“Shallun the son of Col-Hozeh, leader of the district of Mizpah, repaired the Fountain Gate; he built it, covered it, hung its doors with its bolts and bars, and repaired the wall of the Pool of Shelah by the King’s Garden, as far as the stairs that go down from the City of David…as far as the place in front of the tombs of David, to the man-made pool, and as far as the House of the Mighty” (Neh 3:15, 16)


The city of Jerusalem has twelve gates. Each has a spiritual meaning. In the future, in the New Jerusalem, each gate shall be made of one pearl (Rev 21:21). The oyster is wounded with a grain of sand and it produces a beautiful pearl inside. Therefore a pearl is a symbol of our Lord Jesus Christ, His death on the Cross and His resurrection.

The Dung gate and the Fountain Gate are far from the others. These two are located in the most southern area of the city, near the valley where the rubbish was collected and burnt. The Dung Gate represents the confession of sin. The Fountain Gate derived its name from the fact that it was the primary access to the Gihon Spring, Jerusalem’s sole perennial source of water. It represents the Holy Spirit and the power of resurrection.  In other words, after a valley type experience where the rubbish in our lives is cleared out and burnt, true faith shines forth, like gold that passed thru the fire.  Then the fountain of the Holy Spirit, His power and anointing, true worship and healing begin to flow!


When Nehemiah came to repair the city of Jerusalem, it seems that the Fountain Gate was the most damaged of all. The rubbish was so much that he could not even pass thru it. During the Babylonian attack, the king escaped thru the same Fountain Gate (2Kg 25:4). Spiritually speaking this gate stands for the way of escape during times of temptations (1Cor 10:13). God is faithful. He always provides a way out in the midst of trials so that we do not give up but endure to the end. The devil knows about this wonderful promise. He will do all he can to hid and block the escape so that we start to doubt God’s faithful promise of protection and backslide.

Jeremiah described this betrayal of love as sin. Many forsake God, the Fountain of living waters for the foolish choice of a second hand religion, ‘a broken cistern that cannot hold water’ (Jer 2:13). A cistern was like a well, built into the ground, but had no independent source of water. Water was brought from another source to the cistern, which held it in storage for later use. The Lord likens those who trust in their own resources to those who build broken cisterns – their lives leak joy, peace, faith and strength. Jesus encouraged us to come to Himself – the Eternal Spring of Living water (John 4:10-14).


The privilege to repair this gate was given to Shallun, son of Col-Hozeh. In Hebrew, these two names mean ‘The reward of the prophet’. This prophetic family comes from Mizpah, meaning ‘a military watchtower’. Spiritually speaking, God will use warfare prayers and prophetic declarations to restore the flow of the Holy Spirit. This becomes the source of revival in your life, in your church and your city.


A number of prophetic places are associated with the Fountain Gate:

*The Pool of Siloam (symbol of healing- Jesus sent the blind man to wash so that he can see-Jn 7:9)

*The King’s Garden (symbol of intimate communion and worship of Jesus- SS 4:12-16)

*The Tomb of David (symbol of the hope after death, our bodily resurrection – Ac 2:25-32)

*The Steps to Zion (symbol of true worship that results in blessings and spiritual promotion- Neh 12:37)

*The House of the Mighty (symbol of fruitfulness after the total disgrace and defeat of barrenness)


In Christ I declare:

I believe in Jesus Christ, the Fountain Gate of Life Eternal!

Out of my belly Rivers of living waters shall flow to the thirsty nations!

I shall pray until I see revival!

I am healed!

I worship Jesus!

I have hope!

I shall be promoted!

I am a fruitful vine!

In Jesus name


2 comments on “THE FOUNTAIN GATE

  1. Ljbendele says:

    Lia, a usual, your anointed writing has come at a time when needed. Some friends and I have been discussing “living waters” as opposed to the waters of cisterns. This posting was perfect and serves also as a balm to our hearts..thank you for being so faithful to Elyon. Love linda.

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