‘In the beginning was the Word…’ (Jn 1:1)

The Bible is the Word of God. We often take it for granted. Even the devil believes in God but he does not believe in what God says. The devil hates the Bible and I used to hate it too. Thank God for salvation!

For a moment, I want to imagine that I do not have a Bible. What will that mean to me?


Without the Bible, I will never know God as He really is. I will not know that He created all things, that He loves the world, that He has a Son who was willing to sacrifice Himself for me. I will not know that there is a Holy Spirit of life eternal.

I will not understand that I am not a good person, but a sinner, reckless, ungrateful, wicked and selfish to the core. I will not know that I need a Savior and a Master. I will be a self-sufficient fool.

I will not know that there is another realm, that there is a heaven and a hell. I will be so consumed with my life here on earth that I will be ready to kill just to be famous or rich. I will have no one to talk to when all men forsake me. Alcohol, drugs or sex, these could have been my only ‘friends’.

I will not know that my future is designed to be glorious. I will not be interested to sing for my voice is not perfect. I will not be interested to write books for my English is not perfect. I will be too self-conscious to shine before men, too shy to encourage them, too much a coward to rebuke them.

I will be afraid and have no comfort, just pretend that all is well. I will deceive others just for fun and never feel bad about it. My imagination will be wild, thinking of a possible romance and poems of other worlds. But I will not have the faith to believe that these can be true or possible to attain. I will not know that above beauty and riches, I can be holy and blessed. These words will be missing from my vocabulary. I will be dry, proud, confused and afraid. I will talk to myself daily, trying to encourage myself with empty words, knowing deep down that my ‘religion’ is useless, but having no other.


Ignorant and lonely, I will live and die without a purpose and without a name. I will be just another speck of dust, grey sand on the shore, no dream and no song. I will never know that I am loved unconditionally and passionately by a great King. I will not know that I am a princess and a darling, chosen as a bride before the mountains were formed from the sea. I will not know that marriage is a gift from heaven and that children are a reward.  I will never know that a Man called Jesus Christ loved me and died for me to make me new. I will never know the power of life that never ends. I will never know that death is defeated and the grave is now a garden. I will never know what true love is…

What can be worse than this?


In Christ I declare:

I am a child of God!

The Bible is the Word of God!

I shall study the Word of God daily and pray always!

Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so!

In Jesus name I pray,



2 comments on “WITHOUT THE BIBLE

  1. Jemine Leigh Oakes says:

    Wow, so much truths that are easily forgotten or taken for granted. Thank God for His Word! So powerful, so true! We are blessed to have it. Blessed indeed.

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