(Our daughter has graciously and willingly volunteered to gather the many articles and letters I wrote… into a book to be printed and released before January 2014. Please pray for the strength and for the resources for the two of us. Thank you all and God bless)

“Dear Malia,
It is almost 10pm and in the last few hours, all I’ve done is work on
the book. There were so many times I just started shouting out to the
Lord. I had many Selah moments. I journeyed with Rahab and so enjoyed
her story. I openly spoke declarations and sometimes went back again.
The Holy Spirit filled my room like a sweet fragrance as I read it. Tears filled my eyes when I read the entry were God Ran! Who am I that He should run to me…

I’m motivated. My back may hurt, but I change positions, I stretch, I
pray… I say, I’m doing this as unto the Lord so this back of mine,
this neck, they must comply. My body will listen to my spirit. And my
spirit will overcome. And let me say that I am happy for my
accomplishment today! God is faithful! I’m overwhelmed because I feel
His love.

There are many things I don’t know. Like in the meeting today. They
spoke of many things beyond my understanding. In the past my heart
will shake thinking oh how will I cope. Today, I was a confident
lioness. I just sat there as if I have a big secret… because I do! I
worked on the book even while they were talking… that is confidence,
no fear. This is because I feel like I have a personal contract from
the Biggest Boss in the universe. No one can intimidate me. I am
blessed. My marriage is blessed, my finances are blessed, my work is
blessed, my future is blessed. To God be the glory.

I write all these things to encourage you. Just in the time of editing
this book, God has empowered me. I feel strong, confident, blessed! I
don’t consider it to be a chore, but a reaping. I am excited! As we
move on, I feel the wind blowing on me, encouraging me. The finish
line is within my vision and I expect to meet God there too as He is
with us on the journey. You are blessed Mother! God has used you. He
is using you. And He will continue to use you. I am so proud to be
your daughter, your partner, your friend. May God bless you even more,
with all the desires of your heart. I believe!


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