‘Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends…I have called you friends…’ (Jn 15:13-15)
If I am a friend of Jesus Christ, then I lay down my life for Him. Simple! It does not mean that I go through the big crisis of death. It means that I lay down my life deliberately, just as I would lay out a dollar note on the counter, to buy something. For example, I have a day before me, twenty hours in all. I am going to lay it out in devotion and obedience to Jesus all through. I will remember Jesus every second of that day…His name shall be in my heart and on my lips, above all other names, easy to remember…
Love in action is difficult… and thank God it is difficult. Salvation is easy because it cost God so much, but the manifestation of it in my life is difficult. God does expect a man to be a man. Learn to stand straight you who crawl and beg for fame…God shall give you an original backbone made for measure…Then you can chose to lay down your life for others, not as a worm, but as a man of God…
There are many other voices calling my name…Fear is a familiar spirit who ‘has gone viral’; it so easy to follow its lead…Doubt is much more fashionable, a ticket to belong to the rich men’s club in town…Confusion has done cosmetic surgery and professional make over, calling itself ‘breaking news’…These have booked the best suites in the World Hotel..I am left alone bellow, on the corridors of faith, holding tight to the ‘down life’ of agape love…Suddenly, I hear timid foot steps coming from the floor above…closer still… who is this?…a thief or a friend…Anyway, it does not matter for I lost my fears in the lift coming down…to my surprise it is a someone I saw last night, holding to a bottle of wine, old lipstick and make up dirty…”Can you help me please…what do I do to be saved…to be forgiven…to love forever and not die…”
“Come to Jesus, my sister, me bride…”
“Lamb of God, I come I come…”
God saves a man and fills him with His Holy Spirit. What a wonder, this great salvation…
Please listen to this saint of old:
‘My son, now it is up to you to prove your salvation. Work it out! Let the invisible work I have done in you become visible to others. Be loyal to Me while the nature of things round about you try to make you disloyal. I have called you ‘friend’. Now stand loyal and faithful to your greatest Friend. My honor is at stake in your bodily life!’
(Oswald Chambers, 1874-1917)
In Christ I declare:
Jesus died to save my soul!
I now love and live forever!
I am free indeed!
I am fruitful and blessed!
In Jesus name,

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