Johan Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) is one of the all-time greatest classical musicians. He was born in Germany. He played the church organ and the violin at a professional level. He composed many classical pieces, known for their beauty and depth of feeling. He has no equal in his filed.
As a young man he was employed in a chapel in Weimar. With all his great talent, his work was not musical. He was the cleaner of the church. Soon, he was called to a bigger church in the city of Arnstadt to be the organist. He was paid a good salary and life was better for him. But then he heard of a great organist and composer called Dieterich Buxtehude who lived in a city called Lubeck. He decided to go there to learn more skills. He did not have the money to pay for his transport so he traveled on foot, a distance of 250 miles (this is the same distance from Warri to Lagos). He submitted to that master and learned many musical skills that helped him to become such a great musician later.

The Queen of Sheba also traveled a long distance to come and listen to Solomon’s wisdom (1Kg 10). She could have been satisfied with the rumors or with his books, but she decided to go and listen to him. It was not an easy trip for her to visit King Solomon. Sheba was located in what is now modern Yemen in Arabia. That would make her trip about 1200 miles to Jerusalem (that is two times the distance between Warri and Maiduguri). A camel is said to be able to travel about 30 miles a day making the journey at least 40 days, providing the travel was smooth. The ground she covered was treacherous. Her caravan was large, carrying spices, precious stones and large quantities of gold, so it is safe to assume that her journey was much longer.
Jesus said that the Queen of Sheba shall stand up at the last judgment and she will condemn all people who are too careless or lazy to be mature Christians (Mt 12:42). They have the opportunity to read the Bible and to go to Church to hear the preaching of the Word of God, but they are not willing to pay the price to do so. We shall all be judged for any missed opportunity to listen and obey the Word of God.
This is a great lesson for all of us. Are you ready to pay the price for a greater anointing? The money you pay for fuel, for taxi, God knows about it for He provided it. Are you ready to leave your comfort zone and go to look for a place where the Holy Spirit is pouring on men, causing revival? The price for such an impartation is very small compared with the glory revealed. Nothing good comes easy! Do not offer to God ‘something that cost you nothing’ (2Sam 24:24). Praise is costly!
May divine wisdom be your portion today!

2 comments on “COSTLY PRAISE

  1. This was a good reminder to not offer to God something that cost me nothing. I am refreshed and ready to push for more… to give God more!

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