“O Lord, truly I am Your servant…

You have loosed my bonds.

I will offer to You the sacrifice of thanksgiving,

And will call upon the name of the Lord” (Ps 116:16, 17)


“My name is John. I am a servant of His Majesty, The Greatest King Jesus.

I live in His palace and I work for Him. I rejoice every day for my dream has finally come true. But it has not always been like this. My past was a tragedy or hopelessness, sorrow and despair. I come from the slump of darkness, from the ghetto of the devil. All my life I was a prisoner of sin, a criminal at heart and a professional hypocrite. I hated all that was good. I stole my food and cheated for my drink. I sold my body to any who wanted it. I was a beggar, a homeless and a tramp. I had no peace, no joy, no hope and no future. That was my life…

Then one day I was arrested for a petty crime. They did not get me when I did my worst. But this time, just for a piece of bread, they bound me and sent me to prison. The judge gave me the death sentence. I got very angry. I tried to argue my case but none listened. Face to face with the electric chair, having nothing to lose anymore, I don’t know why I started screaming and calling the name of Jesus. I did not know Him personally, but I was told that He is a merciful King and a kind Man. I also heard that He has the power over life and death… “JESUUUUUUSSSS…..”

At the mention of His name, the prison officer who pounced on me suddenly became quiet. He let go of my neck…I was really surprised. I also became afraid for all was so strange…The room filled with a cloud of light… I could not stop called His name again and again…I wept… I fell on the floor… I begged for His mercy. I never knew that I needed forgiveness of sins and peace with God until I saw death beckoning to me with its pale long fingers, saying…‘Come!’

‘What do I have to lose’- I asked myself. ‘Nothing…Lord Jesus come into my heart…Have mercy on me, a sinner…I want to be Your friend, Your servant…’

Then my world became still… peace came into my tormented soul. When I lost all that I ever had, all that I imagined I had and all that I ever dreamt to have…naked and afraid… at last, I found my Savior, my Lord! What a day! It started with the fever of death but ended with life eternal before the sunset.

This is indeed my testimony. My words are too weak to describe the change in my life. But I testify before men and angels, against all odds, this is the truth: I am saved! It is well with my soul…The Greatest King lifted me up and came to carry me as His treasured possession. He gave me a new heart, a new song, a new dream, a new family, a new garment and a new name. He called me to live with Him in His presence. Every day is different. I don’t make my own plans. In the morning He tells me what He wants us to do. Most of the time, He just wants me to sit down and listen to His Word. He loves it when I forget all other things and just listen to what He says. I do not understand everything, but we talk…I ask Him questions…He explains things to me…Sometimes I write on the paper, chapters from the song of Songs that never ends…There are other days when I work for Him… sometimes in the kitchen, sometimes sent on errands. Nothing is too difficult; nothing is too small; nothing is ‘ordinary’.  I start the day with a smile and I end it with laughter. If ever I stumble, His pierced hands steady me. If I forget what words to say, He fills my mouth with laughter and that becomes the utterance of power…His joy is my strength…He opens my eyes to see like Him, the end from the beginning…what an adventure…

People pray for good jobs, for promotions. My own is the best. His angels surround me. His Spirit propels me. His grace will ever be sufficient for me.

This page in my diary is to encourage my children and grandchildren, to the end of time…


Yours faithfully,

Royal servant John”


In Christ I declare:

I am a servant of Christ!

I love Him so…

In Jesus name


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