“As far as the east is from the west,

So far has He removed our transgressions from us” (Ps 103:12)


On the Day of Atonement, the high priest takes two goats that look exactly the same. These two shall be tied to stand side by side and look towards the altar. Then the priest plays lots for them. One shall be for Jehovah and the other for the people. The goat that belongs to Jehovah shall be sacrificed immediately for the sins of the Priest, his family and for the nation. Then he takes the other one and turns it to face the people. This is ‘the scape goat’ or Azazel, in Hebrew. The people pray over the scape goat, confessing all their sins. Then the High priest lays both his hands over Azazel and prays like this: “Ah, Jehovah! Thy people have committed iniquity! They have transgressed! They have sinned! I entreat Thee come and cover over their sins! Then they shall be cleansed!” As the prostrate multitude worships Jehovah, the high priest turns his face towards them and utters these last words: ‘You shall be cleansed!” -declaring the remission of their sins!

Then a servant of the temple takes the goat out of the city thru the Eastern Gate and gives it to a Gentile man who is waiting there. He will take her into the desert, whipping her to go away and get lost. Then from far away he will lift up a white flag announcing that the deed was done. At last, all people rejoice that their sins have been taken far away from them to the desert. They are free…They are cleansed…At least for one more year…


This drama is a symbol of the Cross. The two goats represent our Lord, Jesus Christ.  He died on the Cross to do the will of the Father and to save His people from their sins. He is the goat that was sacrificed at the Temple and He is also our Azazel. Two thousand years ago the sinners placed their sins on Him. They whipped Him and drove Him away from the Temple, away from Jerusalem. The religious Jews surrendered Him to the Roman Gentiles. Because of our sins Jesus went to the desert of hell. He was ‘lost’ that we may be found! By His stripes we are healed! In hell He retrieved the keys of life and death from the devil. Our sins are not just forgiven but removed and carried away! We are now reconciled with God the Father!  Righteous and faultless we stand before His Throne!

What a Savior!


In Christ I declare:

I am forgiven, cleansed and set free from the punishment, power and the guilt of sin!

I am the righteousness of God!

God loves me!

I shall worship God forever!

In Jesus name


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