I am a servant of God!


“And the Angel of the Lord appeared to him, and said to him, “The Lord is with you, you mighty man of valor!”… And the Lord said to him, “Surely I will be with you, and you shall defeat the Midianites as one man” (Judg 6:12-16)

The story of Gideon is a favorite with many people. It encourages the weak, the foolish the timid. It calls us to be servants of Christ. God can change and use any man who is willing to pay the price for ministry.

This is the background of the story: the people of God abandoned the worship of Jehovah and went after idols. God judges their sin and allows the wicked Midianites to oppress them.

These are the descendants of Midian, Abraham’s son with Keturah. Her name means ‘incense’. The Midianites were related to the Jews but remained enemies to them. The name Midian means ‘strife, trouble’. They allow the Jews to plant and raise cattle but they attack just before the harvest to take it.

They represent the unsaved but religious people in the church. They cause division and a lot of harm in the congregation. These spirits do not die. They are merciless. They attack to steal the harvest, they cause miscarriages; they destroy the hopes gathered and the resources saved over the years.

We need the anointing and strategy of Gideon to prevail against them.

Gideon is an ordinary man, a ‘nobody’ but, Gideon is God’s choice. His name means ‘to cut down the enemy’. He has the name of a warrior but in reality, Gideon was not a soldier or an ambitious man. He was weak and timid. At the beginning, he was not sure of God’s call. But he was willing to change to be a leader, a servant of God.  Under God’s mighty training, little by little the holy chemistry of faith and courage began to manifest.  God needs to prepare His servant until his destiny begins becomes reality and the Word of victory comes to pass.

What is the application of Gideon’s story to us? What do I need to be a servant of God?


First of all, Gideon offers to the Angel a blood sacrifice as a burnt offering. The fire of God comes supernaturally and consumes the sacrifice. A servant of God needs this fire in his heart and tongue. This fire is the anointing to feel the passion of Christ, to preach the Gospel with power from above. Fire alone purifies the heart and the motives for going into ministry. Nothing can replace it!!!

‘Lord, I need a personal Pentecost, a fresh fire, please…’


The Angel introduces Himself as Jehovah Shalom. This is one of God’s personal names. Shalom is a great word. It means God’s greeting to man, the best blessings available to God’s children, the fulfillment of your dreams and your heart’s desire. In particular, it means peace, prosperity, wealth, health, the friendship and favor of God.

‘Lord, I need the peace that passes all understanding, please…’


Holiness is God’s attribute to be different, special and pure. Holiness is the opposite of sin. Gideon has to be holy as God is holy. He learns to hate evil and all idolatry. In obedience with God’s command he destroys his father’s idol.

‘Lord, I need to be holy as You are HOLY…’


Gideon is still not sure on how to proceed. There are still fears and doubts in his heart about the great plan of God for his life. He applies ‘the fleece test’. He makes two requests to God who called him to ministry. The first one is that fleece should be wet with dew and the ground around dry. The second is the opposite; the fleece should be dry and the ground wet with morning dew. The fleece is a symbol of man’s heart and the ground represents the world.  A wet fleece represents a heart filled with the Holy Spirit that is free from the dryness of the environment. A dry fleece is a symbol of the cross; the flesh is dead to sin. The heart is totally separated from the attraction of the world. This proves that God changes a man’s heart deeply.  He uses only a man who is free from the love of the world, from the influence of the circumstances around him.

‘Lord, I need to be pure in my heart and free from the attraction of the world around me…’

In Christ I declare:

The Lord is with me!

I am a mighty man (woman) of valor!

No weapon fashioned against me shall prosper!

I am free from the oppression of sin!

Circumstances around me cannot change my decision to serve God and to give Him all the glory!

I look only unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of my faith!

I have total victory!

In Jesus name


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