highly organized sectarian groups. Another problem is that nobody seems to care about the poor parts of Glasgow which are home to some of the worst social deprivation in Europe, if not in the civilized world.
The only explanation for this tragedy is that they grieved the Holy Spirit. Let’s pray for Glasgow, for revival, for a change that will glorify God!
Let’s also pray for Warri, Nigeria!
Holy Spirit, Glasgow, Scotland needs You!
Holy Spirit, Warri, Nigeria needs You!
Please come!

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