“He brings me to the banquet hall, and everyone can see how much He loves me… He took me home with Him for a festive meal, but His eyes feasted on me” (SS 2:4, LB, TM)

Lust desires lust. .Male lust’ will chase after ‘female lust’. The opposite is also true.  Inwardly, the secret lust desires its satisfaction by longing and looking for outward visible lust. Without discipline, a seed of lust multiplies into a poisonous harvest of sin that kills any other good plantation. Do not be deceived that a little ‘innocent’ lust will ‘add spice to your love life’. It is not spice but poison. The sin of lust will exhaust you, mentally, emotionally and physically. What you call ‘a little lust’ is ‘a little viper’ that will betray and bite its owner before she is charmed to cooperate for a show to others (Ecc 10:11).

Even after a thousand years, lust will never develop into true love, for no lie can spring out from truth. For an unbeliever, lust is the only option to experience ‘love’. But for you dear brethren, the fountain of eternal true love is ever available, the well of living water always fresh, the bread of life ready on your table. Why spend money on what does not satisfy? Why go under the table and compete with the dogs for crumbs mixed with dust? Why don’t you give Jesus a chance to teach you how to love?

Now wait…I have to go…Listen…My Lover is calling me to the banqueting table…Are you seeing it… His banner over me is open, unashamed, destiny changing, free and wonderful love! I am singing as I go…Bye…

“He loves me I cannot tell why…

He loves me I cannot tell why…

On Calvary tree, He suffered for me…

Jesus loves me I cannot tell why…”

In Christ I declare:

I belong to Jesus!

I love Jesus!

Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so…

In Jesus name


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