Do you regret your past of sins and failures?
Do you dwell on the past, wishing you should not have done that, or maybe you should have done another?
Do you regret not going to that school, not having that college degree, that Masters, that PHD, that certificate?
Do you regret not pursuing your ‘dream’ job?
Do you regret that resignation?
Do you regret not travelling abroad? Do you regret traveling abroad?
Do you regret not marrying the love of your youth?
Do you regret marrying a person you do not really love?
Do you regret for not being more active, for not saying ‘yes’ to that relationship in the past?
Do you regret wasting your time and not improving on your marriage?
Do you regret not being more involved in the life of your children?
Do you regret that insult, slander, quarrel or even divorce?
Do you regret living a wasteful life, using all your savings in wild pursuits, and now, not having a savings account?
Do you regret ignoring your health? Are you overweight, always postponing to start a diet, to do more exercise?
When you were younger, the answers to these questions did not really matter, for you thought you have ‘enough’ time to repair your mistakes…but now, feeling old…suddenly there is this pain, knowing you cannot control your life…looking back…so many lost opportunities that may never come back…are you feeling now afraid, sad, lonely or disappointed…

Child of God, with all these regrets, what can you do?
First of all:

Regrets are stupid, useless and wasteful! Do not waste any more emotions on regrets!
Surrender your life completely to God, your past, present and future…God is a witness to your mistakes…Please consider this: He could have stopped you but He allowed them to happen…there may be a mysterious reason why it was so… often, pain is better than laughter, for often, wisdom and strength proceeds from the root of grief (Ecc 7:3)
Humble yourself and repent! Long standing regrets are selfish and they end in bitterness that troubles all around you…think about this: the world does not rotate around your life, your failures or your successes…this world is God’s world! (Ps 24:1)
Your mistakes may have separated you from great opportunities, from friends, from children, from jobs or from degrees. But nothing can separate you from the love of God in Christ Jesus (Rom 8:38, 39. Do not look at what you have lost! Look at that which you can never lose!
Consider this also: God is still able to miraculously intervene in your life and bless you, even now, in your old age…so much more than in the past. Nothing is impossible with God! He created time, but He is not bound by time!
‘I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten…you will have plenty to eat, until you are full, and you will praise the name of the Lord your God who has worked wonders for you!’ (Joel 2:25, 26)
“Thank You Lord Jesus!”

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