“Then he said, “O Lord God of my master Abraham, please give me success this day, and show kindness to my master Abraham … help me to accomplish the purpose of my journey” (Gen 24:12 NKJ; LB)

We are climbing the mountain of the Lord. We are going closer to the place where He dwells. We are making progress. Right now our feet are standing on the level called ‘Goodness and Mercy’. We need to acknowledge more often our need for God. We need more holy confidence to answer the wonderful invitation of Jesus Christ, to come and meet Him at the Throne of grace. He is the King of kings, the High Priest of our profession of faith. The more we humble ourselves, the more often we shall depend of God alone to meet our needs. We need to grasp the awesome revelation of the meaning of a true servant of God.
The basic qualification for free access to the throne of grace is to be a servant of God. Apostle Paul described himself as a servant of God ‘entrusted with the secret things of God’. A servant must be faithful to his master. This faithfulness has to be proven in the furnace of affliction. There are many opportunities to betray your leader. God searches the motives for ministry. The faithful servant is rewarded and the traitor is punished. This is the eternal law of God than none can alter (1Cor 4:1-5).

A servant is by definition a man who takes care of the needs of his master. He is very sensitive to the needs of his lord. A true servant is never selfish. The purpose of his life and ministry is to detect the needs of another and to find the best solution, lovingly and faithfully. Because he is so sensitive to his master needs, he has easy access to the throne of grace ‘to find mercy and help in time of need’. In other words, a true intercessor has a servant’s heart; he finds it easy to pray for others, expecting miracles more often than the rest of us. Witnessing the power of the Spirit on behalf of others, his faith is strong and his joy complete. “Those who have served well gain an excellent standing and great assurance in their faith in Christ Jesus” (1Tim 3:13)
The opposite of being a true servant is to be a proud man, selfish and rebellious. Rebellion is the greatest hindrance in finding the entrance to the throne of grace. A proud man may be in serious need, but until his sin is confessed and forsaken, no mercy shall be revealed.

One of the best examples of a faithful and successful servant is Eliezer of Damascus. He was a true man of God and the servant of Abraham (Gen 15 and 24). He is like a son to Abraham and for many years he stood in a place to inherit all his wealth. But God fulfilled His promise to Abraham and Isaac was born. In Genesis 24 we see Abraham as an old man having just one need: to find a wife for his son Isaac. He calls his must trusted servant, Eliezer and gives him the mighty assignment to go to his homeland and find a godly wife for his son. This is a most serious and difficult journey. Eliezer knows the gravity of making a mistake. Jehovah is the covenant God of his master Abraham and his descendants. Generations of covenant people depend on him to find the right wife for Isaac. That is why Abraham asked him to place his hand under his thigh and to swear that he will be faithful unto death to Jehovah’s leading in this journey.
The name Eliezer means ‘God is my helper”. He is the servant of Abraham. The word servant appears 14 times in the Book of Genesis 24. The word means a worker, a bond-slave or a worshipper. We shall study his character. The more we identify with Eliezer, the more we shall be blessed by God. What makes Eliezer a true, faithful and successful servant of God?
This brings into light the powerful revelation of the gift of a mentor. Eliezer was a servant of God and of Abraham. Do you have a mentor? Did God provide the gift of a spiritual covering for you? Do you trust your pastor with your destiny?

Eliezer is faithful to his master in all things throughout the journey. He is a man of prayer who knows the way to the throne of grace. He asks God for kindness and mercy on behalf of his master manifested as success in his journey.
He is a man who carefully listens to his master’s instructions. He could have said that he knows it all, based on his experience and age. But he does not depend on that. He wants to know his master’s will and obey it faithfully.
Eliezer is also a man of prayer. He prays for success and mercy. The two are combined. He knows that his journey cannot be successful without God showing kindness, mercy to his master Abraham. He knows that his need is great. He has traveled more than 500 miles. He does not know anybody there. He cannot be led by his senses in choosing a wife for Isaac. Even if he finds the right girl, he is not sure if the girl will agree to follow him, to marry a man she has not seen. So he comes before the throne of grace as a servant of God and of Abraham. He prays with boldness and faith. Even before he finishes his prayer, Rebekah comes to the well. The grace released for his need is immediate and all sufficient. This is a fulfillment of the prophecy:
“Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear” (Is 65:24)
This is a great lesson for us: the mercy of God leads to a successful life journey! Selah!

In Christ I declare:
I am a servant of God!
I follow my mentor as he (she) follows Christ!
God’s mercy shall lead me to success in life!
In Jesus name

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