ostrich (2)
“The wings of the ostrich flap joyfully,
though they cannot compare
with the wings and feathers of the stork.
She lays her eggs on the ground
and lets them warm in the sand,
unmindful that a foot may crush them,
that some wild animal may trample them.
She treats her young harshly, as if they were not hers;
she cares not that her labor was in vain,
for God did not endow her with wisdom
or give her a share of good sense.
Yet when she spreads her feathers to run,
she laughs at horse and rider”

“Even the jackals present their breasts
To nurse their young;
But the daughter of my people is cruel,
Like ostriches in the wilderness” (Job 39:13-18; Lam 4:3)

The ostrich in the Bible is described by God Himself as a strong, beautiful but foolish bird. It is one of the wild animals that God uses as a visual aid when rebuking Job for talking without understanding. God created all the animals and each has a function. Man has domesticated some animals but the wild ones still remain a mystery to him. You can catch a lion and keep him in a cage. You can take pictures of his teeth, you can make him jump at the circus or the zoo, but you can never completely tame him. God alone knows everything about the wild animals. He alone is sovereign over all His creation. The tongue is in the same class with the wild animals. None can tame it except God (Jam 3:7, . This mystery concerning the freedom of the wild helps us to fear God – Elohim, the Creator.

What are the revelations concerning the ostrich?
We do not want to be foolish! So, what are the lessons we can learn and apply to be wise women of God?
The ostrich ‘flaps her wings joyfully…’ but she cannot use them to fly. Her wings are useless but she boasts about them. The ostrich deceives people with her actions, she gives others false hopes. These lies are foolishness!
The female ostrich is not a good mother; she is careless, harsh and impatient with her chicks. She ‘lays her eggs on the ground…unmindful that a foot may crush them…she treats her young harshly’. Her nest is shallow and vulnerable. The female is restless in the nest. The predominant hen (like ‘the senior wife’) is careless with her eggs; she piles more than she can incubate. She rejects many of the eggs that just get rotten by her side. The other hens (like ‘the junior wives’) in the harem are even worst; they just lay eggs in the common nest and then, they totally abandon any responsibility for the future.
When in heat, the ostrich forgets her responsibilities as a mother and abandons her chicks. She just follows any male that chase her. Her young chicks become lonely, rejected and vulnerable to predators. The male ostrich is a better father. He incubates the eggs most of the time. Later he is the one who mostly takes care of the young.
She ‘does not care that her labor is in vain’. If anyone tampers with her nest, she destroys all the remaining eggs and goes away to build another nest. When nesting, there is always great loss; many eggs are abandoned around her. She is not patient to repair the damage and always starts afresh, wasting time and resources. With all her hard work over the years, she has no reward, no harvest and no gain to glorify God!

The ostrich is proud of her beauty, independence and strength. The ostrich has beautiful feathers that are sold all over the world. It is proud of its achievements as a champion in running. The ostrich is lonely most of the time for she looks down on other birds and animals that cannot run like her. She ‘laughs at the horse and the rider’. In particular, she mocks at the horse, once wild and free, but now domesticated and submissive to his human rider. She sees no gain in humility, submission and discipline. She enjoys being wild, wayward, foolish and proud.
The ostrich represents a woman who is proud to be single and looks down on them that are married. She is a career woman and a family home is not one of her dreams. She prefers to buy a car than to have a home. She may have children but she prefers to be a single mother. Even if married, she does not enjoy her home. She delegated all her work to her housemaids and nannies. Her husband is always tired. He is burdened with his business and also does her work. He comes home in the evenings to clean the house and take care of their children. She knows and she exploits the weakness of men. She knows that her husband loves a clean house and good children. She controls and manipulates her staff, both in the house and in the office. They fear her. They work for her, they flatter her; they provide and help her without any reward or gratitude.
She is good at entertaining. She can sing and dance. She is tough, rude, loud and proud of her style. She does not submit to anyone in authority. She can kick anyone who stands in her way. She intimidates and she controls. She trusts in her strength, beauty and achievements. She is wasteful with her gifts and money. She lives like a rich woman even when she loses all. She dresses with expensive clothes even when she has no money in her pocket.

So what is the conclusion?
God- Elohim created the foolish ostrich. God created these women also. Pray for wisdom! Know that not all women who go to church are virtuous women as the Bible describes them. We are commanded: ‘Do not yoke yourself unequally with unbelievers’ (2Cor 6:14). Do not make friends with them! Do not listen to their counsel! Do not trust your children to such women! These are dangerous teachers or fearful maids! Pray before you chose your children’s school! Pray before you employ any house help! Their carelessness is deadly. They are busybodies. Their unending mistakes cause terrible tragedies…May God forbid this!

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