“But if the servant plainly says, ‘I love my master, my wife, and my children; I will not go out free,’ then his master shall bring him to the judges. He shall also bring him to the door, or to the doorpost, and his master shall pierce his ear with an awl; and he shall serve him forever” (Ex 21:5, 6)
A servant of God is first of all a born again child of God. The word servant in Hebrew is the word ‘ebed’. It means a slave, a laborer in bondage and a worshipper of his master. To be a servant of God is a free choice, based on a personal revelation of the love of Christ, the Redeemer or slaves. It is a life time commitment to stay in a covenant relationship with the Lord. There is no room for backsliding or betrayal. This is a responsible relationship based on the sacrificial love revealed at the Cross. We do not love God at ‘first sight’. There is ‘no beauty’ in Christ on the surface (Is 53:2). The unbeliever sees nothing good to admire in the Lord or to worship Him. Jesus said that worship and obedience are intimately connected (Jn 14:15). That is why a true servant of God is also a worshipper. He has chosen to forsake his ‘right to sin’ for the greater good of the glory of his Lord. By losing his freedom, the servant gains his true identity, his real life and eternal destiny. The servant of Christ is known by the Father and rewarded by Him (Jn 12:26). A servant is not paid like as a hireling. There is no ‘salary’ for serving Christ. He is rewarded with the eternal intimate assurance that he is God’s friend.

In the Old Testament a Jew that becomes poor can be bought by another Jew one who is rich. This man who buys another is called a Kinsman Redeemer. There are conditions for this covenant. The Redeemer has to be related to the poor one. He has to be rich enough to be able to secure the purchase. Also, he has to be willing to do the transaction. These are the conditions for redemption. The poor Jew cannot be bought forever. He will serve His Kinsman Redeemer for the next six years. On the seventh year he has a choice to go free. His debt has been paid by his uninterrupted service. If he was married before he became a servant, he can take his wife and together, they shall go away free. But if he was not married when he became a servant, and later, he accepted a wife from his master, then on the seventh year if he chooses to go free, he shall leave alone. He cannot take his wife and children. These belong to the master who gave them to him. But if he loves his master, and the wife his master gave to him together with his children, then he can chose to stay as his servant forever. They shall be known as the life time property of the Redeemer. He shall serve the master all the days of his life and shall be buried by is master.
The servant has to make his final declaration in public before the elders. The word means ‘to declare, to boast, to publish, to speak expressly or to promise freely and openly’. There shall be no regret and no second choice. From now on any rebellion will be punished severely as a sin against love and mercy. This decision is made once in a life time, after six years of labor and training under the master. The ear has to be visibly wounded with a nail, as a sign of a life time of commitment and service to his master. The door shall keep the nail as a witness of his pledge. Each time he opens and closes the door, the servant is remanded that freedom was forsaken for the gain of true eternal love.
Jesus Christ died on the Cross to purchase me with His blood. He is the true Redeemer and the Master of my soul. I have no other option than to be His servant and worshipper forever! His pierced hand has pierced my soul!
“This is my pledge: before God, men and angels: I am Yours forever, Lord!”

In Christ I declare:
I am a child of God forever!
I am a servant of Christ forever!
I willingly reject forever the ‘lonely freedom’ of a sinner!
I find my true freedom in my life as a bondservant of Christ!
I will never be ashamed of Jesus Christ!
I openly acknowledge that Jesus is my Savior, my Reward, my Kinsman Redeemer, my Master, my King and my Lord!
I am a living proof of my Master’s love, goodness, mercy and generosity!
My Master shall see the travail of His soul on my behalf, and He shall be satisfied!
In Jesus name

One comment on “SERVANT FOREVER

  1. Jemine Leigh Oakes says:

    I am Yours forever oh Lord!

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